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    IC2EXP 397 1.6.4

    Came on our SMP server to find where I had my nuclear reactors the chunk where it was in got completely reset. The only change recently was adding AE cabling for automation. Before this I had it set with Factorization routers.
    I was on during this automation and there was no issue. My guess would be this reset occurred during the scheduled server restart.
    I had AE cables going to 2 reactors exporting new quads and importing depleted.

    I cannot find anything in the logs, no crash reports. AE terminal still has plenty of quads stored, so it wasn't a case of not having resources available for the reactors. Anyone have any suggestions as to what happened and to prevent this in the future?

    Edit: Other mods used in the reactor room/chunk:
    Nuclear Control (Advanced panels indicates state of reactor in another room)
    Buildcraft pipes and gates (set at Inventory full redstone power on)
    Wireless redstone (signals when redstone power is off from gate to power a light outside)
    Redlogic (NOR gate and wires)
    And I already mentioned Applied Energistics
    Also chunk is in a MyTown claim

    Already know. Bugs in 1.6 aren't getting fixed any more anyway

    Seriously? Already? Many recipes involve a charged item and are not craftable, among other things like machines no longer explode with high tier cables, etc.. 1.6.4 still needs some lovin.

    I got 7 IC2 Semifluid Generators powered by fuel going into one MFE, out that MFE is HV cables to another MFE then gold cables to my machines ie; macerator (with no upgrades or with doesn't matter). I even hooked up a basic macerator to a HV cable coming out of a MFSU powered by my nuclear reactor and 4 railcraft turbines, no explosions, works per normal.

    Not sure if this is intended or being worked on but you can put a lot of overclockers in a 32 eu/t machine without it draining power, transformer upgrades doesn't seem to have any effect.
    In my experience if you put more than 1-2 overclockers the power starts draining fast as the machine needs more power, this is where you should put in transformer upgrades with a suitable cable.
    My setup has a MFE direct with gold cables to these machines: macerator, furnace, compressor, etc.. without issue, transformer upgrades doesn't seem to do anything.

    Using IC2EXP 397

    45B EU is not that hard, once you have enough resources to build a massively complex generation system, like my lovely windmills :D

    Also, 45B EU would pay itself (5120 EU/t) within 12 hours (of daylight). 121 hours

    Differences of SMP and SSP not included.
    You could make the molecular transformer not craftable SMP.

    The Molecular Transformer default config is 9m eu for one iridum. (Which isn't that difficult to achieve start to mid game). You can set it higher in the config for SMP, say 25m. Or simply disable creating iridium in the config and still be able to craft the Molecular Transformer for sunarium.

    I'm also noticing this, but can't craft the MV-Transformer with recipes on the wiki x2 gold cable and basic machine casing (correct recipe?)
    I have NEI Plugins and NEI I cannot find a previous version of the NEI Plugins, and a older version of NEI ( still shows the same.
    Using IC2 exp 2_2.0.377

    The personal safe recipe isn't showing as well, however I'm able to craft it.

    -edit- wiki is either outdated or wrong,(http://wiki.industrial-craft.n….php?title=MV_Transformer), unless I'm reading it wrong... I used copper cables instead of gold with basic machine casing and got the MV-Transformer. I'll inform our players.

    I've been trying to craft some 10k coolant cells in the new Canning Machine but GregTech seems to override the Lapis Lazuli Dust for it's version instead of IC2's version and it won't accept it in the Canning Machine.

    IC2 Lapis Lazuli Dust = 30066:12
    Gregs = 21257:238

    In NEI it says to get Lapis Lazuli Dust you need to put "Dirty Pile of Lapis Lazuli Dust" in a Industrial Centrifuge, but when you hover over the output in the recipe for the Lapis dust, it says it's from GregTech.

    IndustrialCraft EXP 2.0.301

    GregTech 4.04v

    Hey, just wanna report this mod is not working with 1.6.4 at all at the moment.

    probably the only mod on my loooong modlist that haven't updated yet

    either way, thanks for your effort, i used this mod for ages and i cant stop loving it.

    Couldn't find the "like" for posts so Quoted above, my sentiments exactly, our pack is patiently awaiting :) :thumbup: