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    OMG nether can burn forever! 8o you can heat water -> steam -> steam turbine -> cool water -> heat water ->.. we actually can make everlasting engine!
    but there on the nether is hard to do anything other than siting by mater em ... em fabricators and theese infinite powergens

    Slimeballs smelt or extract to rubber i don`t think that this idea should break game and it coulb make slimes more usefull to hunt :)

    also there could be more items in scrapboxes and for smp MFU bug dont use suc integers as 60k EU but use 0.006 EU and usages like 0.00000002 (i think i added too much 0 :D) i mean that all power usage storage and output could be power/100

    and some detector wire if it is powered it activate redstone so then we could make sun detectors, check if there is any power in MFUs or reactors and make signals in bases

    sorry about that crapy english