Electric wrench still breaking things?

  • I see on the wiki that modern IC2 removed lossless mode. I'm using an electric wrench just messing with my system to get it improved, and I all of a sudden realize two things are missing from my inventory, both of which were transformers. I checked a few hoppers nearby, but I just don't see the pieces anywhere (and it's not a complicated room yet). Also, the machines didn't "break" because I didn't get a machine block. They're just gone. Is there a way that this can happen by accident or something? Or is it a known bug? (I checked the list and I don't see it in current bugs)

  • In the 1 and a half years that we have this wrench i have not got a broken machine (Still playing daily) Chances are you blown it yourself or that the internal server skipped ticks and it went to hell

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