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    I think video tutorials are bad by design and the reason for this is the huge amount of redundant information aka transition frames. Another problem relies in searching though videos for a specific part which is really painful. So I always prefer text plus pictures against videos.

    I will say again, and that goes to Aka also, as complexity goes up in the mod, just words isnt enough to most people, pictures are fine, but action is alot better, when the ic2 exp branch started i learned more from videos on russian than on any wiki with said information, when there is a wiki up to date with all aspects covered, it is alot better . Tutorials is another thing, it require alot more effort than just showning something, the true one tutorial i ever made (until today) is the dealing with gregtech 1.6.4 from start to bronze age, and there i did what you said that is a pain in the ass, on the description there is the minute/link of each topic.

    I know very well that people have difernt opnions, just dont witch hunt those who try do something. All media is wellcome.

    I mean, have you used anything on kirara besides boilers and the RTGs? I am pretty sure you did not.

    Sorry, that question is to me? yes i basic used gt small boilers, then large steel,on gt turbines, later i did use Rc boilers to get ride of creosole, lastly when i did had enough i started rtgs with replicated plutonium, but lost on the update. Power is another concern but it is not bad as machines quantity rising non stop.

    I pretty much exclusively use diesel for power (in engines)

    And that diesel fuel came from where? oilberries?

    yes, like antimony (tetrahedrite)

    wich is mandatory now.

    An advanced piston that can push tile entities as well as blocks further than the vanilla piston.

    I believe is more a machine to press things, like to make bread you need to "bate" the mass.

    Anyone else is geting worried at the fact we now have less option for some recipe than before? before there was more way to craft some stuff, less efective at start, like batterys, where we could do ic2 way using more tin but later could be made using batery alloy using less resources, but now the only way to make a batery is with batery alloy, wich is mandatory the use of antimony, that is a btprodyct of tetrahedrite.

    There is no Grinding in GT. I have reached the beginning of the IV Tier and never saw any Grinding or similar, even though SpwnX did the raw Resources mostly, he used Automining and other fun things to get the Ores, like ITNT and Dynamite Sticks.

    Well, since you created the mod, our visions on it is very diferent, but you just said your partner did most of the resource gathering and used auto mining for that, wich shown how much grindy it is, also i ask, did you try from scratch since the last updates? because it became grindy as hell on the beggining rather than tier above mv, all changes requiring new and especific machines for simple purpose that we could make before in hand, is realy boring and annoying.

    Idont wanna gregtech dead, i want more people playing with it, but if the mod kill any will to play it on the beggining, less people will gonna play. Any game that dont hold your attention on the first hour of play, 90% would not play.

    Greg, what is the point of the ULV batbox if there are no ULV batteries?

    Well if you could use those one single use baterys for very low power, it would have purpose.

    Random nerf idea: Make GT scan all the recipes (but the hammer ones) in your modpack and replace ingots (and maybe gems) with plates in those recipes. Configurable of course.

    Excellent, less turn everything more grindy, because grindy is fun! no serious, enough, gregtech already balance itself on outer mods (wich is stupid) , making outer things follow this is like taxes here, you pay everytime one over the outer, if the modpack creator wants that, mine tweak it.

    if batteries would be added then we will need machines of the same tire

    we have the buffer and filter ulv, and i use them alot for cheating transport, but aside that, ulv machine would do what kind of work? since greg made tiers and lv tier have diminissing work each update.

    My current Focus is more on Food Items.

    Just why????? let me guess, you like that "spice of life" thing... and if you press the "i win" button you lose actualy.

    But there is no such thing in my game as fluid input hatch

    just redundant, hatch are for fluid, liquids and gases, like buses are for item, so keep that on mind.

    I have a shitton of "GT in 60s" videos unreleased. But yeah, my concern was the same, that no one wants to watch videos and prefers wikis.

    Well that explains alot, wikis are the main source of information, but videos help more like an example of usage/building/setup , when just plain information isnt that usefull, on GT5 things have changed alot, and many multiblocks are add, so videos are more usefull now , also one image can worth more than a hundred word, aside that, you could just listen to it and get the info while looking at outer places, diferent thoughts can open new ways.

    There was alot of changes lately, and many is using liquids on machines, so greg, it is realy time to add a tool to allow us to inject and remove liquids from internal tanks, it exist on real life, as you love to state, so it is time for it, and for you create mobile containers for liquids that handle amounts lesser than 1 cell. It is alot more easy and sense to aproach the saw machine and aply lub with a can than dragging pipes.

    Why do you want eggs? i always thought it was the feather what we realy wanted, greg could add an artificial feather thing with plastic. but it was like that the crops, over 1k (bein prob 600 mine) and almost no lag. For egg uou could just trap one chicken on a closed 3x3 holow with an annilation panel below geting eggs 4ever.

    But I still don't understand what are routing values.

    Me too, i dont know how it works, how it make the math and stuff, only know that closer to start point have higher priority, so i just make each session using that as base and add a restrictive (wich is 100 times less values) to make an exit point or next session, also i use restrictive to mark a secondary inventory and need to make a double restrictive (they sum up) to create that exit, it is realy more simple than it seens, just as tip, avoid having many output on the same pipes make it more linear than surrouding.

    Anyone know a good way in GT to automate my macerator-to-ore washer? The 512v+ ones keep clogging it with dusts and other byproducts. A way to insert ore to macerator, then crushed ore to washer, then washed ore to macerator, then purified dust, byproducts, etc. all to a seperate chest would be fantastic.

    Pipes + Item (type) filter.

    Sadly, I can't seem to figure out how to work it... it's pretty confusing. Can I get an explain?

    Okay, so I can get items into the item type filter and pass through to a chest. But byproducts are still gumming up the machine since the item type filter won't take them. x.x

    Place chest or item buffer which will gather every item not accepted by the other machines at the end of the item pipeline, then.

    I also like to use the same pipeline to input and output items for the machines, so that everything I placed in the first input chest, processed by machines or not, gets in the output chest.

    Most of what needs to be done was said, but there is still a few tips, the macerator is one big problem, since it will need to process more than just one type of product, so i sugest using a electric buffer to feed the macerator with the item (and maybe power) and then using filter (item and type) to feed that buffer, greg have made the washer not accept items it cant process, whoever since we now have chemical bath it is more advice to select wich ones goes where and left the normal ore washer farther than the bath filter, when everthing is set up you could place a restrictive pipe to make the way out of the pipe system, so itens will only go that way if they have no outer place to go, ending on a chest or whatever you want that to be, but one serious problem is the pipe you use, if you use a low tier pipe (brass) it wil choke the system, as the amount of stacks inside a pipe is very low and block flow of itens, i use normal electrum and most time i dont have alot of clogging, dont forget that now item on pipe search for valid inventory and dont move on pipes like before, so while it cant find a place to go, it just clogg the system, also need an open road to that inventory. This was a long small explanation, if you want more just watch my "share of thougth". Just kep trying and you wil find it more easy than you first thought.

    Man this thread now is the sugestion one, i feel like, well if you want a way to store more items on a single slot, just carry the packer ,a batery and some crates and crate your ore, stone, whatever it can. dont forget the wrench tough.

    On Kirara, the whole End got us about 20 Osmium.

    I thought about this later, so sorry for the delay, but i believe if greg keeped some old features and did code right, and is set to happen on config (if needed), that iridium ore, naquadah and maybe osmium ore (if exist) can spawn on Gt black granite deposits, since they on 1.6 can spawn END ores.

    You falied what?

    You said a long time ago that you watched some of my videos, so even after making like 5 about gregtech e-net you still have this basic question, i failed.

    It starts with the HV Macerator, in the tooltip you can see something like"macerator + pulverizer" and the EV has "macerator + pulverizer + Rock Crusher" (don't know what that last one does exactly, only got the HV atm)

    I spoke with greg ay kirara long ago, and i did some tests, the only diference is that the Iv rock crusher can produce stone dust too, it dont means much on overworld because stone dust is more commom than you like, but with nether and END ores, the dust can be used to get more resources (nether coal gold redstone, END tung platinum helium).

    I think he means it has more slots for byproducts like the rock crusher.

    This is true also, so if you grind a RC stuff to get back the materila, will get more or all on th Iv crusher.

    and what is the solution? I tried many alternativ ways, but non work.

    dunno...fills gt baterys at ic2 storage? or fill ic2 baterys (orb/lap) and use then on gt baterys buffer (if possible)?

    So many question, most are already answered, i wil give my thoughts, you can power a machine with a lower tier, but the internal buffer cant work more than two or three process, meaning you cant process much and will need to wait long times betwen each time, the machine will consume first from the internal buffer and request up to 4 amp to fill the empty space, you can place a batery on the machine energy slot to store energy and that is enough for most machines to run (except thermal/scanner), higher voltages at distance have the advantage of the loss bein less impacting on the incoming of Eu if machines are one or two tier below .

    Anyway, I've never seen explained how do energy losses with GT transfrormers work. Obviously a little part of energy is lost, but what's the mechanism behind this?

    That make me realize that i failed.

    Today was a good lesson on how we can learn,while playing Mc with Gregtech, a piece of a tool fell into the oven where we smelt crystal, but i wasnt worried about it melting and destroying the internal, because the Heat we work molten crystal is less than what is required to melt steel. it became flexible but no melting.

    I am currently doing Magnetic Processing of certain Ores (like Magnetite), and also Magnets as Component Items in general.

    And that is how I did the Magnets.

    That was a long explanation , with confusing names to inform that we will have magnets, well i do hope my sugestion is included on this new material, and just to inform, on vanila GT we still dont have any tool to silk touch redstone ore, and the only material that can give it to us, is very far. Give back the rock cutter! also retrievers! and thrown some item clearers and cropharvestor while at that (they all have the common aspect of atracting item).

    #Large boilers: the biggest diference betwen gt l-boiler and RC boiler, is that gt produce steam dazzling fast, way to fast, on most cases you cant get all the steam out of the l-boilers, and end up losing it, on beggining i advice to build the L-boiler (can we get a easier name for them?) atach to a rc tank, so the l-boiler can inject all the steam it produce at the tank and you dont lose any of it, just for the info, a bronze l-boiler produce enough steam to almost run two mv steam turbines. You can also check my sneaky peeks and think for yourself.

    @UNG: i meant universal macerator byproduct, 10% of full plutonium dust every maceration of crushed/purified/centrifuged uraninite dust.

    at least so far i only found pitchblade ore, wuch when umac and stuff dont give plutonium just uranium, the end resulting of all the chain will be the uranite dust, the original ore was pitchblade.

    this is what i was going to ask, do vanilla ic2 machines care about gregs amperage?

    I am going to give greg e-net system a credit , i believe ic2 machines only request 1 amp, since my mfe did not burned the 1x cable i use to power it, so count every ic2 machine as one amperage.

    2) Will there ever be a use for 8v stuff, and will there ever be batteries for 8v buffers?

    It already have, as a simple and spam wise automation machines, you can easily power it via transformers, and since consume so litle Eu, it can be powered by very simple generator, and use the tweak.

    When pollution comes

    greg said it can sufocate you on a close room, aside, they fly on the sky and start to form a thick cloud over your base, at some point it will block the sun, destroy crops, kill animals, and slowly get thicker until engulf your base and you die of asphyxiation. Muflers act as a filter to exalate lesser quatities of polution, later greg could steal foresty and create a kind of mechanism to launch some chemical component on the sky to react with polution and cause the fall of a toxic snow to be cleared and treated.

    Uraninite will yield plutonium on HV maceration

    it can wield plutonium, about 2% for each uranium dust, previous was one 100% for four uranium, see?

    Added Chemical Bath. It does the Mercury and Sodium Persulfate thing of the old Indsturial Grinder.

    Could it not be done by just using mercury and sodium on the ore washer instead of water? new machine instead of another process.

    does this mean i can use the naquadah reactor to power everything ic2 related?

    Actualy, gregtech wires can feed ic2 machines and storages with no problem, just look for voltage, if worried, use a machine hull of the voltage as a limiter on amperage, but might (will) change on future.