[1.6.4][Modpack][HardMode][Gregtech][FTB-Launcher] Shadow City's Shadow Chapter: Moderate Difficulty IC2/gregtech server

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    |Shadow City's Shadow Chapter is a large modpack aimed toward more advanced players whom are looking for a bit of a challenge. |

    IP Address: sc.shadowcity.net
    Feed The Beast Pack Code: KOJ5SZUGEF
    Technic Launcher: Shadow Chapter
    TeamSpeak Server: ts.shadowcity.net
    Website: Shadowcity.net
    Server Rules:

    • Do not Steal
    • Do not Grief
    • Keep swearing to a minimum
    • Report any bugs found to staff and/or bug submission website
    • Do not abuse any exploits if any are found
    • Have fun (no, seriously: it's mandatory)

    If you run into any trouble or just want to talk our Teamspeak is ts.shadowcity.net
    All bugs found with the pack should be filed here
    Feed The Beast forum post can be found Here.

    Mods included:

    Links to the Author's forumpost/website of each of those mods can be found here

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  • Its a really good server, no lag ever and the admins/owners are great. The server was reset a couple months ago so anyone new would not be far behind. Come join us today!

  • i probably should look for help on ftb forums, but no matter what i do i can't happen to launch that modpack, it just won't start at all.
    can you post forge version and configs? mods seem to download normally so i could install it on normal launcher

    nvm i lookup pack.json and other files to gather info about versions