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    The trouble with turbines: An ill wind. With turbines Each windmill could be adjusted for each approaching species. perfume sample

    The Spam-Bots started to fight back

    I'm fine with this idea. As listed above, if people really want to carry 10 diamonds around just to have some additional energy, do.

    If this will be abused for stuff we didn't consider yet, there's still the option to make a storage block lose 25% (f.e.) of it's charge upon each relocation or similar.

    And dev req thread useless hayo, there is still no way to get wiki permissions to upload images, but you want source ...

    The wiki is a seperate entity under control of Feanturi. I'm not much into working in, even less moderating wikis. ^^'

    We don't need help.

    I don't think I can leave this standing, uncommented.

    I do agree with the 'we don't need a new coder every 2 weeks',
    but we still need the help of community, whether by means of figuring out/finding/testing bugs and fixes.

    Be advised I generally ignore any sort of "Can I help" PMs, given we got a thread exspecially for that (and everyone PMing me indicates he didn't read said thread).

    Now to answer you question: Casuc was an accident that was never intended...and the chances that the IC2 dev-team will bring casuc back are ....0.
    The replacement for the CASUC (constantly aplied single use coolant)......CRCS (constantly refueled cooling sistem) uses redstone dust and lapiz lazuli to cool the reactor instead of water and ice ...

    Be advised the words above are solely the oppinion of this (and mabye of other) user and do not necessaryly reflect or resemble the actual thoughts of the IC2-Team.

    Btw, did I mention I hatestrongly dislike people who spread false information (even if unintentional because they didn't bother to actually check the facts)?

    CASUC was dropped because it was deemed to exploitable and is going to be reintroduced with an advanced system Richard is currently working on.

    Well, it's not a cliffhanger (ok, maybe it is) and not an 'incomplete story', though the plot definitely IS held open :P
    But that's the generic fate most short storys have, starting somewhere and ending somewhere else, only containg a small part of the plot and the stories dramatic point.

    Not worth the time needed to code this.
    Don't be mistaken, sending 1 or 40 packets over a defined energynet, both is pretty much neglectible in regards to CPU usage.

    CPU usage comes from sunlight checks, TileEntity blocks in general and the altering of Enet (adding/removing cables or panels).

    I'm quite sure it is (without hooks/basefiles) not possible to detect whether a foreign item X (or bare hands) are currently being punched against stone/dirt/X
    Accordingly, you would always need to use the toolbox to 'click something', though It could then replace itself with a fitting item (putting itself to a different slot).

    Toolbox is an item, able to store any amount of unique tools from different mods. Only tools can be stored, only one exemplar of each tool can be stored.
    When Toolbox item in hand, Right-click swaps tool in previous slot with next tool inside Toolbox. Left-click swaps tool in previous slot with previous tool inside Toolbox. Tools inside sorted by names or IDs. Before first and after last is "empty" ofc. In case toolbox is in slot 1 it do not work or work with slot 2.

    This Toolbox would allow to store tools and use them very easy and without much troubles.

    Your concept effectively has the same function on both clicks, whilst only containing one tool inside the toolbox at all. You should work on (the explanation of) that concept.