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    Keep in mind it's not "Can we use your mod?" but "This mod was created by the IC² Dev Team @".
    They don'T even need to contact us at all ^^ They only need to read the bottom line of the release threads.

    Actually, why keep people quoting some random American law?

    1. Minecraft was created and (afaik) copyrighted in Sweden.
    2. I'm German.
    3. The IC server is located in France (if Imer didn't move it somewhere since a few months).

    Whatever law you wanna quote, I doubt the American one's have an influence here.

    Your analogy isn't quite correct either, how about this:
    Somebody enters your houses, checks out the decoration you created in long days of craftswork, then uses a magic scan ray to CTRL+C/V it into his own home and then proceeds to sell/free-giveaway it to everyone who's interested. I'm fine with latter one, if the guy at least mentions that the original creator of those decorations is living next-door.

    It's been so soon since the last reactor update, and reactors are already fairly underpowered as they are. In general, all reactor suggestions have been
    Until further notice.

    I can't remember saying such a thing, mind quoting me?

    How would you like people coming over to your house, and using your stuff without your permission? Of course you don't like that, so you put a lock on your door to keep unauthorized people out. It's the same concept, yet many people just don't get it.

    So you are removing the DRM code from IC2 completly then, if so this is good news.

    No, we're merely removing this pack from the DRM's target list. If you were to call it a 'DRM' at all, it's just some playing-around of RichardG. Not really possible to build reliable DRMs in Java.

    According to RichardG, he was noted by a few IC users that the modpack in question did NOT comply with IC's redistribution policy, namely it's mod list did not contain a note of or a link to IC².
    As of now, the link has been added (or found?) and there's no further reason for Richard to continue toying with his DRM code on this specific modpack. It will be removed from the list (probably with next update).

    @Malicious code:
    Not malicious, just a (unfriendly, I know) note left to those who don't even want to comply with the simple policy we have set up.
    Keep in mind, at first redistribution of IC wasn't permitted at all, then we granted permission to a few choosen modpacks and by now everyone can include it, if he simply follows a few guidelines.

    What food ate all the people in the cities?
    Where did you got all your ideas from?

    No clue... and, no clue. XD

    Your English is fine, and would work well if spoken. But it doesn't translate on to text very well, at the start it wasn't great but by the end it was practically up to the standard of a well educated person with English as their first language. Did you write this story over a long time (over witch your English improved) or do you take a while to get into the English mood?

    Apparently former one, I've started the story somewhen last summer and stopped writing after reaching the point where Artemis made up his theory in regards to subject #6. I can't tell by myself whether there's a noticeable difference between the 'first' and 'second' part of the story, myself...
    Many thanks for considering (at least one part of the document) to be on par with a native English speaker. Doubt I can ever fully reach that level, though.

    Well, usually I write from ~9PM to ~2AM, if said page 66 was written in the latter timeframe, it is may more prone to errors :P And as much as I try, proofreading your own texts isn't that successfull.
    As well, yes, that reference is one of the few included in Afterdusk :3
    I love the Artemis Fowl series, one of my first favourite book series. Actually, I think it IS the first one.
    Answer to story spoiler:

    I don't know why but when I was reading this story I remember about Prototype... You know, that video game

    Amusingly, I didn't intend the similarities to Prototype, but after playing latter game and then reading the story, it definitely has a load of parallel's.

    Well, the last offer I saw for English proofreading was (with the length of my story) ranging in the pricing of a 3 digit sum, not 'a few cups of coffee'. And I've no friend/relative/guy-who-owns-me-something who could be doing the proofreading, either.
    Except for Shalashalska of course, one of the IC forum users who spends his free time checking the stories for errors, albeit it of course takes time. Once he's done I will reupload AfterDusk, like I did with a few other stories before.

    Definitely need to improve my English though, if I still drop that many grammar errors all across the place :/
    And yes, was supposed to be 'no one'.

    Thanks for the critique, in either case.

    Der Nasenbohrer (in English: the nosepicker, though the wordpun is only fun with the German 'bohrer' effectively meaning 'Nosedrill')
    The Bat-JetPack

    The only good use I've found for the anvil :P

    Lol. Friendly term for "noob" ? ^^

    Nope, I was referring to somebody accessing internet / a forum the first time in his (usually young) life and hitting random buttons to see what will happen (learning by doing, the most simplistic learning algorythm of children :P)

    Oh, now I realize what those 2 reports '!!!!!!!' and 'sskhsajk' reporting two rule topics were meant for... I just thought it would have been another newcomer to the internet :P

    Be advised, this story is much more a fully-fledged novel then a shortstory, sporting 100 pages of written action, emotions and retarded humour. Oh, and fun references!
    As well, I'm inclined to mention that, as so often, the story contains themes and content eventually not suitable for younger audiences, for example, but not limited to:
    Gore, Severe Gore, Brutality, (implicit) Nudity and other mature content
    You know, the usual stuff. Just don't read the story if you got to throw up everytime you read the word 'blood'.

    Regarding the content, 'Afterdusk' is a sole standing title unrelated to any other story I've written before.
    It plays in the near future, namely 'after the Dusk', a global catastrophe caused by an meteor impact which... oh well, just read it yourself, the setting is explained quite fine in the Prolog.
    In a world of lies and illusions, where the high society controls everything, even everyday's life, a young soul decides to break the eternal circle, using a chance that turns out to be much, much more then she had ever dared to ask for. But with power comes responsibility... and with this power comes a danger threatening not just her or those surrounding her, but mankind and may even the universe as whole...

    Link to story

    As announced, I've finally finished my 2nd (3rd, if you count the sub-par stuff I once wrote and published as a book) longest project, a story which I started somewhen last year (spring or summer), then stopped halfway and resumed a few weeks ago.

    I've hinted it in the story's main thread, but the story does contain quite a few references to video games, TV series and one of my favourite books. I'm looking forward to discussions and guesses in this regard ;)
    Oh, and you may or may not make vague guesses in regards to the devotement, but since her character was pretty much the model for Miranda, I felt as if it was suitable to mention her. Those knowing me well will recognize her.

    Whilst typing 'edit:', I forgot the important thing I had previously forgotten to mention, yet again >.>

    Be advised the method of using 'invisible light blocks' comes with it's own series of bugs and limitations.
    Just as an example, the wrathlamp mentioned will mess up the block detection of quite a few machines, f.e. Miners and Quarrys.

    Minecraft really isn't meant to have more light then 'maximum'. And from a study comrade of mine, who's currently working on a hobby project that has quite some resemblance to minecraft (block-style world, simplistic lighting) I can tell that having 16 different grades of light is already a pain to deal with, engine-wise.
    Accordingly, I don't think Mojang will refine the lighting engine towards this direction in future.

    The way all the UE mods use the same network is appealing too. If all the mods that use electricity (IC2, UE, RP, etc.) could use the same network, life would be easier for the user. But I know this probably will never happen, mostly due to pride of the mod authors.

    Well, I cannot speak for the other mod authors, but I prefer a simple, USEABLE and easy to understand energy system over a fully simulated electrotechnic-thingy. I mean, the energynet eats enough CPU as it is, even without working with different voltage levels, resistors, etcetc.

    I would like to mention, btw, that I suggested, to both Eloraam and Spacetoad, a few months BEFORE UE came out, to agree on a common ground in regards to electricity. Only Eloram responded, negative, as she preferred her electric system (multiple parameters, realism-oriented) over my simplistic approach.

    Still waiting for her to either implement a RP-IC converter (or to give permission for someone to do so) ^^'

    I have resumed working on an particulary old (1-2 years) story of mine and are progressing nicely.
    You can exspect a new 1xx page novel somewhen along the next 1-2 months, I would guess.

    And yes, it does contain a failed military experiment :P And a sexy girl, BOOYA!
    PS: Oh, and it's not 'Deus Ex Electrica', but a story labelled 'Afterdusk'.