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    You could possibly add an industrial place with lots of iron/steel buildings and factories for processing ores and things like that.
    :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: MinecraftNotch :Matter: :Matter:

    I have an industrial area, with the New Radeon NPP and an ironworks factory. You dump coal, gold and iron ores in (via minecarts), you get Refined Iron, Coke, Creosote, Iron, Steel and Gold out :)

    Some ideas to make the overhead powerline prettier?


    Hi there!
    First, sorry for posting in the wrong section, and thank you for moving my thread!
    Then, let's answer your questions.


    Is that long Railway in Picture 1 actually used for anything?

    Yes!! It is connecting the main town, New Radeon, to the other smaller town, Lynnfield.


    Factory(or whatever it is) in first shot is very cool. (well except that coublestone of course)

    Thanks :)
    The cobblestone in there is here because the railway is (supposed to be) there from the old, steam age (ca.1900)...
    And, if you meant the cobblestone on the roof, it's there because it looked pretty in my opinion :)


    Why the fuck are sign written in both French and I don't know what ?

    I'm Italian, but I (lived in) France, and some of my French friends still play with me, hence the multi lingual signs :)

    Then, let's post some other screenshots. Trying to make an overhead EV (HVDC) line didn't end very pretty... have you got ideas to tidy it up?

    Next, the nuclear power station control room. Sorry again for the Italian writing :) The RED meters are for kWh and kW used by the NPP itself (ligting, refining of uranium...) and the GREEN ones are power inputted in the grid.
    (The NPP was disconnected from grid at the moment of the screenshot)

    Finally, a bird's eye view on Lynnfield, which consumes about 2 MW (2048 kW) manly because of a massive Mass-fab based factory in the outskirts of the town...

    As always, comment, give suggestions, feedback...
    See you later :thumbup:

    Hi there!
    There was once a nice thread of a person trying to mimick a realistic electric grid in a server. Then, his computer crashed and all his hard work got lost.
    Now, I tried to do a similar thing.

    Let me present, the RRMEN!
    More than 100k cables, 20 substations, 2 cities, 4 factories, 10 power plants and MOAR!

    A tiny teaser image:

    The New Radeon - 1 NPP. 4x 420EU/t (called kW in-game for realism ;) )

    The "Church" substation, providing power to the surrounding homes. It is a 1024 kW HV -> LV substation.

    A typical factory substation. The customer is directly connected to the EV (HVDC) network since it is a heavy ironworks factory.

    Inside said substation. Note the dual meter for production (using a Steam Turbine and Creosote from the Coke Ovens of the ironworks) and for consumption (when the turbine isn't enough).
    (kWh are EU, BTW :) )

    New images will come soon! :thumbup:

    Note: You may see 24V, 230V, 15/25kV, 150kV and HVDC signs instead of ULV, LV, MV, HV and EV signs. This is for realism's sake!

    Please, leave feedback! ^^

    I love it too!
    Add a Ground-Fault circuit breaker.
    That is, when you use Uninsulated Wires and you get a shock, it would trip avoiding being electrocuted.

    Possible crafting:
    (nothing) :Cable: (nothing)
    (lever ) :LV-Transformer: (nothing)
    (nothing) :Cable: (nothing)

    The Cable and the Transformer would need to be replaced with appropriate ones for the of the line to protect.
    This would permit cheaper wiring without sacrifying safety.

    Well I misunderstood your post, cyprus2056. I thought that your problem was the consumption (in eu/t) but if there wasn't the stupid internal capacity there you wouldn't need 400 MFSUs... Anyway I wrote in the first post the same thing, 4x nuclear reactor (2060 eu/t) And blinkblink :D
    I started a comparison on RL stuff because I thought your problem was the EU/T consumption, not the capacitor :D

    OK for the config, but why don't you use vanilla torches or Glowstone or Redstone-lanterns then? Luminator advantage is that it burns mobs, and it needs some energy in order to do it. Anyway 0.25EU/t is OK, considering that the Induction furnace needs 1EU/t to remain hot (like 1kW IRL) then the Luminator only takes 250W IRL (ridiculous) I don't understand the point of making it not consuming anything, since 1 solar panel could easily power 4 in daytime if there weren't the stupid internal capacitor.
    And last but not least it will definitely need to not be destroyed on removal. You (normally) don't wreck a lamp if you remove it IRL except when using a pickaxe/hammer. Maybe do like machines (wrench only otherwise nothing).

    Hi, I like your suggestion very much! My three words:
    While this allows you to use Tin wire for EV, it's also more realistic. And if you don't want to get shocked, use HV cable instead (insulation system should remain the same). If you want even lower resistance, use glass fiber (superconductor-ish properties). If you want to keep balanced between high resistance (tin, iron) and high cost (galss fibre), then copper or gold are the way to go.
    BTW, I think the current system is more complicated because of its non-resemblance to IRL! cables melt for voltage and not current etc. It has confused me when I first tried IC2!

    I think there should be a mix between IRL and IG.
    Also there should be an interest for going on higher tier wire, and higher voltage also! As in RL, low voltage and high current cables (especially if DC) are bulk and fire-prone. HVDC cables on the other hand are thin and can transfer lots of power. So the higher voltage you are going, the slimmer the wire. The current system works well for... current (tin for low, copper for medium/high and steel for extreme, as in RL) and this could be incorporated with wire section layers (as insulation layers): more layers=higher current allowed, too high current= FIRE! Keeping the section but raising the voltage would allow more power transfer without changing wires, and this is necessary (and boring) in current IC2. Insulation layer system would be kept to prevent shocks, although it wouldn't modify resistance of the cable (you may ask IRL why 200kV and higher power lines always uninsulated?). Let me know what you think!

    Thanks for your reply. I was hoping to get going a sort of smart grid where customers could produce power that could go into the grid, but now it will be limited to the coverage of the LV or MV grid, and only big producers (coal, fuel and nuclear-fired plants) will be connected to the HV grid, just as IRL.
    BTW you can check out my server, it's a Tek***it classic

    Are transformers bidirectionals (As in real life) or more like a form of DC-DC converter?
    I.e. if I have the following power system:

    Would this setup allow power to flow in two directions in the HV part? Say the right power plant (A) is in a city, and the other Power plant (B) is in another city. If P.P. A is overloaded will P.P B transmit energy through the HV cable? If the reverse happens? Is there a way to make this happen?

    Hi everyone.
    Sorry if this has been posted but the only thread is a thread which died and is 3 months old, so I'm not going to necropost...

    Let's start with the Description.
    I have in my server a big power grid with distribution to every home, and luminator lighting of the streets.
    In my home (off power grid) I have lighting also made by CF-embedded luminators.
    The problem is the capacity which is too large. I know that somebody suggested it was for lag issues, but I think it adds more lag than without internal capacitor. When I power up the luminators they all instantly try to draw the power from the 4 batboxes and the generators, leaving machines without power, constantly flickering AND causing lag issues!

    So, we should add a tiny capacity (enough to bridge a 10-20sec brownout), with a "resistor" limiting the power draw and possibly an algorythm which checks and prevent the luminator from flickering if there's not enough power avalaible. Say, after 4-5 "flickers" it will burn out waiting 20-30sec and then will reattempt to restart. This should prevent lag issues.
    Also, there (ideally) should be a GUI with a battery holder thingy and an ON-off switch which could (and should) also be toggled with redstone.
    Finally, CF-embedded luminators should look like the small versions of the battery-powered ones!

    Let me know if you like it! :thumbup: