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    Hi Blood, I finally got my account active again - yeah!

    Say, I really want to be able to upgrade my world, but can't because GT5. I have to use version 1408 still, or otherwise I can't have multiplayer for my world. Are there any plans for updating to 1448+ so GT5 can work in Multiplayer mod?

    I can't update my pack, unless newer mods supports forge 1408, which most have moved on to higher versions.

    The hammer thing is also a bit of a safe-from-waste mechanism. When the turbine stops receiving steam, the efficiency drops (technically it drops directly to zero immediately.)

    Preventing the turbine from actually halting is more or less a matter of commenting out a line or two of code, but you'd still want to be aware that you run the risk of your turbine running extremely inefficiently if your steam flow isn't kinda-sorta-reliable. Is that a problem for you?

    I like the feature of "powering up" and "powering down" time. The IC2 Fluid Nuclear Reactor is the same way - it has to run for a while to get up to full efficiency, and when you shut it still has to cool its self down.

    In real life, a steam turbine must get up to speed so should the GT ones. I just would like to be able to shut off the fuel supply (steam/plasma, etc) from the supply, and see the Turbine slow its self down until it shuts down. When I flip a lever and reintroduce the fuel supply, the turbine should start on its own again, with no Soft Hammer requirement to start it... it should just start.

    This is true with all Gregtech Machinery. If I turn off the Maintenance Requirement in the config, NO SOFT HAMMER should be required to start the machine - the machine should be default enabled to run, and ONLY with the use of a Redstone Control cover should it be able to be shut off.

    There is somewhere a config option to unhide all meta items from NEI. The meta tools should be included if i understood that right.

    I already have that set to TRUE, and yet it still will not show all the FULLY built Turbine Blades. They show all the single blades you use to build the full blade, but not the fully built ones.

    I really would like to see added, a CREATIVE only fully assembled Turbine Blade that is unlimited in all aspects, that never wears out.

    Also, the large Turbines require you to still use soft hammer to restart them after they have been turned on. This is a problem for automation because if you want to stop the flow of steam or plasma, or whatever, to turn them off, you have to hit them again with a hammer once you start the flow of fuel again. This should not be, IMO.

    Once they are built, it should be the flow of fuel to them that determines if they are on or off. You should never have to hit them with a hammer to start after the first initial startup. This is something Greg put in as a way to make the player maintenance and NOT be able to automate the machine. I get it - this can be fun for single player hard core players - but I would like to see more options given to server owners and creative builders too, so that they can be automated...

    • Creative Only Turbine Blade (fully assembled version) Unlimited.
    • Remove Hammer Start requirement. (Currently as of version 26, Even with the "No maintenance" mode enabled, turbines still require hammer start, when fuel is interrupted)

    Back in .20 or so was a bug that broke the turbines instantly. Right now they should have durability for days.

    Do they take damage in one hit, or is the durability going down really fast within this minute?
    What materials did you use? Does this happen with all materials and all turbine types?

    Does this only happen with a steam turbine, or also with high pressure, gas or plasma turbines?

    Ok, my bad.

    This shows how badly I am out of the loop on this, and my ability to understand the FAQ posted.

    I am building in creative, and I was spawning in the turbine blades available in NEI. That was the problem. If you do that, they have NO durability and are exhausted almost instantly. You HAVE to assemble new ones by making them in the Assembly Machine.

    These are the ones I was trying to use in NEI.

    Thats cool. However, I would suggest having CREATIVE ONLY blades available for server owners and Creative Builders, that gives the highest out put and never wears out. Just color them Pinkish-Purple like other Creative Blocks. That way people like me that use them on Servers or play in creative, can automate our worlds using them.

    Do you think you could maybe add that in for version 27 ?

    I am using a huge turbine blade and it lasts nearly 1 minute and wears out. Is this intentional or a bug?

    Is there a way to disable the turbine blades wearing out for the large turbines?
    I turned off maintenance for Multiblock structures, yet I still have to put a turbine blade in every 1 minute.
    I'd like to turn this requirement off, or at least be able to automate its replacement.

    I'm using version 26 of this mod.

    Hey Xbony, hope you are still working on this mod.

    We are experiencing a crash anytime we try to open the GUI of the AFSU. I'm also getting reports its happening when trying to right click on it in NEI.

    Don't know if this matters, but we updated IC2 yesterday.

    Really hope we can see an update to this mod soon - sorry to bug you - its just that we love it and want it to work and succeed!

    Here is the Report log

    And I also have a Mod Pack download you can try it with that and see what we are seeing.…

    Is this mod still being worked on?

    This is being spammed into my server's console, constantly.... makes my log file grow terribly large that I have to keep deleting it. I have no idea whats causing it or how to figure out what it is.

    11.07 08:05:50 [Server] Server thread/WARN [enetbridge]: RF delegate init error: null.
    11.07 08:05:50 [Server] Server thread/WARN [enetbridge]: RF delegate init error: null.
    11.07 08:05:50 [Server] Server thread/WARN [enetbridge]: RF delegate init error: null.
    11.07 08:05:50 [Server] Server thread/WARN [enetbridge]: RF delegate init error: null.
    11.07 08:05:50 [Server] Server thread/WARN [enetbridge]: RF delegate init error: null.
    11.07 08:05:50 [Server] Server thread/WARN [enetbridge]: RF delegate init error: null.
    11.07 08:05:50 [Server] Server thread/WARN [enetbridge]: RF delegate init error: null.
    11.07 08:05:50 [Server] Server thread/WARN [enetbridge]: RF delegate init error: null.
    11.07 08:05:50 [Server] Server thread/WARN [enetbridge]: RF delegate init error: null.
    11.07 08:05:50 [Server] Server thread/WARN [enetbridge]: RF delegate init error: null.
    11.07 08:05:50 [Server] Server thread/WARN [enetbridge]: RF delegate init error: null.
    11.07 08:05:50 [Server] Server thread/WARN [enetbridge]: RF delegate init error: null.
    11.07 08:05:50 [Server] Server thread/WARN [enetbridge]: RF delegate init error: null.
    11.07 08:05:50 [Server] Server thread/WARN [enetbridge]: RF delegate init error: null.
    11.07 08:05:50 [Server] Server thread/WARN [enetbridge]: RF delegate init error: null.
    11.07 08:05:50 [Server] Server thread/WARN [enetbridge]: RF delegate init error: null.

    Blood, we need a Forge Update to fix a server Issue.

    I'm currently running Forge, and everything runs fine. The problem is, there are mods in my pack now that are requiring of Forge or Higher

    But when I try to update the recommended forge version of, everything (including Gregtech) boots fine in Single Player Mode. My server also boots fine (on its own).

    But, when I try to connect to the server from my client, using, I get the following crash on my client side - but it doesn't crash the server.

    I've narrowed it down to Gregtech. If I take out Gregtech, everything connects and works perfectly. As soon as I put it back in on the client and server, it crashes when trying to connect.

    Ok, I figured the problem out. There is a bug in all these Turbines, that if you build them in the facing direction of North & South they only work if you place the Turbine controller on the SOUTH side of the multi Block structure. If you place the Turbine controller block on the North side, it will not work. All the the Large turbines have no issues when being built East to West facing.

    This is true in both version 17 and 18 of GT5U.

    Also, hope to see a muffler requirement for the large gas turbine. :)

    EDIT - found some more graphical glitches in the turbines animation when built in different directions. Take a look at the 2 different large steam turbines - the fan blade animation glitches out when you walk around.

    Also, the output of water doesn't seem to be taking place when putting steam in the Large steam turbine, or super heated steam into the large high pressure steam turbine. Both Turbines will run - but don't out put anything.

    Bug report for version .17

    The Large High Pressure and Large Gas Turbines are not connecting as they should. The other 2 work fine, but these 2, will not accept any of the hatches or maintenance blocks, and change colors to match the turbine. (See Spoiler for Photos)

    By the way, I think the Gas Turbine should require a muffler.

    Which tier levels does it use? all of them, or only specific tier of hatches, etc?


    OK, I got it. I finally got it to go. I had some issues with the pipes I was using - Thermal Dynamics is NOT a good choice because the volume of steam needed to turn these bad boys is A LOT, and their fluiducts just can't handle the job. Gregtech Pipes, or Mekanism pipes can do it.

    Also, may I suggest you call those "Items" "Turbine Blades (small) (Medium) (Large) (Huge)" and put in the controller block's GUI a hint that it requires one in that space?

    You have a turbine inside?
    It does not yet take damage or change the troughput, but it must be in there.
    The multiblock does not say anymore incomlete structure in the gui?

    The soldering iron should work like all other tools by opening maintainance hatch and klicking inside with it. In creative nothing else is needed. in survival it must be charged with at last 10.000EU and a tin or soldering rod/fine wire must be in the inventory.

    A turbine, "inside" ?? What do you mean?

    I have the "large" turbine in the center / front of the multi block structure... you mean it takes another turbine? Which one, and where do I place it? I thought the inside was supposed to be hollow (2 air blocks inside).

    Muffler hatch? I thought GT4 took Muffler. You mean GT5 takes muffler too?

    Also, I place Maintenance hatch on this multiblock structure, and have thin solder in inventory. I go into maintenance hatch gui and click with soldering iron, nothing happens. no sound, no click, nothing. I still have to use duct tape.

    This GUI in large turbine block says to click with hammer to re-start machine.

    I can't get the Turbine to work:

    Here is a few pictures... anyone have an idea what i am doing wrong?

    I have 2048 input and output hatches on sides (centered)
    I have normal steam being put into the input hatch, and its full.

    I have the Maintenance Hatch on the other side (centered)

    And I have a Dynamo Hatch ( 2048 ) on back with a 2048 buffer attached to collect power.

    I also put duct tape on hatch (because I can't figure out how the soldering iron works still. I try putting solder into my inventory and use the iron on the hatch, but it just changes the redstone output from weak to strong.

    When I hit it with a hammer, the turbine turns a tiny bit for a second, and stops. A tiny bit of water is out put from output hatch. No power is generated. If I repeatedly hit the turbine control with hammer, the same thing happens - the turbine turns a tiny, and stops - and a tiny bit more water comes out the output hatch.

    I'm using Forge .1408
    and gregtech unofficial .16

    I'm a Mac user, and still using Java 7... What I get is a new config file Splash.Properties that I have to go into and disable this splash screen or it causes a startup crash. FAIL.

    I had the same problem - This worked for me: (It doesn't fix the problem with GT5 though, but it will make IC2 satisfied to stop crashing - please fix Blood Asp)

    Go to your config folder, open the IC2.ini file with text editor.

    Change the following line from false to true:

    ; Ignore invalid recipes.
    ignoreInvalidRecipes = true

    That must be a bug because of the achievement i gave it. Did you try to pick uo and replace the controller? There was a problem with the playername saving who to give the achievement to. I thought i fixed it, guess not.

    YES - I first tried replacing the controller - then I tried rebuilding a brand new one. Also can't seem to get the soldering iron to working on the maintenance hatch either - had to use duct tape again.
    I also had to disabled the Achievements in the config to get the mod to boot. There seems to be a bug there.

    Did something change with the Distillation Tower in version 13 ?

    I had built one and it was running in Version 8, but when I upgraded to (13) it stopped working.

    The input hatch has heavy oil in it, and I have 5 output hatches (1 on each level) and 1 output bus.

    Like I said, my setup was work - but now it won't process any thing. The control panel lights up green says everything is running perfectly, but nothing out puts.