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    Name: Synthetic Metal

    Description: It's bugged me for a long time now being an Industrialcraft, Buildcraft, RedPower user that i'm
    essentially a caveman with a microwave. I build huge power grids and miles of piping to run items from here to
    there, and yet it is all encased in stone walls. It would be nice to make my buildings out of something that goes
    along with this theme, such as iron. But as everyone knows, iron is simply too valuable to waste on structural
    projects, especially with the high demand for it from the three mods. Maybe there should be some way to make
    a type of syntheitc iron, which would be much easier to produce, looks like iron blocks, but can't be used for the
    production of iron dependant items. Maybe you could mix one iron dust and 2 or 3 tin dust to make 2 nickel dust
    or something which would smelt into nickel bars, and use 4 nickel bars to make a nickel block that looks like iron
    blocks but has no use other than building structures with. Just a suggestion, as I'd like to get out of the caves.

    (and before anyone says it, I'd like to preempt them by saying yes, i realize nickel is a base element and not
    an alloy. It was just the first thing that came to mind. The name of the synth-metal means little to me.)


    Nickel Dust (2)

    I T _ _ T _
    TT _ or _ I _
    _ _ _ _ T _

    I = Iron dust
    T = Tin Dust
    _ = Nothing

    Nickel Block

    NN _
    NN _
    _ _ _

    N = Nickel Bar
    _ = Nothing

    Love all these ideas. I'd like my power plant to look like something more than a medieval castle with
    a microwave inside. Most players care a ton about functionality, and very little about aesthetics, which is sad when
    minecraft has so much potential for beauty.

    Give us cool looking stuff! 8)

    While I like the idea of ranged weapons, and had a short burst of fun with SDK's Gun mod, I don't think
    I'd use them very much. its much easier to just use the chainsaw, which is essentially an unlimited use
    diamond sword, and needs recharged rarely when you have the batpack. Spending time and iron on
    making ammo just ends up not being worth it in the long run.

    That said, I do like the idea of unlimited ammo defense turrets, which essentially provide constant
    protection from creeper sneak attacks. It was the only part of the Gun Mod I actually used after a while.
    Maybe if your laser turret suggestion worked like that I'd be in favor.

    actually, the funnels at the top of nuclear power plants simply vent steam, not smoke
    a nuclear reactor doesn't convert radioactivity into electricity, it simply uses the heat from the reaction to turn water into steam, which in turn turns a dynamo which creates an electric current. If there is any excess steam, it is released through the "smoke stacks"

    I like the idea of adding more industrial themed aesthetics to my IC world. Right now my power plant looks like your standard castle from the outside until
    you walk down into the power producing rooms. Smoke could be produced by normal generators and furnace/iron furnaces (which burn coal), and steam could
    be produced by nuclear reactors. Just make it white instead of black.

    I would definitely have to say that I like the idea of a cheaper machine but more steps to preparing the dirt to bio-matter than I do the opposite. I can see this becoming a early priority when someone is starting on a new world also.

    I've always been a fan of the "do more now so i can do less later" philosophy. I'd actually rather have more expensive machines with less upkeep, but I suppose your right.
    Having more steps in the process would more adhere to Alblaka's set precedent. Industrial diamonds require more time in taking the steps to make them than they do
    in material costs, balancing it out quite nicely. I'd rather have an advanced uber-compressor that costs 50 diamonds, 27 obsidian, and 238 stone that compresses one coal
    to one diamond though. (not actually asking for that, just an exaggerated example :D )

    I like the idea of antimatter, but if it was found underground, it would cancel out the stone and bedrock, itself being consumed in the process
    if it were to be found underground, perhaps it should be suspended mid-air in a rough sphere of bedrock with only one entrance
    then for the reactors, the antimatter would slowly be consumed (reacting with air) and output energy at a high rate (perhaps the speed of 10 nuclear reactors); placing a second block or item in the reactor would cause all the antimatter to be consumed, but to output all the energy that it would in the course of its life all at once (can overload most small electrical systems)

    I had the same idea about the antimatter being suspended, not coming into contact with anything but air as well. But then I thought,
    "I wonder how much more difficult that would be to code," and "It would be in contact with air anyway so there should still be
    matter-antimatter interaction." In the long run I came to the conclusion that I was simply thinking too hard about realism in a game
    where zombies wake you from bed at night and green suicide bombers run rampant. I'd be fine with it just simply being a block in the
    bottom 7 layers of the world that explodes when you touch it with anything but a special tool.

    As for the reactor process, my original idea was having to make three machine parts that interact to produce electricity, and only requiring
    an antimatter block to activate it. It would look something like this:


    The R would be the main reactor block placed in the middle. The N would be the Antimatter Regulator block, where you would place the
    antimatter containment cell, and the M would be the Matter Regulator block, where you throw in a diamond. In this idea, neither would
    be consumed and it would just keep pumping out electricity, but the cost of the 3 machines would be really high. The idea was to have a
    solar panel-like power system that didn't require a massive field of a panels to be built, but could have a near equivalent material cost.
    I always liked the idea of Nuclear Energy, but when I built my plant with 8 reactors, I found I burned through way too much uranium for it
    to be practical. And with it being a fuel requiring power source, its really annoying when you find you have an energy drain somewhere in
    your grid and all your mfe's have been sucked dry while you were out hunting pigs :( But then I decided it might be better to just have the
    matter be consumed, reduce it to a one machine system, and have a use for all the piles of useless blocks I have hogging up chest space.

    Having antimatter be so rare AND have it be consumed in the power making process would defeat the purpose in my eyes. Its along the same
    reason that i'll probably never use BC's new iron engines, since oil will be "fairly rare" I would not want to rely on hunting for it all the time.
    Everything will end up being run by the "free energy cost" wood engines. Though slower, it won't require much input. I would rather pay a high
    cost up front, and even have to seek rare materials for its construction, than have to constantly refuel with moderately rare or even common
    fuel materials.

    Name: Matter-Antimatter Reactor

    Image buried deep in minecraftia, hidden amongst the crevices in the bedrock, just above the void... there lies the
    ultimate power source. Antimatter blocks! Something that's there, and isn't at the same time, and has the potential
    to produce limitless power, for those who are not only willing to strive for it, but also brave enough to go near it, and well
    prepared to handle it.

    Antimatter blocks could explode on contact with other objects that come into contact with it, including players and their tools.
    But special tools could be invented to handle it. Antimatter containment cells could be filled with antimatter, much like water
    is carried in a bucket, and then taken to the newly constructed Matter-Antimatter Reactor, in which you would place the
    antimatter containment cell, and another object of regular matter. The other block would be consumed by the antimatter, releasing
    extreme amounts of energy, without the loss of the antimatter, leaving you with just the antimatter and large amounts of electricity.
    Use anything you have in abundance to fuel the reactor, though more common items would be consumed faster. Antimatter would be
    extremely rare since it isn't used up in the electricity generation process, limiting the number of reactors you could have. You could
    also make it that the Matter-Antimatter Reactor releases bursts of radiation while power is being generated, requiring players to
    build a shield generator around the Reactor to contain it.


    Antimatter Containment Cell


    L = Advanced Alloy
    R = Reinforced Glass
    _ = Nothing
    A = Advanced Circuit

    Matter-Antimatter Reactor


    L = Advanced Alloy
    A = Advanced Circuit
    Q = Advanced Machine
    G = Generator

    Final Notes: I have no idea how interested you are in adding new blocks, but seeing as IC started
    with a more "modern industry" feel (drills and solar panels) and lately has shifted toward a "future tech"
    idea (with teleporters and shield generators) I thought it might be a good idea to update the power
    production as well. Antimatter is the first thing I think of when talking about futuristic power sources.

    Description: What is the most common and most useless block in the game?


    If your someone like me you just horde it up for filling in creeper holes and building temporary scaffolding.
    But why can't there be other uses for the mass quantities of dirt that are easily available? Dirt is after all mostly
    dead organic matter. With the high technology made available to us through Industrial Craft, I'd like to see a
    machine that can turn this dead, useless matter into other more useful organic materials. With a new machine,
    the Organic Matter Synthesizer, we could use dirt to make copies of organic items, such as mushrooms, wool, wood,
    bones, saplings, coal, and pork chops (no more pig hunting! :D ) Just throw the item you want a copy of in the machine,
    and a piece of dirt, add an ample supply of electricity, and voila! more useful items.

    I guess it might be good to be able to turn one organic item into another as well, but why waste a piece of wood turning
    it into a pork chop when you could just grab a piece of dirt. But hey, you never know.


    Organic Matter Synthesizer:

    _ = Nothing
    M = Macerator
    D = Diamond
    Q = Advanced Machine
    A = Advanced Circuit
    E = Extractor

    FInal Notes: I realize that this has the potential of being very imbalanced, hence the high cost of creating it.
    Other solutions could be needing to extract bio matter from dirt with the extractor or compressing dirt in the
    compressor and then extracting bio matter or something. Just thought it would be neat to have a use for dirt
    for a change, and a way to get more wood without having to chop endless trees and constantly hunt pigs.

    On the other hand, if you intend to hide your cables, the texture would bug out, or am i wrong?

    If your talking about using the obscurator with eloraam style cables, that wouldn't work. But if you've used the RedPower mod then you
    would see there is also a face plate system which allows you to put partial blocks around the wiring, making it look like a normal block
    of various types, depending on what you made the plates out of. The plates actually occupy the same block as the wire too, so it doesnt
    stop you from placing blocks directly beside the wire. If you havn't tried Eloraam's mods, i highly recommend.

    Also, I think I may have earlier misquoted Alblaka. When he said "differently colored cables" I think he meant different colors of cables
    carry independant flows of electricity, as Eloraam's wires do, and not that the cables will change color when electricity is flowing through

    I posted a similar suggestion recently, asking for a change to the cable models to work more like eloraam's redpower mod. Unfortunately
    changing the models for the cables and having them work the way Alblaka wants is easier said than done. He is however planning to add
    new cable types, including some visual cue as to whether power is running through them. Maybe some day he can implement cleaner
    looking wires, but for now its something we just have to overlook.

    I guess i underestimate the coding difficulty modders face... now deeply wishing I would have taken Java in high school instead of C++, so
    I could at least take a look at the problem, let alone be any help.

    It's nice to hear that at least one of my ideas was already in the works. Some kind of visual clue as to wether power is flowing through a
    cable would be nice when working on complicated wiring paths. Can't tell you how many mfe's i've had blow up in my face because I forgot
    to switch off the power, or thought it was. Who needs creepers when you've got HV.

    Edit: Totally think I misunderstood you :pinch: When yo usay "differently colored cables" I think what you meant was that different colors of
    cable carry independant power flows which can be placed directly beside each other, as eloraam's do, and not that cable will change color
    depending on on/off power flow. Please correct me if i'm wrong again, as I don't want to misquote you.

    I've loved the idea of electricity and wiring since the first time I installed IC, but I've found it to be a bit... clumsy.
    I was wondering how difficult it would be to make the cables for IC2 in the style of Eloraam's wiring mod for redstone.

    This would have some advantages but also some disadvantages. The cables as they are can be run in any direction independantly
    of supporting blocks, unlike redstone, which is nice, but a bit unrealistic (assuming realism is something to aim for). obviously
    Eloraam's wires dont do that, but they would provide some other advantages.

    1. You could run seperate electrical wires directly beside each other without the awful interaction.
    2. Bundle cables would allow two wires to cross each other in a single block without interaction, saving space.
    3. You could have the bare cables change color when electricity is running through them, just as redstone becomes brighter when powered.
    4. Eloraam's face plates would negate the need for the obfuscator, which is kind of a pain to use
    5. It would look much cleaner (imo of course)

    There may be other benefits and disadvantages that I haven't considered, and would love some input on the idea.

    Obviously I would like Eloraam's opinion on this suggestion as well, as intellectual thievery is something I would like to see avoided at all costs :)