[1.6.4] Gregtech hardmode server

  • just installed new pack

    ---edit: OMG, i was trying to use development version..

  • Looks like there are two Rock Crusher recipes for the same ore sometimes:

    The first one overrides the second one, so you never get byproducts. This affects only Iron and Gold.

    Galacticraft ores also aren't oredict-registered, so you can't process them at all without smelting the ore block (since the ingots seem to be properly registered). This affects all ores. Galacticraft Core's ores seem to have hardcoded macerator recipes, but Galacticraft Mars' ores don't.

  • It seems that with the latest Gregtech things that are outside are now randomly exploding in the rain. To prevent further damage I have rolled back the world and mods.

    FrozenTaco: This means you lost an hour or so of play time. Just tell me what the damage is and I shall reimburse some items.


    Gregtech to 4.07c
    Industrialcraft exp to build #345

  • They always exploded in the Rain/Thunder. You can disable that in the Config.

    Indeed, but it is the new gimmick of rain not supposed to land next to machines that is new. And.. I have charger boxes next to IC2 miners and those apply to those rules as well. Once everyone has taken appropriate steps to not have everything explode beneath them I will update again.