Changing packs

  • So I had my own mod pack I made from scratch, which included IC2e and Gregtech.
    I have now switched to FTB Monster, and added Gregtech.
    I would like to use my world from my old game in the new one.
    The problem I get is IC2e telling me that the IDs are different between the world and the game.
    Every other mod I've ever used does one of two things. 1 = keeps the blocks, or 2 = kills the blocks.
    Instead, IC2e won't load the world, and gives me a message of which block is causing the problem, and then the whole program closes.
    The problem is that if I change the whole .cfg for IC2e in my FTB Monster game to the .cfg from the old pack, then the game stays at the Mojang screen and never finishing launching. If I change the IDs one by one, it just keeps telling me a new ID each time, one by one, through all the blocks IDs. It's going to make me go through every ID, which I'm fine with, but I already know it won't launch properly because I've tried switching them all.

    How are people to go about using other worlds? What should I do?
    I know it's experimental, but is the finish build going to fix this problem with conflicting IDs?

  • Minecraft won't load if there are blockID Conflicts, that is not an IC² issue.
    If there are itemID conflicts (which are detected upon loading a world), GT aborts the game iirc, since itemID Conflicts can mess up a lot of things.
    Look into your minecraft folder, there should be forge logs as well as an IDConflict.txt or such. Everything you need to know is in there (which block/item is getting overwritten, by which block from which mod, they even suggest you free ID ranges!).
    Then go into your config and change all the conflicting IDs so no blocks/items share the same ID. Apart from that, we can't really help you.