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    I hope the creator reads this because I think it would be a good idea: There should be some kind of remote detonator that can be synced up with missiles (by right clicking them while they are not moving.) And you could either detonate them in mid air, or just deactivate them all together and not have to deal with the explosion. Also it could obviously be set up for more than one missile. (or maybe you could set it so that a passenger rocket that you are sitting in would stop over your destination by hitting the remote and land you, this would be great for escape pods during the SMP nuclear wars that are sure going to happen.)

    My Second Idea: A rocket pod that drops off items, or lands with items inside it. It would only be able to store a few items. You could use the remote to drop it off once your friend tells you it is getting close to him (in SMP of course). Once you activated the remote it would parachute downwards towards your friend.
    I hope these ideas are used and that they help to shape the future of this mod once it goes out of beta, gets out of the pending add-ons section, and gets into SMP.

    I have to say this is one of the best addons I've seen. I'd kinda like it if missiles could fly through water and lava, though. I mean, how awesome would it be to have an underwater missile silo? Or a volcano rocket base?

    Wouldn't lava sort of, you know... BLOW IT UP? Who would shoot a nuclear rocket straight through a cascade of lava? But going through water would be a cool idea. If water physics did not suck you could use the zeppelin mod to create a nuclear submarine with a missile silo inside it. Could some amazing modder with tons of time on their hands re-write the water physics so that I could make my underwater submarine? (Just kidding that is pretty much impossible)

    I agree, 32 coal, half a gold ore and a redstone are a little too cheap for them, maybe make them use a diamond, or better yet, diamond dust. Epic mod though, this is so going into my game:D

    Diamond dust would be a cool item for future machines. Oh and I saw a video of direwolf20 reviewing this mod and I have to say he made it a lot less confusing, so I take that part back. The fusion reactor should use 4 reactors and 4 chambers in it's recipe instead of 8 chambers, It needs to be a little more expensive in my opinion. (especially once we can go to the moon to get the better fuel. :thumbsup: )

    It would be really cool if you could place a digital thermometer on the wall of your reactor chamber so you would not even have to go inside the chamber to check. Then if something was wrong it could start flashing red to warn you. Just a suggestion (although I think it is a pretty good one.) Also I am a pretty good sprite artist, I will work on it if I get the chance.

    Nice idea! But is using a block really the best idea? You have to go all the way to the top of your CF block and remove the machine and then you have to do the same thing if you want to do it again. What I really want to see are special CF sprayers that can use new types of CF foam and place them in different styles instead of just a blob of construction foam like the normal CF sprayer. (construction foam art FTW!) I hope to see new CF related products in your future! :thumbup: