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    I am still banned! And playing Text-based browsergames. Not using Internet Assplorer of course. It sucks! Seriously, even the Steam Overlay Browser is better! And that is just a Steam Overlay Browser!

    How can it be that except for the People using this Forum anyway, no one gives a fucking shit about stuff here in the IC² Forum, but if a FTB Dev is accussed of some Kind of evil witchery, he and other are immideatly here to defend themself? Is FTB using a Mind Controll Facility? Are they the NSA? Do they hire People to watch every offtopic post in this Forum on the end of the Internet?

    I really do hate such narcissistic features like that. Either code it for everybody, or code it for nobody. Don't do this "selective feature for select person" crap to make individuals unnecessary special...

    Course I'm sure it's just another ploy to appease the FTB crowd. :rolleyes:

    I am pretty sure their Propaganda(which is still the Offical IC² PR Asshole)will make it look like an awesome Feature. "Ohhh look he made the Bee Addict a Special bee only she can use! What a great Feature of the new Forestry Version. On another note, it is even worse when such Features are put into public Releases when selected users don't use These anyway.

    I only banned for one hour as a joke, but the ban derped out and become both permanent and unremovable. I will ask imer to remove that one :P

    "Then SirusKing realized that the Spambot's had taken Immer. And then disapeared deep into the Kitchen Sink of RP they came from again. He asked himself what to do now. The Stankey realized that this was getting out of Hand, and pressed AltF untill anythin was shut down."

    The Internet Exploder thing, why dont you just log in as "Sinnaj63²" using your normal Browser? logging out is easy, just click the X on the top right Corner of the Screen, and then reopen the Browser.

    I would do so, but it seems like that is not possible when being banned. Or my Standard Browser is incapable of Logout.

    I think you got double banned 'cause you said the T word and "Lightning Rod"
    If Sirus didn't ban you probably the Almighty Dragon Lord would've impaled you :P
    You're lucky.

    Lucky? I AM FUCKING BANNED! I CAN'T EVEN READ THE TWO PM'S I GOT ANYMORE! Of course, I can use Internet Assplorer to use this account.

    Fun Fact: INTERNET EXPLORER SUCKS! THE Google Assdroid Standard Browser is better!

    And it is incapable of understanding what I am typing. Yeah, I just pressed Enter two times, and you see what happened.

    Anyway, in any Forum I used to be, I was rising and shining and then I did something stupid and felt into the pool of dog Turf I Just built! Really funny, don't you think! But at least I learn from my mistakes. NOT.

    Ever wanted to know how it is being banned? Well here you are! Ask me anything!

    Q:What can you do when you are banned?

    A: Nothing. Not log out, read PM's or threads. So you don't know that your ban will expire in just a damn hour!

    Q:So how did you creatie this account?

    A: I used Internet Explorer. Dun Dun Dun.

    Q:What the fuck does this mean ? That you have been banned ? And ?
    Well, you wanted it apparently.

    A: Quoting Sirus:


    my finger slipped
    for some reason the remove warning button isn't working... woops lol
    should expire in an hour xD