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    Because I had some questions about the EU distribution rules and a thought about combining power sources.

    One question regards step-down transformers. What is the official behaviour of a transformer when you've connected to multiple output faces? I get the impression from discussions that a transformer stepping down from 2048eu to 512eu would only output 512eu/t total across all faces, but I would have thought 512eu/t per face would be more in keeping with the rest of the mod. I get the impression this might be what happens anyway as I have one HV trans feeding four 512eu loads I think. I was running four MFR laser drill prechargers. Unfortunately the server admin got bored and reset the server so I can't easily confirm that.

    Regarding power sources combining I think instead of allowing generators to combine indefinitely the summed output should be limited to the generator's tier, and to combine more generators would require a step-up transformer. That would make step-up transformers useful for more than just electric fences.

    Variable output devices ought to have a slot for transformer upgrades, so if you don't upgrade then the power output per face is limited to the generator's tier

    Other ideas: simplified cable losses: forget measuring length and just impose a fixed penalty each time cable is used at the incorrect tier.

    Allow any un-insulated cable to be used at one tier higher than its insulated form, so bare iron wire could be used as a substitute for glass if you avoid standing too close.

    Nah, make it more subtle, like allowing cable to be used above its "voltage" but with the snag that because its the wrong tier you can't put enough insulation so shock damage is unavoidable, and for added effect maybe at random intervals the cable starts to smoke then sheds a layer of insulation.

    As said, the E-Net is still WIP, the packet system will return, but in a different form, so it will be possible to connect 10k batboxes and a generator to another batbox, but the moment you plug a CESU in, it will blow up. Voltage explosions are also still WIP.

    Thunderdark is still working on the Advanced Miner, so creative only.

    FWIW another problem with the whole "stuff blowing up" thing was that in my experience some of the more enthusiastic and less technical players just didn't "get" that the machines had burned out, particularly on servers that nerf explosions the machines would just disappear and it gets put down to a bug making them vanish.

    It might be worth replacing the explosion with a "burned out" state, like normal machine texture but blackened and with cracks showing. This could be repaired possibly by:

    1 a tool reverts it to normal

    2 putting it in a crafting grid repairs it

    3 crafting with circuits repairs it

    4 putting it in a crafting grid yields a machine block

    5 or a circuit?

    6 or its just smeltable to recover some metal?

    This would make it more obvious that the player broke it and it isn't just random modpack stuff happening

    Playing Resonant Rise mudpack, currenly I seem to have IC2 2.0.316

    About EU/t limits: If the rule is going to be that the total "voltage" of a net is the total of the generators feeding it then could it be based on a short average of the power input so generators from other mods that still try to "batch" their power output don't cause erratic overloads?

    Also any chance of some indication of impending overload like maybe a few seconds of smoke effects, loud humming, texture effects.

    On a diiferent note is the Advanced Miner currently craftable or is it create-mode only?