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    hi Kentington.
    at first , awesome work. This mod is simply awesome :)
    i want to make a suggestion for your mod.
    Currently you have to enter the coordinates with this device or by hand.
    this is of course not the best method for an "automated" rocket system.

    So here my suggestion.
    Redpower Cables have 16 different colors, so you can carry the 16th of information in it compared to normal redstone.
    With 16 Bit you can show numbers up to 65536. Or you can devide these 16 Bit in 2 Bytes. And you can say the first Byte is the x-axis and the second byte is the y-axis.
    So you have 256 numbers for each axis.
    If you use 128 for the positive and 128 for positive numbers, you can give the rockets the positions over redstone cables in an area of [-128,-128] to [+128,+128].
    Of course it's also posible to count in steps of five blocks, so that you have an area of [-640,-640] to [+640,+640].

    In my opinion this would be quite awesome.
    btw. it is posible to acces at RedPower Cables. e.g. Computercraft can do this...
    Pls answer if you like this Idea or not :)
    And sry for my bad english :D

    Force Field Generator Core
    :Water Cell: :Mining Laser: :Water Cell:
    :Water Cell: :Industrial Diamond: :Water Cell:
    :Water Cell: :Generator: :Water Cell:

    :Industrial Diamond: = Lapotron Crystal
    :Water Cell: = Electrolysed Water Cell (or normal Water cell)
    :Mining Laser: = dynamite Remote
    Why : Dynamite Remote because the power is transmitted Wireless.
    Lapotron Crystal for energy Storage.
    Water Cell: Every Child knows that the best way to store Force Power is to store it in Water Cells...

    FF Generator Core Injektor

    :Gold Dust: :Cable: :Gold Dust:
    :Coal Dust: :Advanced Machine: :Coal Dust:
    :LV-Transformer: :HV-Transformer: :LV-Transformer:

    :Gold Dust: = Glowstone
    :Coal Dust: = Redstone
    :LV-Transformer: = Mid Voltage Transformator

    Redstoen because of signal
    Cable to the Core
    Transformators to Transform the Energy...

    FF Generator Storage Upgrade

    :RE Battery: :RE Battery: :RE Battery:
    :Advanced Circuit: :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Circuit:
    :RE Battery: :RE Battery: :RE Battery:

    :RE Battery: = RE Batery

    FF Generator Ranges Upgrade

    :Mining Laser: :Mining Laser: :Mining Laser:
    :Advanced Circuit: :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Circuit:
    :Mining Laser: :Mining Laser: :Mining Laser:

    (this may cost to much, so here an other version:

    :Force Field: :Force Field: :Force Field:
    :Mining Laser: :Advanced Machine: :Mining Laser:
    :Mining Laser: :Advanced Circuit: :Mining Laser:

    :Mining Laser: = dynamite Remote
    :Force Field: = nothing )

    Force Field Cube Projektor

    :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Mining Laser: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser:
    :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :Advanced Machine: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser:
    :Compressor: :Industrial Diamond: :Compressor:

    :Mining Laser: = dynamite Remote
    :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: = Advanced Alloy
    :Industrial Diamond: = Lapotron Crystal

    Of Course the Compressors and Advanced Alloy is used to generate enough Gibbl, because it is so freaking awesome :D

    other Idea's comming soon.

    I just put the .zip in the mods folder and it worked directly (after fixing ID's)
    Maybe you need to change the ID
    just read the crash log and if there ist somethink like
    "dublicate ID 123 ID is in use, ... , ..." then change the id in the config file.
    i have 213 and 214...
    TMI might be usefull to find an empty ID ...

    TO the Mod:
    I think it is quite stable now (the force block saves bug seems to be fixed,...) .
    Looking forward to use real recieps, so i can install the mod on the server...

    I'm not shure what you mean but do you mean a block which destroys a forece field block if activated ?
    would be cool, but here shoulb be some sort of checkbox to allow the other blocks to destroy some forece fields (of password) otherwise you could destroy every base ousing this trick ...

    I'm not good in Java, but i'm quite ok in Pascal (Lazarus):

    1.: yep the nuke is destroing all the blocks. And calculation is done in one part. After the calculation is done and everything is destroyed the forcefield has the ability to update itself, the blocks which are now empty. Only solution would be that the force field will replace all Blocks around it, but this is not always wanted... maybe there could be an other mode. Or you manually destroy all blocks arround before stating the forcefield....

    2. like thunderdark said: a block could be marked as undestroyable. But if the other mod's don't care about this you could so nothing...

    3. You mean :
    x = Forcefield
    n = Forcefield
    - = nothing


    where the side with n shoud disapear ?
    Dont know. Would be cool, but i prefer a force field which is only one side of the cube. So that you could make a Cube out of 6 Force Blocks. This would mean that you could deactivate only 1 smal side to enter the field...

    OK :wacko: my PC ist to fast between put offline and blocks dissapear by a 20 radius field < 0.5s no chance for changes the Range.... ok i will fix it but not in 003 take longer

    I tested it again, with a RedPower Timer and Repeater , but the bug didn't appear again. Maybee it was fixed or it was an other thing that let Blocks not Disapear...

    To the Super Stick:
    So the only posible way is to ask the makes of the other mods not to destroy a forcefield ?
    Could you cange the block, so that it dropps nothing if destroyaed like glass ?

    To the instand replace: one option would be putting the time in the .cfg file. People whon want to check it 20 times a sec should do it but CPU may becomme stressed :D
    Isn't there a function with will be called by minecraft if a nearby block is destroyed ?
    e.g. if you destroy a block and above is a door the door will be destroyed right instantly and i don't think there is a timer which check's this every ms...

    I Just noticed that since 1.23 you run faster if Press Double W instead of the old combination of Crtl and W. (It's not a Bug, it's a feature...)
    Is there any posibility to change this to the old Crtl-W , because it is more easy and faster to reactivate the mode...
    If there is no possibility : Why not make a entry in the configiration ? or in the Ingame Control Menu ?