[AddOn v1.23] Construction foam injector 0.3 Now SMP!!

  • Name : Construction foam injector
    Summary : A block that inject construction foam into scaffold
    Default ID : 116

    Installation : Drop zip in mods folder.

    Description : Its a simple tool-block that do a better job at filling big scaffold with CF than the sprayer. It is designed to make big structures with CF with ease.

    Instruction :
    (Old sprites)
    First the recipe :

    note : cf sprayer have to be empty

    Then you build a scaffold and place the injector above it like this :

    Then you put how many CF pellets (one pellet =13 foam blocks) in it by right clicking.
    Finally you put the reactive (A water cell) with right click, remove scaffold and you obtain f.e. this:

    Dont forget to well close the scaffold if you dont want big foam pop-corn to appear.

    Test release can contain some bugs, please post errors.
    Its a concept and if you have any idea about it you can post it.
    Also its my first mod and learned java while making it, so if someone with good skill want to look at code to help me improve it, pm me.

    Changelog :
    0.3: -new sprites, say if you like them.
    0.2 : -SMP
    -new recipe
    0.1 : -initial release
    To do :
    -Config file
    -Better recipe
    -Better sprites
    -Maybe GUI
    -Block rotation

  • make one or more taps CF sprayer, would be more realistic
    looks nice so far, will wait for SMP ^^

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  • Nice idea! But is using a block really the best idea? You have to go all the way to the top of your CF block and remove the machine and then you have to do the same thing if you want to do it again. What I really want to see are special CF sprayers that can use new types of CF foam and place them in different styles instead of just a blob of construction foam like the normal CF sprayer. (construction foam art FTW!) I hope to see new CF related products in your future! :thumbup:

  • mmm, a lot of work for a thign u can simple do by hand using the cf sprayer, why not make a mod that makes cf sprayers deyable ? that it will automaticly color the construction foam it creates :D

    no more stupid painters needed

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