How to update IC2 Exp?

  • Hi people, I'm new here and to IC2 Experimental, and I have a n00b question. ( Hope this is the right place to ask. Sorry if it's not! )

    There's a new version of IC2 Experimental I want to install, but unsure how to do so. Is it safe to just delete the old version of IC2 Exp and drop the new version in its place, then load up my save and continue playing?

    Sorry for being a noob, but I'd rather make sure it's safe before updating than breaking my world. :)

  • Normally, it should be done for us to update. They would not update if it caused damages.

  • Quote

    I'm not certain but I'm pretty sure he is upgrading from an older Experimental version to a newer one.

    Aye, that's exactly what I meant.

    I've now updated, and played around in my world for a few hours, and everything seems to be just fine!

    Thank you for your help, guys.

    Also, a big thank you to the creators of IC2. I'm really having a blast with this mod.