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    The feeling im getting is really that a new thread with all types of designs are included: regular, mox and 5x5 with both ic2 and gregtech variations. The different reactor design are now spread out in 3+ threads that are not updated regurarly or at all.


    I will start writing on a large tutorial/reactor design thread tonight. My goal is to give a short tutorial to all things nuclear and present the different types of nuclear reactors together with all the best designs and some general considerations.

    It seems like all of the recent good designs were authored by you, I would love to see how you do it.

    I will mostly focus on 5 or 6 chamber reactors (if i add in all small reactors as well the post will become waaaaay to long) and will include knowhow and designs from regular reactors, mox, 5x5, 5x5 mox, plutonium breeding, mark 5 reactors and on/off reactors as well as gregtech and reflector variations of these types.

    I would still include a few 0-chambers for starters even if that Zombie 100EU/t design is eternal and optimized.

    I feel we should give some of these designs some attention, several of them are actually really good. Is anyone updating the list at page 6 right now? and also the list should probably be moved to the first page :P i could take it upon myself if no one else is interested

    I know at least personally a centralized, up to date list of the good reactors of each type and fuel would be a godsend


    In my experience the difficulty is only finding a vein with iridium, not the amount. Once you have it, you have all the iridium you want. So in practice there is no difference between using 1 iridium reflector and 8. Either you have no iridium or you have all you want.

    Oh, has it gotten more common with oregen? I haven't played GT since like 1.5

    I'll look into it, but I might try to make a cheaper materials Thorium reactor just for the kicks.

    Sad to see this subforum slowing down, I've always looked here for reactor designs.

    I'm assuming the tried and true Uranium designs that have been around since 1.5 still work, and these recent MOX posts seem promising, but does anyone have Thorium designs for GT5 Unofficial? Or is it identical to the old Thorium and those old plans will work?

    I'm not sure why it isn't included in the Beyond Reality modpack, but the "GemBlocksForGreg" mod has a config option which "Replaces Plutonium 244 with Uranium 235 in the byproduct list of Uranium and Uraninite." Also, I think Blood Asp is already planning to change the default byproducts and ore generation in GT5u so that U-235 will be easier to obtain, and obtaining plutonium will require running a nuclear reactor first.

    This looks perfect, cheers.

    Though I'm almost done making a "fair" custom U-235 Ore vein. I might just do both. :thumbsup:

    Hey guys,

    Im trying to get back into modded MC after a long break and on Beyond Reality I cant see any way to make U-235 Dust? The Thermal Centrifuge recipe for some reason puts out a lot of U-238 and some plutonium... is this fixable?

    Wow, this mod is absolutely amazing looking.

    I was wondering why nobody had done an "extra reactors" mod in the style of "extra bees" and then someone pointed me to this.

    Have there been any major changes since alpha 8 that are important? I play 1.5.2 and am debating using the alpha 8 build in my world.