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    Intresting design! And the redstone-engine setup for counting was an nice idea!

    I think/got a feeling that AlbOS will have an feature to measure/count upwards from redstone pulses.
    Create a powerplant, distrubution network, and a computer running albOS, charge people and terrify them with shuting down their power through a console :D


    I would be interested in a map download...

    Nice map!

    Okey, then I will upload it when it's done!


    Enough lurking on these forums! This thread made me decide to post here. I think this is an epic idea and I had to start something similar. I will throw up some screenshots as mine progresses.


    A thought if you use RP2 you could run a wire to a MFS just before the location to cut their power by remote.

    Haha, thx! :) Yeah, it's really fun! If you upload this to a server I think you will have an never ending project... :)

    This is so very very cool, love the idea, shit that looks better than my daily porn. *switch wallpapers*


    Thank you! :) hehe^^

    How do you guys think about moving to moving this idea/schematics to a 1.0.0 world? And I am thinking about removing some of the solarpanels.
    I did also come up with an idea on how I should charge people for their power usage. I will post schematics and more pictures once I got more time, hopefully there will be more time in my Christmas.


    Please please please release and alpha version, This would be great fun to play with while waiting for ic2 with 1.0 compatibility!

    Heck, if you put the source on github I will be forced to figure out how to use git and and compile mods...


    Any ETA on release? Can't wait!

    If you are so interested in this mod-addon, maybe you should read the whole thread...
    Written in the very first post of this thread:


    Right now i'm still waiting for IC2 to be 1.0.0 compatible before i start the process on integrating my mod.

    I'll definitely add remote control support in a later version because while testing i often got lost inside a mountain having to break open my vehicle to get out :)

    SMP support wont be on the first release however everything is designed to be easily SMP enabled.

    FPS i'll need to check, on the demo videos you can see it runs smooth but that's for a 200+ blocks design. I suppose i should test it with a 1000+ multi story beast.

    Sound great! Haha, to bad, wonder if this would be suffisient effective to mine ores? or will it be using so much coal that it won't?

    Haha, I understand! Take your time and really ... dont rush!

    Yeah, I was thinking about how a large one will do... Maybe for SMP improvements on FPS you could code so that you don't see a TBM if you are more than 50 blocks away? Because i think my FPS will drop if like 20 players run their TBM at the same time.

    Another suggestion for SMP. If I build an TBM, maybe this one can only be controllable by me? And maybe you can make a block that blocks the TBM? I would get really mad if someone ran an TBM through my base...

    Anyway, everything looks promising! Keep it up! :)


    Outside. Now currently done... The floor you see will be the battery floor.

    The control panel at the control floor. Here I have lightswitches! The lights for every floor can be controlled from here and you can switch the light for the floor you are at, at every floor.

    This is the circuit floor. The circuit you see is there to control the buildcraft engines (which will power a "dynamo" which creates EU. But don't know yet, maybe hook it up to a tp pipe and sell BC energy as well.

    Staircase and a lightswitch!

    Two of my nuclear reactors, I have 5 of them!
    Maybe I will add more later, depening on space. They will NOT have external cooling...

    The space which is not used yet in my nuclear setup. Maybe add a control panel here. And emergancy shutdown buttons everywhere?

    The two groups of BC engines to create energy. One group runs while the second cools down.

    Water cooling. The stupid thing is that one if the engines is shut down, the waterpumps will stop.

    Today I started a new project, I host a SMP server myself but it's currently down and I can't figure out why...
    Anyway, back to topic!
    I generated a new map, for a long time I was looking for a spot to build this "station" at! I found a quite flat area surrounded with water and a forest. This must be a nice place to build a city at, then I started building at this area!
    The Powerstation will use following mods:
    Additional pipes
    Maybe Wireless Redstone.
    Every mod supporting SMP.

    The Building will have several floors.
    2. floor/roof: LOTS of solarpanels.
    1 floor above earth:Entrance, here you can order a powerline to your house, pay your bill. Read a book from the libary, or start working at the power station!
    U1 floor (under earth): Controll room, battery, backup battery and a function to see if you are producing enough energy.
    U2 floor (under earth): Here I will put several EU generators.
    U3 floor (under earth): Depending on how much place the generators will take but I will anyway reserve this floor for EU generators.
    U4 floor (under earth): Nuclear reactor (I really don't know how I should do this, ideas?)
    U5 floor (under earth): I may put down some Buildcraft engines (combustion engines) to produce BC energy hooked up to a teleportpipe. This system will be automatic, maybe the same system as Direwolf20 have, or 2-3 sets of engines that circulates.
    U6 floor (under earth): Redstone circuits. If I choose to remove Wireless redstone, I should maybe move this to the floor under the controll room?

    Currently done:
    Entrence is done.
    The roof of solarpanels is under work, it is currently producing around 140 EU/T at daytime.
    U1 have a batterysytem with a backupsystem that is now manual... I may redo the battery system because I don't know how much I will need at all... I have 8 MFSU's that is placed after each other so this raw will output 512. then I have 4 raws of this, which will output together 2048 EU/T. This is the primary battery, i also have an identical backup battery.
    The way this works is that I have the power flow setup like this: energy source --> splitted to backup battery + Primary battery --> a EU flow wire (new in 1.337, it send an redstone signal when there is EU flowing through) --> a new raw of MFSU's ---> Secondary EU flow wire --> Machines.
    Whats happends is that the battery will drain (if you are producing to little). Then the first EU flow wire will stop sending a redstone signal. I still have som power left in the last MFSU raw, then these EU flow wires will indicate different, and this wil send a signal to my controll room.
    I may automate this so it will turn on more energy sources to refill the battery.

    In my control room that is currently planned:
    I can choose to disconect all of my energy sources I am thinking to have solarpanels, geothermal generators (feed with lavacells from Nether), Nuclear reactor(s), If I choose to install "energy coupler(a mod that makes a bridge beetwin BC and IC)" I will have if produce EU/S from BC oil/fuel
    I will have lamps indicating if the energy source is connected to the battery, a lamp indicating if there is any energy going to the batteries.
    The battery indicators have lamps indicating if the batteries are connected to the powernetwork utside the station, and a lamp if there is power flowing out of the batteries. a lamp showing if there is power flowing into the battery, and a lamp bliking if the battery is empty.

    I will setup many trafo's around the city, i will have indicators showing if there is power going there, and I can also disconnect the trafo from the powerstation, so if a player stops paying his bills, i can shut down his power!

    The EU distrubution network will look like this: :Geothermal Generator: / olar Panel:" title="Solar Panel"> / :Reactor: / :Advanced Furnace: /energy source ---> :HV-Transformer:(This is to make sure that the MFSU don't explode) ---> :MFS-Unit: 4*8+4*8 ---> :HV-Transformer: (how many depending on what EU/tick the user wants, anyway, these are inverted! to make the current higher for EV cables) --> Splitted to multiple networks! ---> :HV-Transformer: (How many depending on the user, again) ---> Houses with lots of :Macerator: :Induction Furnace: :Recycler: :Compressor: and many more!

    Btw, I cheat, yes...
    I can use lots of MFSU and glass fibrecables. But I want this to be "realistick" with trafo's and stuff.
    Later I think I will make a circuit making this whole controllroom automatic. Or what do you think?
    Can someone link me to a thread with a nuclear reactor (can be water cooled)
    Tomorrow I will upload pictures of the things I have built.
    What do you think about Wireless redstone, should I remove it to keep the "Mods used list" low.
    Anyway, thanks for reading my too long text! :)
    I will soon draw some painting to show the power network!
    Last thing, how easy will this be with AlbOS? AWESOME! :D Thanks to the mod creator for making is possible to have a project like this!
    EDIT: added schematics for the power network.

    Just wanted to share a screenshot of the working interface for the TBM Controller. Engine requirement will be based on the size of your total machine. It would still run with less engines, just a lot slower. Also a fuel system is implemented and the mechanics behind it are done through the modloader config, so it'll be easy to tweak it and use different fuel sources.

    Awesome!This way we could have an eye on how many blocks that really is connected!

    How about remotecontroll? How is your FPS for a really large TBM? SMP?

    Awesome idea!
    I guess you have been watching discovery too huh? he he

    IF you implement this to IC I think you should add support for buildcraft too. You can maybe use the block that lays down cart tracks to place pipes. and then send items through those pipes! The same with cables for it to run.

    ANyway, take your time developing this mod, cause its awesome! :)


    Today when I was playing MC I started thinking on abandoned machinerooms. I think it would be really awesome if you where mining and suddenly you found a huge machineroom. Nuclear reactors, that may have exploded. I don't know how hard this is to code, just wanted to let you know of my idea! :)

    Anyway, AWESOME MOD!

    The reason for energy loss may stem from the fact that running energy through any amount of HV cable will cause energy loss. HV cable is actually most efficent at transmitting Extreme Voltage (2048), and if you have the resources, you should use glass fibre cables instead, or else use EV.

    Transformers, when upconverting, store four packets of the lower voltage before transmitting one packet of the higher voltage. This is why the energy levels are set out as they are (32, 128, 512, 2048)

    thx for the info! :)

    I do now run EV on a wire which is 50 blocks, and a another one that is 100 blocks. I can not afford any glass fibre yet...

    I am hosting a SMP server for my friends, and I wanted to build a aka real life system. One huge powerplant which transforms the energy to EV. These EV wires goes to small houses (tranformator houses) around the map (max 200 blocks!) which converts it back to 512 and then distrubute them out to my friends houses. When I have nuclear reactors, a few Geothermal Generators I think I can afford those losses I have. But is it really worth using so many diamonds on cables?

    The EV was never broken? huh, I may have red something wrong ... hehe


    when 1.15 was realesed I red that HV pulses (HV wire and transformers) was broken?
    Does the tranfosmers work like in real life, like if we increase the voltage and lower the ampere we get less energy loss?
    anybody know how is was broken?
    anyway, is it fixed or what?

    When thinking about making things go automatick, i got an idea about a block with a GUI. In the gui you can set what EU flow you want the block to trigger an redstone signal at.

    This would be usefull in many ways, you can set it at a setting lets say 50 EU/T. And your energy source does only produce 40 EU/T. then you have the ability to see that you are using more energy than what you can produce! This way you could controll or your systems much more. Nuclear reactors can have an indicator for when its not producing any energy!

    you have a nuclear reactor plant with 4 stable cores that produces 50 EU/T each.
    When the energy flow is measured to for example 75 EU/T the block ermits a redstone signal which tells 2 core to start producing! and soo on for the 2 remaining cores.
    When the flow is 0 EU/T the block also ermits a signal and tells all the cores to shut down.

    Maybe this block uses 2 EU/T when it flows through it?
    Maybe more tiers? HV, MV and LV?

    R E R
    C M C
    R S R
    R= Refined iron, E= EU Reader, C=Copper cable, M=Machine Block, S=Redstone dust

    What do you think? I would love it! :)
    Construcktive critic please!

    EDIT: fixes some of my bad writting ...

    Skandinavian school much?
    anyway i think that we really dont need to make the reactors more complicated just to make them realistic, you can already make externally cooled reactors using BC and RP PR2 and ice /water buckets

    Norwegian! :)
    Hmm, that's true! but yeah, it would have been really awesome to have it! Like 1 block could effect the energy that is produced! But yes indeed the time that would been used to code all that stuff would ... yes : / too bad :(