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    Except that the iridium drill has a silk touch mode, so diamond ore can be legitimately acquired without using magic. He's got a good point here.

    I mentioned a while back (forget if it is even this thread) that food cans need to be specific. So if you put chicken in the canning machine you get canned chicken which heals 6 hunger. Here's the kicker though: when you eat out of the can, you only eat ENOUGH TO FILL YOUR HUNGER. So if you need 2 hunger and you eat a can of chicken, you are left with a can of chicken that is still 2/3 full. Canning now has the benefit of allowing you to eat whenever you are hungry without wasting your food (much like RL canning). With this new perk, the healing effect from canned food could be removed.

    And in order to get the Extractor* you need a generator, which needs a battery, which you are proposing should require sulfur for the low tiers. Though you CAN power them with redstone until you get a generator. So it is possible, but seems like a poor design.

    Redstone remote ideas is very awesome. +1

    I always got the impression that redstone was low-voltage, which is why it has to be compressed and later mixed with lapis lazuli to get higher voltages, but really that doesn't even make much sense... I think the main argument against having lead batteries as the first tier is how hard it is to get sulfur (without outside mods).

    Clay from washing dirt? That sounds perfectly fair.

    IC2 devs have shot down nuclear batteries repeatedly, and the new Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator is similar in purpose to what you suggested, but I would love to see something done along the lines you suggested. I think it is a plus that it exists in real life.

    Tungsten, Platinum, Aluminum, and Bauxite are not in IC2, but are in GregTech.

    IC2 has a setting for Reactors output steam and they are working on an experimental system using Coolant Fluid (made with water and lapiz).

    Where did you get all this knowledge? Engineer?

    You are misunderstanding entirely.

    Let's say the macerators in in series like so:

    :MFE-Transmitter: (MFE)
    :HV-Transformer: (MV Transformer)
    :Cable::Macerator: (Mac1)
    :Cable::Macerator: (Mac2)
    :Cable::Macerator: (Mac3)
    :Cable::Macerator: (Mac4)

    Assume all of the macerators have 1 transformer upgrade.

    The MFE is outputting 512 EU/t. The transformer steps that down to 128EU/t. Mac1 receives 128EU/t, but it only needs 4, so it sucks 4 EU/t from the cable and lets the remaining 124 EU/t continue down the line. Mac2 grabs another 4 and sends 120 down the line. Mac3 does the same, sending 116 down the line. Mac4 receives 116, consumes 4 and returns the 112 back to the MFE. So even though it's a 128EU/t line, only 16 EU/t is used. Technically, you don't even need the MFE or transformer upgrades, this could all be done with a BatBox, but it allows you to power a good amount of basic machines off of a single line without fancy wiring.

    Sure thats an improvement, but it does not exactly solve my problem. The machines can still explode (in a very unpredictable way) if the voltage is higher than 128. Lets say i have 4 Macerators operating at 128EU/p each. My power supply has an output of 512EU/t. Everything would work fine. But now imagine one of the macerators is going to idle and thus does not request energy any longer ... It would burst the 3 other macerators into pieces, because they would get a 170EU packet each :evil:

    Then don't feed them voltage higher than 128EU/t. Like I said, transformer upgrades only increase the power a machine can be exposed to before it explodes. Macerators only consume 2 or 4 EU/t (Can't remember exactly). Giving them transformer upgrades doesn't change that. So if you have a macerator with 4 transformer upgrades, it can be connected to a cable that carries no more than 2048EU/t, but the macerator will still only consume 4 of that. So if you have an MFE outputting 512 EU/t you need a transformer to bring it down to 128EU/t and then your machines need 1 transformer upgrade each. A 128 EU/t line can power a pretty good factory for a pretty good amount of time.

    Basically this is just a quirk of how Component Heat Exchangers work. They try to equalize heat among surrounding components, so as the remaining heat in the coolant cells approaches 0, the heat exchangers exchange less and less heat causing it to take a long time to cool.

    Except that GregTech has decided to implement a fairly large degree of science and logic, only altering to make balance.

    You mean like plants that drop Coal? What does it hurt to have blocks for all the liquids? I assume Greg could whip them up in a short amount of time and it would allow for some VERY cool mystcraft worlds, like Mercury oceans. Yes, I am aware of how easily Mystcraft can upset the balance of a game but it can be configured to disallow things like Helium Plasma oceans and make Mercury or UU oceans incredibly unstable. The point is that, if Greg can do this quickly and with little hassle, gollark8 and I would appreciate it (as well as many others, I am sure). A new config section to enable/disable the placement of certain liquid blocks (with gaseous substances like Helium defaulting to off) would further enhance this suggestion. The same goes for my request for ore blocks to match the existing crushed ores. If it is quick and easy to implement then it would allow Custom Ore Gen to place them whether another mod adds them or not.

    I never understood the complaints about resource costs. With a few miners, or, better, an advanced miner, I usually end up with more resources than I know what to do with. Add in GregTech and all the ways it adds to process ores and alternate recipes for Energy Crystals, and suddenly I can't think of a better use for Coal dust.

    And, when you think about it, the golden cables had a maximum EU-packet size of 128 EUs. What's the point of having some High voltage cables (1024 I think) that lose tons of EUs, when you can just downgrade the amount of EUs with a transformer?
    I never used High voltage cables: they had a poor efficiency, and I needed iron for other things.

    You are looking at the EU loss rather than percentage lost.

    If you need to send 10240 EU 100 blocks the best way to do it is with High Voltage (this holds true for ANY amount of EU over ANY distance).

    10240EU / 2048/packet = 5 2048EU packets

    Each packet will travel 100 blocks losing 1 EU per block. Total EU loss will be 500.

    If sending the same amount of EU over copper cable:

    10240EU / 32/packet = 320 32EU packets

    Each packet will travel 100 blocks losing 1 EU every 5 blocks. Total EU loss will be 6400. Basically, in IC2 1.111, unless you are going distances short enough to be lossless (IE less than 5 blocks with Copper), it is better to up the voltage and move it back down at the end.