Suggestion: Eloraam's Wiring Style

  • I've loved the idea of electricity and wiring since the first time I installed IC, but I've found it to be a bit... clumsy.
    I was wondering how difficult it would be to make the cables for IC2 in the style of Eloraam's wiring mod for redstone.

    This would have some advantages but also some disadvantages. The cables as they are can be run in any direction independantly
    of supporting blocks, unlike redstone, which is nice, but a bit unrealistic (assuming realism is something to aim for). obviously
    Eloraam's wires dont do that, but they would provide some other advantages.

    1. You could run seperate electrical wires directly beside each other without the awful interaction.
    2. Bundle cables would allow two wires to cross each other in a single block without interaction, saving space.
    3. You could have the bare cables change color when electricity is running through them, just as redstone becomes brighter when powered.
    4. Eloraam's face plates would negate the need for the obfuscator, which is kind of a pain to use
    5. It would look much cleaner (imo of course)

    There may be other benefits and disadvantages that I haven't considered, and would love some input on the idea.

    Obviously I would like Eloraam's opinion on this suggestion as well, as intellectual thievery is something I would like to see avoided at all costs :)

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    I've yet to figure out a code-efficient solution for a new cable-models, but i've already decided to include differently colored cables.
    This will, however, conflict with the cable obscurator... thus there will probably be a new cable type, which can not be painted, but obscurated instead.

  • I guess i underestimate the coding difficulty modders face... now deeply wishing I would have taken Java in high school instead of C++, so
    I could at least take a look at the problem, let alone be any help.

    It's nice to hear that at least one of my ideas was already in the works. Some kind of visual clue as to wether power is flowing through a
    cable would be nice when working on complicated wiring paths. Can't tell you how many mfe's i've had blow up in my face because I forgot
    to switch off the power, or thought it was. Who needs creepers when you've got HV.

    Edit: Totally think I misunderstood you :pinch: When yo usay "differently colored cables" I think what you meant was that different colors of
    cable carry independant power flows which can be placed directly beside each other, as eloraam's do, and not that cable will change color
    depending on on/off power flow. Please correct me if i'm wrong again, as I don't want to misquote you.

  • Eloraam's wiring is truely beautiful.
    But apart from looks, best parts of Eloraam's mod is definately independent and differently coloured cables and most of all budled cable. Possibility to run multiple signals in single cable is simply awesome.

    Uninsulated copper wire: mainly used for connecting differently coloured cables to each other, doesn't require rubber. To balance, it counts as two pieces when calculating distance loss, it's more damaging and even low voltage >50EU may hurt you.
    Colored cable: built with rubber and wire. All current rules apply. Doesn't connect with other cables but bundled cable and copper wire.
    Bundled cable : connects to all colored cables, but not copper wire.

    Personally I don't really care how wiring looks like, as long as it has good functionality. Currently Eloraam's redstone wiring seems to have both. Great functionality and also good looks. I'd like to see both incorporated into IC EU-wiring schemes, but especially the former.