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    I think i'd be a good fit for either the suggestions or suggestions/bug reports subforums. I know the mod like the back of my hand, run a small server, and takes responsibility very seriously. Also i help out on the wiki so you can judge for yourself how responsible i am

    I think that at a minimum
    A: Alblaka needs to communicate with his community more. Forum posts, front page posts, ect ect. even if it's just "Sorry, 1.0.6 is broke, working on it" every week or so.

    B: You need to let players play broken versions. Have it only available on the forums, and make us install it by overwriting files in the released version of ic2, similar to how jeb_ does pre-releases. That allows the more advanced and intelligent users have the latest version (where all the bugs we're reporting are supposedly "fixed"), while preventing stupid people from posting known bugs.

    C: Have a centralised, official location where we can see the known bugs. that is, bugs that alblaka and co. have officially acknowledged exists.

    D: Get help. Get more coders, get more beta testers (or just impliment B). Grab the people from the best of the IC2 addons and have them work for you. give them the more menial jobs, freeing yourself to develop all new features

    My two cents. going back to lurking now.

    same error here.

    it just repeats.

    Some cable-filled construction foam doesn't appear to harden. it actually is hard, just doesn't render appropriately. Reloading doesn't fix.
    Here's log. error happens once i load the world.

    holy crap is this thread still active?!?
    well dang. may as well throw my own application in here.

    - Name/Nick:
    Luingar McWolf

    - MC/IC2 Nicks:
    Luingar, Luingar, and Luingar

    - Timezone you're living in, given in GMT:
    GMT -6

    - The position you want to take, aka: Beta Tester

    - Previous experience on the position mentioned above:
    Current Active beta tester in League of Legends, Planetside 2, Smite.
    Previous beta experiance: Star wars, the old republic, Minecraft, Project Zomboid, Planetside, Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy, Sins of a solar empire: Rebellion.

    Notes: I waited to apply until i was very familiar with IC2. I've lots of beta-testing experiance and i know how to test, replicate, and report bugs, and also sometimes give accurate pointers as to what might be causing the bug if i can't replicate it reliably.

    PS: i predict NOTHING comes of this :D

    Suggestion: When any machine, generator, or other device turns off for any reason (except redstone off switch), they will not attempt to turn off for one second. This will prevent luminator flickering, macerator grind spam, geothermal generator sound spam, reduce lag, and various other things.

    Fusion reactor ain't starting. Apparently this is an ID conflict. with what? buildcraft? redpower?
    what exactly is conflicting? The heater elements? or the reactor?

    Realised y'all probably need what mods i got installed. modloader.txt below.

    Tier 4
    Drops cuttings which can be used to make thorn clusters: 1/2 block high clusters of thorns that do damage to anyone walking on or otherwise colliding with them. Great for putting on top of fences.
    Sharp, Thorny, Painful
    Colliding with the plant has a 1 in 3 chance per second of causing 1 heart of damage

    Toxic mushrooms
    Tier 4
    Drops toxic spores which can be used to cause your next melee attack to poison the enemy. (alternately, attacking an enemy with the toxic spores out poisons the enemy.) Does not work on skeletons. Craft with arrows to create poison arrows. Craft with thorn clusters to create poisoned thorn clusters.
    Noxious, Musty, Fungal

    I'm providing my services to make industrial-craft (and buildcraft/redpower) compatible with your favorite texture pack.

    Mostly this means I'll make naturally occurring blocks match up with the ones in your texture pack, though I might do some work on the actual machines if the fancy strikes me.
    I'll also do resizing for 32*32 and 64*64 textures, but don't expect too fancy a job on that. >_>

    Just send me a .zip with your texture pack and industrialcraft jar (and buildcraft and redpower zips if you want those)
    You can attach them to your reply or just send them to

    If you like my work you can feel free to send donations via paypal to the same e-mail address.