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    I am relieved it wasnt my base the other one, since the numbers are somewhat close and nameless base and mine are too... but we still dont have explosions right? since some parts where i derped and did not prepared for that, are okay. Pity we did not downgraded Gregtech to be able to do the lens again, since greg changed how to get but did not added the way to do it (aka no gem blocks). Just this last step on gregtech current tech tier and it will be over.

    I can not quite remember what grag did with iron doors. WHat did he do?

    BUt yeah, I agree with you that Grag has the tendency to force his stuff down to other people, but to his defense he never intended to "listen" to people in the first place.

    He made iron doors not stack while vanila was 4, later vanila did all the way to 64 so he just gave up on that.

    you dont need to defend him, that is his "i win button", if alot of people disagre with stuff , even he can will start to look at it, but needs to be logic not just rant. If Shao Kahn listen to his people every milenia or two, why can Grag too?

    at feature is configurable. You do not have to like it. For example

    I know, but the author promoted it like was a big thing, so people feel theyre challenged by it. Dont underestimated the power of "dare".

    What does the easy-working config for integration with transportation mods hast to do with stuff like that?

    I said it long ago and still happens, it seens to me , that the author create and tweak his mod based on what will people will do to avoid/bypass any new "dificult" he put on it, wich breaks the mod when it is on itself. Other mods should be an option not a need.

    Just curious, what do you think of the gt mechanics like the plates for iron tools and 2 planks per log? Is that also fake difficulty and 'tct'?

    Long ago this mod was suposed to follow an IRL pattern, so it made sense that we would require plates for tools, 2 planks could be a fake, but later you would get the normal amount or even more (rip ind sawmill), it had an advance on process, while just limiting how much you can carry is static.

    My idea to make it hard to carry ores is to use a mod that restricts your inventory slots and then only allow forestry backpacks but not the miners backpack.

    That is a good example of how to do it, how to change it, if the promoted feature was to allow less carry of especific resorces, like ore blocks only 8, crushed 16 and dust 32 (see that i am doubling the amount because the product use less space), but on GT a good way of doing it , would be crating your ores block before moving out, but since the limit is hard set on everything, that machine would not work.

    One point of me posting this things up, is that for now it is an option, but never forget what the author did on the past, what he forced on us, like iron doors, only when vanilla decided to make it go even more , he gave up. Just think if he decided to change filled cells to not stack anymore, how that would mess your game?

    If people havent noticed, I updated. I wonder if retep is going to use the new slightly more hardcore Version of Ore stacking being limited to just one Item.

    See all the potential of Ores not stacking at all (if enabled). You would basically have to use Minecarts everytime you go mining, especially with those huge GregTech Veins!

    That is just lame, more fake dificult only, also i can see that it will cause some problems with machinery too, where some recipe that requires more than 15 materials arent going to work, also, if such thing exist on the pack, people will use and abuse other mods to compensate this TCT (Time Consuming Task).

    or AE2 portable cells.

    like this one option.

    Holy shit Greg I love you, fucking awesome. Giving purpose to minecarts, trains, and rails.

    yeah like, they arent around for a long time, and without RC, we would need to made a ton of chest cart bein pushed by a furnace cart while we ride because chunk loading things, modpacks without RC exist if you believe it is possible.

    But all this is just opinion, instead of relying more on other mods, all it need is a little more faith on itself. But the god of it seens to not want that, because probably require more work on his side.

    Apparently ung_god proved it in a video? I haven't seen it, just what I've heard, so I dunno if that's correct.

    You probably are talking about the video i shown the diferent amounts of Eu you gain turning steam into power with said geneartors , it is indeed less power as the tier goes up, however a point people dont get , is the rate of energy is alot faster, 4x times, so you can keep the same tier of energy using less machines, and somewhat less fuel distribution, because while one mv turbine produce 128, to make it with lv you need 4 lv turbines suplyied. One thing that pushes the balance is how easy is for you to have fuel, if little then lv is better, can have more than you can spend, higher tiers are better.When and if greg ever add biogas to his diesel generators, i would use it instead of semi fluid asap.

    So i saw that now we are back to gt4, tools with metal handles, that is pretty fine, i was feeling strange tobe able to use wooden for everything, so much RC feels, you have left the wood version, just with nerfed durability like before. Now is wonder where those new parts are gonna be used...oh! already.

    Lately i am following the thread but hardly have any will to post or reply, since most of the last ones passed ignored, and most of the post other people do is random stuff with no point into GT at allm and when there is "help" ut follows the duct tape hint.

    Also have a good xmas people.

    I wonder if the hard mode crowd like the kiara server people don't feel the pain of the crafting due to using AE? But for people like me, it just seems overwhelming. Or does AE not have auto crafting anymore?

    We do, but it is diferent, on my case even, i am atm doing a lp with focus on ic2+gt mostly, so the autocrafting is a constant thing that i miss, but in reality, it is not that much, it is just diferent ways of playing, while the AE auto crafting allow to play with craft on the fly, if you prepare the material before hand and have a good amount, you will not miss that much. AE help alot because GT still miss important machines from the previous version, aside that, is a matter of play style.

    @off: Someday i will make the mock video of GT most debated aspect, the forbidden G word.

    well it is been a long time, but i do have some questions for Greg, if you could answer then , i would be thankfull, they are about how the game works.

    First , i was told that the batery boxes have a triple energy loss, is that true? the triple loss came from the charge of the batery from internal (1) , the discharge from batery to fill internal(2) and the proper output of the said batery box (3).

    Regarding item pipe, do they send itens back to the machine where they came from if no other place is acessible? i ask because i made a mistaken with crop harvestors and matron on red wheat, where the matron consumed all redstone as power, now i blocked the matron side pipe, but the harvestor can still acept redstone, so if the pipe back flow, i would loss some redstone.

    Machines, do machines block components that dont belong to the current recipe on them? i ask because i noticed when using my lv assembler, who was making circuits, and i left some components for another recipe on a chest buffer, but some of the circuits recipe components remained and none of the other recipe was injected on the machine, so if machines blocks components that dont belong to the current possible recipe inside, maybe i can do the assemble line for gt hulls without AE after all.

    It seen Greg add an iron dupe process without realizing, since he changed the recipe of ULV machine hull to require 8 wrough iron plates, but keep the old 4 steel plates with circuit 4 on assembler equals one ULV machine hull, if you keep making it on assembler and then macerating, you get 8 iron dusts while spending only four steel.

    Does anyone have save with EBF on MV that can process whole stack of aluminum dust to ingots without getting stuck once?

    I do have one, and it works okay, the real problem might have passed you earlier when spwnx said it, but i will repeat, check the mufler of the EBF, see if it is not obstructed, is facing the correct way (up), if yes, you might need to remove and replace it, because every time a recipe fails, it get some "pollution" inside and when full it will cause continue failing of smelting.

    Most of the fluids problem i already covered, while outer are to came yet, but what could help us is some kind of fluid regulator, to keep a certain amount of liquid inside a machine, afaik the ic2 dont do that, i never playied much with it.

    I realy think is time for the return of the wireless redstone covers, as the setups are getting larger, having it would help alot with some process, also allow to create farm that auto shutdown when a certain amount is hit.

    Also, i ask greg, if is impossible to create a regulator with combo items, that only when both(or more) of the item are inside , it output, it would help with automation on GT side.

    Nope. I do it all the time- just did, in fact. No implosion compressor needed. Just a compressor.
    At the very minimum you'd need a mortar+pestle, a way to wash powders, and a steam compressor. I can confirm this.

    Yes that is a config that forces the use of the implosion compressor, at the first week of kirara 2.0 it was not active and i made that way the first diamond.

    Still will need a lvl 3 pickaxe to get obsidium, thought...

    If i recall right, you can make ic2 universals cell and bring lava with you and manual placing make a portal, tedious but work (ic2 U-cell seen to not damage you like buckets)

    just can't remember where from..

    Clay dust, along with lithium, but it is MV

    So, I don't find any, no re-batteries.

    you can use ic2 CESU to store power until you make enough aluminum to electrolize clay dust. GT lv transformer can draw direct from cesu.

    GT also adds more headaches for server admins. "Hey admin, my (insert gt machine here) wont work and im sure its a bug.' Then the admin warps there and finds out they just did things wrong.

    If greg still keep the config, it was possible to disable most of the gregtech early headaches like insuficient energy line, rain explosion, and etc.

    I know greg ignores this alot, but outer people dont

    how about give invar cover a feature? like making the simple plate when placed in a fluid pipe block the damage from steam, and a dense plate block the damage from lava. the reason is simply because invar blocks are heat proof, so i believe the same could be said about the plate. Or we could get a crafting of a pipe with invar plates around to make a invar convered pipe, or simply invar pipes with less fluid than steel but heat proof.

    Also, lately i am having trouble to figures out how gt e-net work with diferent machines request/batterys/ic2 machines, so i cant find how to set to always go to one first them later outer, so how about a especial cable to have a higher priority than the outers? we have a pipe to make pipeline better, and we do have a way ti make fluid pipes more effective, only remaining the gt e-net without a way to optimize without just dumping more losses.

    Maybe Gregtech is not the right mod for you? I mean, if you feel it's 'pointlessly grindy' and you don't feel that it's possible to find ores through simple mineshafting...

    If that would be truth, i should have dropped it long ago, but i liked how it was challeging my logic diferent from outer mods. I dont have all the years of playing it, i started at 1.5, so i got a good wave of gregtech, but lately, having the memory of the previous versions, i feel it doing more step backs than evolving, but that is my opnion.

    See, people just toss around words like 'tedium' and 'grinding' without actually caring about the definitions. If people moaned about Gregtech being time consuming, I would understand. But they moan about it being grindy, even though you have to do lots of different things to get stuff working.

    Definitions change from people to people, so in my conceit things that relly on time consuming task very often are counted as repetitive.

    In the end it change from people to people, but you should not take my opnion so deep, i have a diferent focus when playing gregtech atm, so i end up seeing things diferent, feeling it diferent, just as a coder see the game diferent from someone else.

    (since smart people know how to look for stuff)

    Since you made it random, how is that gonna work? i cant see it without either cheating or just keep searching forever. Since you made this, i dont doubt you know something we dont. so i am not smart, just somewhat logic, so missing information give errors.

    The pointless amassing of pointless stuff for no purpose or gain than because the game requires it for no justified reason.

    I know alot of people that like to amass stuff for no purpose, and if i call them grind people, i would be called names.
    it seens both you and greg add "mining/finding material" on the same tab as time consuming , maybe there is where we set apart, to me that is on the tab of grind, and process that you need to wait for it is time consuming.

    IMO grinding is when you look at something you have to do in minecraft and know exactly what you have to do. no problem to solve. The road ahead is clearly marked, you just have to get moving and get it done.

    I have the same feeling ever now, prob is just because i already passed it at least once, and dont forget what it does, it just became grind to me diferent from time consuming or logic required.

    Every one has its own conceit of grind, time consuming and logic, and that is the world. Lately what is giving me the feel of grind, is the amount of things i need to use/spend/gather for little to no real gain, just need to make that, because it is design to be that, no think, no choice, one path.

    Guys, i have an idea. And i don't know how one can implement this. Point is easy: Make one ME item import system instead of arranging two separate input and output ME systems for two equal machines. That would allow to double production power without doubling ME input buses. Items first must go in certain block that would redistribute items in equal quantities to several production-ways. Each way have its own machine. For example if i wona have two copper plates: two ingots would enter that mysterious block and each will go one of my two benders. (Not like two ingots go to one bender that have (copper ingot-->copper plate) recipe). Mb someone have done something similar and can share? What block can be used for this distribution?

    i Already use a system like that since the 1.6 version, i did video showing how to set it, but since people prefer reading, you can create a pipe system that close off when one machine is working, to do so you need three pieces, an activity detector cover, a redstone controler cover and a shutter cover, place the machines, them atach the activity, using a screwdriver to set it to "ready to work", the place a brass pipe and atach the controler cover where it touch the activity , the pipe must be minimum of 2 pipes for each machine and no connecting, the place the shutter on the pipe with the controler where it conect to the second pipe, most is done, next would be using an electric buffer set to export one item at time unto the pipeline that feed the shuttter/controler pipe to machine.

    video if you realy wanna

    That 3x3 area that didn't have a vein is an area in which a vein tried to generate, but it tried to generate at an altitude at which ground didn't exist, so it failed to generate. MCEdit wouldn't remove GT ore blocks on its own unless you deliberately wiped everything from an area, which you wouldn't do.

    I am not deep on code or algorithm, but it should keep trying to make a vein on diferent Y values until it generate one, one vein each 3x3 as greg said, but that world part was an 8x8 chunks with no vein, and was an extreme hills. Spwnx did said he removed alot of ores, because he could not remember all the secondary and so on ores of each vein.

    @UNG:…orldGenTest.rar (MCEdited world to reveal GT veins)

    Ah thanks, i already checked it out, it is realy impressive, however, i did found, on all that area you cleared, two places where the world gen did not happened, one gap bigger than two 3x3 chunks with no vein on it, just small, it might be an ore you did not know that had a vein and removed, aside everything is "fine", but i do wanted that greg improve the algorithm to not happens so often a dupe vein, and a more ore wise ore type creation, also i did see that it was more likely to happens alot at some range of Y while above or below is very rare, that might explain why casserite veins are so rare. but that was alot of information, enough for the first second look. thanks again.