Nuclear Explosion Power / Containment

  • Against creepers and anything else normal NPCs can throw at it; construction foam is 100% effective once hardened.

    Against a nuclear explosion, it's better than stone, but no where near enough; and for chunk loading issues, you won't be able to sufficiently contain a reactor within a single chunk, so it's out.

    You /need/ to use re-enforced stone. 3 layers should be enough for any normal reactor explosion. I've done stupid tests with a 6 chamber reactor filled with uranium cells; remove the redstone torch beneath and boom; 2 layers of Re-stone are abraded. The reactor actually pops it's outer chambers first, followed by the core with that explosion. It's more intense than a single nuke, but quad nukes make a bigger boom.

  • Thank you. I were afraid of this, but at least I know now.

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  • was reinforced stone buffed? it seems that nuke now can't blow up one layer of reinforced stone. and for reactors they can blow up one layer of reinfoced stone and got completly stop by two layers.