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    Yes, just tested it with buidcraft pipes, maybe in the next version.

    Taranis, that is one cool idea. Your own mobile drilling gantry... I can see putting one together using the buildcraft oil wells and teleport pipes. I now have something to do once the filler is done building my castle out of stone bricks.

    Oh, about the quarries, I like putting them over water so the lava they hit turns to obsidian...

    At the moment there is a bug in the zeppelin mod: If you put red power wires or buildcraft pipes on your craft minecraft will crash.

    I guess, that there are still unmined ores underground. The bedrock layer isn't flat, so sometimes there will be unreachable ore blocks below bedrock blocks. Also the miner won't dig cobwebs at the moment, so the miner could stop digging on that level. Torches and rails (found in the new mineshafts) will also stop the miner.

    Tanaris: That sounds awesome. Looking at the Zepplin's thread it seems like I would need to mess around with the config files of it to get it to recognize the IC blocks. Did you have to do that?

    You only have to define blocks, that are excluded from the craft and you don't want to exclude the IC blocks. I've only increased the maximum size of the crafts, apart from that my config file is plain default. At the moment IC's blocks won't work during flight, so once you reach your target position right click the controller block and the craft will rejoin the world. I've read that with the next version IC machines should even work during flight.

    I've built a mining ship with the zeppelin mod.
    It has 4 miners with OV scanners and diamond drills, 4 pumps, a MFSU, some batboxes and some generators/solar panels.
    When I've finished mining in one spot I just fly the ship to the next position ... to mine where no man has mined before ;)

    The maximum power output of my generators/panels is 90 EU/t which is less than my miners are draining. Some miners take longer than others, so while some are pausing my MFSU recharges.
    Each miner has its own batbox which is constantly full so I guess those miners are never draining more than 32 EU/t since they can run without interruption.

    As far as I know machines only work in loaded chunks. To send power both sender and recipient
    have to be in a loaded chunk. So if you built that 500 block EV line in a direct horizontal line, then sender or recipient
    or both (depends where you are standing) are in an unloaded chunk. The maximum render distance is 128 blocks, everything farther away will be unloaded.

    When I open the chest of a miner after the drill hit high grass the game crashes

    Error Log:

    Could it be that the miner creates an invalid item?