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    I see on the wiki that modern IC2 removed lossless mode. I'm using an electric wrench just messing with my system to get it improved, and I all of a sudden realize two things are missing from my inventory, both of which were transformers. I checked a few hoppers nearby, but I just don't see the pieces anywhere (and it's not a complicated room yet). Also, the machines didn't "break" because I didn't get a machine block. They're just gone. Is there a way that this can happen by accident or something? Or is it a known bug? (I checked the list and I don't see it in current bugs)

    I had some distilled water in fluid cells (it was easier to remove it that way at the time). Now I want to actually use the distilled water (making coolant). How do I actually get the liquid out of the cells, and into something like the fluid/solid canning machine?

    Thanks for the help!

    Did you maybe look ar your log and saw a permgenspace Error? If I had evidence that this was the case you would be banned right now, because that is mentioned in the Q/A since ages.

    No it's not a permgenspace error, I've already allocated enough. There's nothing in the log that says permgenspace error.
    Loading with GT freezes, loading without GT does not freeze.

    I love GT and would love to get it to work in my pack, even if it means a longer load.

    So I've got GT and IC2e for 1.7.10, and it keeps freezing right at the point of load where it says...
    "(gregtech.loaders.oreprocessing.ProcessingDust:registerOre:121): Quicksilver Dust?, To melt that, you don't even need a Furnace..."

    I gave it plenty of time to complete, left it on for like 10 minutes, still nothing. No crash reports or anything, it just freezes.

    Anyone able to help me out?

    I'm sure this has been asked already, but considering there's over 1800 pages to this thread and no search option, I don't think I'd be able to find it.
    I'm playing GregTech without Metallurgy, and some of the recipes (like stainless steel) are dependent upon Metallurgy ores like Manganese. You CAN make it with red garnet dust, but you need quite a lot of red garnet (which is rare to begin with) in order to get just a little bit of stainless steel. It's as though GregTech has been made in a way that it is dependent upon Metallurgy 3.

    Is it possible to configure GregTech somehow so it doesn't depend on these kind of ores, and we can have an easier time making things like an electric wrench (which really shouldn't be THAT hard, haha). Or is GregTech so dependent upon Metallurgy 3 that I really should just update the whole server and make every member add the mod and then repop the world?

    Thanks for the help! Hopefully I can get this working without too much of a hassle.

    So I've got a problem that many of the ores and gems switch over to a rotarycraft version of that item (vintium dust to a rotarycraft version, moonsonte to a rotarycraft verison, diamonds to a rotarycraft "nether diamond", iron to nether iron... etc.). Even reactorcraft stuff like fluorite switches to a rotarycraft version, even though it's a Reika mod!

    I've posted in Reika's page and was told that those mods don't do unification, and they said that if I had GregTech installed, then that was probably the mod doing unification.

    I've gone through the config and have found two locations that are applicable, please tell me if there's something else I can do, because this is REALLY annoying everyone on the server. I found in the gregtech.cfg two things = inventory unification, and crafting unification. Then in the unification.cfg I found each mod had it's own stuff for unification. I turned both in the gregtech.cfg to false, then I turned all the rotarycraft stuff to false. It seems to fix it sometimes, then other times it just goes back to what it was doing, but this time it's even changing ingots to nether versions for some reason. It's like changing the config just has a random effect, rather than what I ask for.
    The stupidest part is that these ores and gems are completely useless, and don't have any recipes. Regular things automatically switch whenever I spawn them in. I'll be holding a fluorite, and it will switch right in my hand. I'll smelt some iron ore, and it will automatically become nether iron ingots.

    So I've got a couple of questions.
    1 = is there anything else I can do? I just want to use the stupid ingots and gems like normal, lol
    2 = does the config files have to be changed client side for everyone? or is it enough to change the server configs?

    Thanks for the help!!

    I've been messing with the config a bunch to figure this out, but the problem just won't stop. I have Ars Magicka 2 and RotaryCraft installed. Pretty much anything I do in the game changes to a completely useless RotaryCraft version of it (like moon stone, vintium, all kinds of stuff). I mean, I don't think RotaryCraft even uses this stuff, because there are no recipes in the game that use them. How do I prevent this from happening? When I smelt a vintium ore, I would like it to turn into Ars Magicka vintium, but it doesn't, it turns into the RotaryCraft version.
    I've disabled all the unifications, and yet this still happens. Anyone know how to help me out? Thanks for the help!

    So I had my own mod pack I made from scratch, which included IC2e and Gregtech.
    I have now switched to FTB Monster, and added Gregtech.
    I would like to use my world from my old game in the new one.
    The problem I get is IC2e telling me that the IDs are different between the world and the game.
    Every other mod I've ever used does one of two things. 1 = keeps the blocks, or 2 = kills the blocks.
    Instead, IC2e won't load the world, and gives me a message of which block is causing the problem, and then the whole program closes.
    The problem is that if I change the whole .cfg for IC2e in my FTB Monster game to the .cfg from the old pack, then the game stays at the Mojang screen and never finishing launching. If I change the IDs one by one, it just keeps telling me a new ID each time, one by one, through all the blocks IDs. It's going to make me go through every ID, which I'm fine with, but I already know it won't launch properly because I've tried switching them all.

    How are people to go about using other worlds? What should I do?
    I know it's experimental, but is the finish build going to fix this problem with conflicting IDs?

    No, just remove the mod from your mods folder. Generate a new world, because your current world will have invalid blocks in it due to GT worldgen.

    It'd be great if this were true, but it's not for me. The game was working. I removed GT. Now the game crashes on start up. I don't even get to the MC title screen.

    So I used to play GT, and now that I've installed it again, I'm realizing I really don't want to spend days just to get my first machines. I tried uninstalling it, and now my game won't run. Checked the site for uninstallation, and I can't see anything. Is there a special way you have to uninstall it?

    So I've got IC2 and GregTech installed, and I don't have any recipes, or even the ability to build, many of the IC2 stuff (like the macerator and generator).
    If I take out GregTech it works fine, and I can build these things without a problem.
    I've gone into the config and disabled all the hardmode recipes, still doesn't work.
    I've also disabled the hidden recipe thing, and it still doesn't work.

    Anyone have any other ideas?

    I have industrialcraft-2_2.0.336-experimental installed. I also have GregTech, and NEI addons installed. I've disabled the hidden recipes in the IC2 config.
    For some reason, I still cannot see many of the IC2 recipes, which is very annoying, especially since I'm running a server.
    Also, I cannot build any of these recipes, even when looking it up on the wiki. My NEI doesn't even have the regular machine block anymore either. It has all the machine hulls, and the machine casings though. I've tried all of these in the recipe, and it still doesn't work.
    Anyone able to help me out? Thanks