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    i am getting this crash while trying to play bears den.

    Trying to enter this custom pack with seed as "Grag" dont even start. Looks promising.

    I can understand if this exact amount is op and should be larger but is there a reason that something along the lines of X dirt and X water in a mixer doesn't produce clay?

    because there is already a recipe for "clay" , using dirt and some round and round. if it still exist.

    Blood sorry for trouble you , but i am having a interesting "bug" , i play infitech 2, and after the update of pollution i build one pyroluse oven, supplied with nitrogen to make charcoal , and it run quite nicely, until it run out of nitrogen and stopped, now even giving it more nitrogen and with the correct circuit (2) , it refuses to process log in charcoal as it did before, the normal recipe without nitrogen goes normal, i tried to break and replace the input hatch and muffler, but nothing changed.

    AESU and IDSU dont exist in GT5U, all power storage blocks have been replaced with batteries and battery buffers. for across dimension power you can just transfer batteries in ender chests I guess.

    transfer batteries will still be a manual labor as automation for re-batteries is disabled.

    But we do have an "wireless power transmission" , i am still far from it, so idk how it works.

    this last update broke allot of recipes on infitech2 , some metals became meta item and some processing, like mercury into quicksilver vanished.

    Well i am playing gt5u on the infitech2 modpack, and it sure make the "time consuming" task a good chunk of it. I am still on the wait for the redstone display we had at gt4, but i dont think it will ever come , as people prefer more fancy displays as nuclear control and rf tools do, whie i like the old lighting bolt for power and reducing circle for process time.

    i will ask here since it will be more easy for you to see, did you changed how much eu the turbines for large turbines multiblocks give? after the last update it has doubled the amount it can generate, and with the explosion if the dynamo dont match, it can be pretty bad, this also makes it more interesting as power source than before.

    Pollution for now is fine, after playing a while and putting the number on check, the real important number in the end is that "1%". good job.

    i did a quick test, and indeed , it does freeze the game when i try to look at uses for gt items on gregtech 5.09.19 ... so it is bloody version who have a problem, i did test with gt6 and the game goes normal, even the "EE" system is shown properly; looking at other recipes it does seems reikas code talk with gt code very politely and did not saw anything strange or unbalanced . That makes me think ChC is good mod to play with gt since both require exploration, progression, and some items unique to themself (idk if the "ores" spawn normaly or gt6 screw them).
    Talking about bloody gt (sound like a curse), it have so many items, when i loaded my full LP pack with gt6/ic2 it was only 2k items map, with Gtu/ic2+Dragonapi/ChC (aside nei and forge), it was almost 6k item map (the stich thing) and when i logged in, i had 10000 tile entities load on the world (most time i barely passed 5k before having huge lagspikes), so something is wrong with Gtu i think.

    Well, the mod is going on and getting new and somewhat interesting features, it is getting better but it is still not enough, i had saw some videos of Bear for a time, but just lost interest after so much time consuming stuff.
    The only reason i am posting, is just because chromaticraft had appear. I just finished recording a lp with it, and the only problem i can think of , is the future system where you can convert material into chc energy system, and use that energy to make stuff, so it is like EE, that might cause some troubles with how GT handle stuff, just as how reikas dragon api does something that reminds me of GT, where it sets almost everything on the game on it own "dictonary" , how that is a problem is beyond my reach.
    When i saw emerald green, them discover it is an algae, on the spot remind me of a pack where the main mod is based on chemistry, and the first way to get some protein (food) on a devasted world, just make it and let it growns on water rivers/lakes.

    Even I recommend the usage of GT5U by BloodyAsp

    Yeah i saw that when it started, but hearing the last things Bear has said, i think he is going too far.

    I don't need a lot of people to test GT6, it is enough if competent people (and bunnies) do that job.

    reflecting on my past ... this offends me.

    It requires a lot of fine tuning to get the proper Engine/Machine combo for what you are doing. Someone should really do a tutorial on that.

    Do we realy need? i felt that you made things more clear, just need to work more on calibrations and select the best for the job.

    It is simple. Place them at the Block you wanna extend the surface of and then treat the whole thing like you would the surface of that Block.

    i wanted to be that easy to understand, reading the changelog, half of it was okay, then started the output stuff with possible auto feed and no chain, well maybe it was already design with pipes on mind. Funny but if you google it, it ends on refined relocation mod.

    Hello there, is bein a long time since my last post on this forum, i just appear to say that even not discussing anymore, i still follow Gt changelog, i am on the waiting fo something interesting added to it, since to me, GT6 dont have anything appealing , as it is now seens more like a scatter pieces than an actual progressive tech.
    Saying that i also stopped doing content with GT, since greg made things more clear on the last updates (no need for sneaky peeks), so now the only person left that still work with gt6 is Bear989, because mr10 and dynmaps got out too, and his "play" only made the will to play gt6 even lower.
    So for now is the waiting game to see if gt6 will get interesting as a lone mod or just be a mod with diferent things that others mods already do.

    On fluid pipe, maybe is just me with my mind of gt4 and 5 , but i dont see much use for them if we dont have the pump cover to get liquids out of tanks, or even a drain to get water, or maybe they now work more like mekanism or magneticraft.

    I found strange that i could not power ic2 machines with GT6 gadget, burning boxes to stirling/fermenter, steam boiler to steam kinect and steam engine to kinect generator (KU not Ku), since on the past we could do gt>>>ic2 .

    I tried to make a thermometer emit redstone when certain amount of heat on the crucible was reach, but i cant make it work, no matter what value i set it is always emiting the signal, using the mode to More than X value. also the two bottom buttons on it, are substracting (-1 -1) instead of -1 +1.

    GT 6.00.42 , IC2 2.2.736

    I wonder, what did you expect? A whole wipe of K1-K3 maps with what purpose? Furthermore, vanilla worldgen is extremely boring.

    well, yes, k 1.0 was a fresh map, k 2.0 was also a fresh map, k 3.0 is the old maps, old maps have the problem of bein already depleted, so anyone who did not playied before will suffer.

    Where i complained about world gen on my post?

    Is anyone following immersive engineering mod? i am watching DW20 using it at his server play, very beta yet , but has some features that looks cool, all machines are multiblocks, and the drill have the animation i always thought to be more realist than smack it against the stone.

    Hmm... i cant find tin or casserite ore...

    I have used world edit to remove all stone blocks to see only the ores... And in a 600x600 area is no tin. Is this a bug? :(

    from experience on GT5 vanila, no it is not, casserite veins are kind of dificult to find, but they do exist, the way to resolve this on my case, was to invest on crops so i dont need to hunt they later.

    Foghrye4, i know i dont have any power to call for it , but, cant you do some kind of spotlight on your mod? the last video you posted is way old, IHL have so much content now, that must say idk where to start from, and what do what, i tried to find some guide on the net, but nothing, just the wiki, and that is not enough to me, maybe this mod isnt for me after all.

    Loved to see a more complete version of GT5, if we had all the missing machines from the very start , gt5 would had been more awesome, but Grag... i did not saw at changelog and did not checked at the game, but we have the redstone displays? and the player detector? retriver is imposible now since gt pipe teleport itens?

    it seens to be an awesome job, keep up!

    Don't see it as "hey, don't play GT 5 anymore!"

    it is never the case, we had some time ago people still playing the gt3, so gt 5 is still possible to play, it will just not have anything new, if most of the system basics logistic is keep on the gt6 it will be recomend to play gt5 so it wont be that much of shock.

    Machine wise I am going to go in a similar direction IC² attempts to do right now, with electric/steam/other Motor Blocks attached to Machines to provide kinetic Energy for rotating stuff, and similar things, so that single-block electric Machines are only for cases where the Energy consumed happens to be electricity directly.

    so we return to buildcraft machine system? both railcraft and forestry uses it , and most people arent that happy to use them.

    in tthe end the only thing i realy dont like is the feeling of "not finished work", gt3, gt4 and gt5 now, simply stopped bein developed, no final release with major bug fix, no legacy.

    i wasnt keeping with the thread all the time, so let me see if i get it, the rewrite of the code made the previous version completely broken, so a new gregtech will be released, and with such this new gt will not have 99% of the previous gt on question of machines/system , so this basic means we are back to square 0, the new gt will need time to be reconstructed and will try to follow gt2 and gt4 shape (if they even had a shape), idk about gt2 but was gt4 that made me play gt on the first place.

    So basically gt5 is permanent, and new gt will need at least 5 months to be on par with the previous one.

    Well that is how life is , full of restarts. good luck people.

    After the downgrade of gregtech, i was able to do what was missing, so i am here to tell that i have done all i could and wanted on kirara, it allowed me to create a LP that imo is better than the previous, so i thank Invultri first, for allow us to play minecraft, and also everybody else who play the game with me, even apart on space and time, and i am sorry for all the nuisance i made. So this means i will not keep playing, chunk loaders are removed and everything should run more fine with me back into the void, so i wish to all you people who still gonna play, the best the game can give you. I will still see the forum for a while but wont take long for me to sink in, so fare thee well.