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    This is not a support request as I've already solved my problem. However I'm posting the solution in the event that others come across the issue in the next few hours/days. Forgive me if this is in the wrong section.

    Running IC² v1.62 with RedPower Machine V2.0pr4d causes a conflict.

    Block 250 exists. This means we need to go into the IC2's config and change blockMachine=250 to something else. You can find the config in %appdata%/.minecraft/config/IC2.cfg

    Open the file up in your favorite text editor, find the blockMachine=250 line and change the 250 to an ID that is not being used by anything else.
    The way I found an ID that wasn't being used was to load up minecraft without IC², but with NEI loaded. Then I looked through the item list for an available ID. I then did the same with IC² loaded and without RedPower Machine just to confirm that the ID wasn't being used.

    I'd love to see old addons moved into an archive of some type.
    However, they should be moved, on request, when/if they're updated for the current version.