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    like the new smelting systems lack of a higher tier in speed and industrial context, ore washers always had that habit of annoying me considering i usually need 6 of these to keep up with my macerators, the same speed could be tolerable however if their was an option in the GT config that i could increase the output instead of increasing the input, namely one could put like 16 ore in at the same time and get the same amount of byproducts only it would be faster, maybe this wont be the default but, perhaps a higher tier.
    Regardless as much as I love Gregtech's Oregen, Chemical Variety, and of course the old bronze age. Anyways the game lacks endgame mass production that could handle resources in the well millions and what it comes to cobble in the billions (3.929 B to be exact). I'm talking machines that could processes stacks of resources in the time the smaller ones take to process it. Granted these would have to be at least 200 times more expensive to make and considering they're speed would rely on the size of the multiblock one decides to make, and granted one would probably have to have a whole reactor devoted to this stuff i kinda like it. Also i kinda feel that GT needs more power generation options perhaps the same principles will apply with them, as a means to get higher voltage for higher machines.
    Remember 1/2mv2 if a machine is 2x bigger it's as efficient as if it was 4x faster.
    Remember When dealing with 3x3 chunk bases, size really isn't a factor in anything. And one giant machine doing one giant crafting processes is far less lag than 128 machines doing the same processes. Machines use Ram to the same extent of quarried chunks. I may have a 16 Ram laptop but, it needs to be more efficient (got like 20 huge mods)

    nderground Biomes

    I've noticed the underground biomes mod lacks dirt and even conversion in a few areas, namely chalk blocks not being able to be processed into chalk dust and everything besides the stone already inside gt is entirely unproccesable. Even lignite blocks can't be macerated, not sure if you were planning this anyway, but i'd thought i'd bring

    (love this i thought this was hilarious looking back) it's te stuff that's literally everywhere anyways an obvious gaffe or type
    Skystone from Aether II/ Aether Compat

    Greg!!! Why isn't this a gem

    Why does Uvarovite lack a gem form/ Gem appearance as an ore, it's a garnet, as in it's a gemstone, i could understand if it was a common form but, according to wikipedia
    Garnet Update

    perhaps you could add the electrolizers and centrifuges or like better ore washers or something

    ya these seem the most important when dealing with machines seriously there are tons of chemicals i can't even proccess, also with dusts in centrifuges he more you do at a time is ideal, like multiple slots for dusts, also it's better to get more components than it is to get the lowest, for example electrolizing netherrack (very common dusts should be electrolized because waiting 50hrs for a centrifuge to work on a basic common rock, is untoleratable) Anyways regardless it's be able to work on multiple stacks at a time in higher tiers, since less recipes equals less lag, so it's better for a server if someone has 1 giant electrolizer processing tons of a material at once, than to either have multiple machines processing smaller amounts quicker or have them proccesing tons very fast, it would do a lot in terms of lag reduction since in GT4/GT5 machines kinda got laggy after having hundreds of them working at the same time, doing more at once is better for lag efficiency rather than doing less with more lag.

    Physics (multiblocks)

    1/2mv^2 is as an interesting concept considering that if one doubles the mass it doubles the energy but, if one doubles the speed well it quadruples the energy which is why i kinda like the idea of expandable multiblocks, why you ask? Because it would be better lag wize to have one giant machine crushing a specific ore at a time than it would to have fifty of them. It would have the same speed and would likely be more expensive but, the main gig is that costs less energy to make something bigger than it does to make it faster, which is a concept I would like to see added.
    400 million Cobblestone

    seriously that's a lot of cobblestone and well because of this i was thinking perhaps the following concept of turning cobblestone into minerals, starting with the underground biomes ones and ending with various chemicals, with every custom ore I've used essentially.
    The File is below and i feel like it's a good representation

    edit forgot about dusts and stuff anyways it would only need 40 dusts and a crushed form of every stone type to work, which for some namely Limestone, Soapstone, quartzite, chalk, and perhaps a few others exists anyways, it has more to do with recipes and stuff

    as an added note i would need for existing dusts to have siftable counterparts, so that marble and other stones can have massive amounts of byproducts, like in the real world, i want to account for the composition of stones, so that byproducts would be like 10x rarer than they would be by sifting than actually searching the world, the reason being is that the main way many resources such as the metals without significant ore deposits besides being far more common than gold still being more common is that they are spread thin, and only an idiot would think that when someone sees a material in nature that it's 100% granite, or basalt, or the alike especially when considering igneous rocks because many gems, and ores find there ways in-between

    wait 12 slots instead of 6?

    My Idea is Crushed stone, which would act like purified crushed ore in the sense of byproduct obtaining

    Stage 1; which can be sifted into minerals (from UBC or si02 in the majority), with having drops of 25% for scrushed igneous stone (also includes Obsidian and Hornfel, as well as netherrack), crushed metamorphic stone, crushed sedimentary rock (which includes vanilla sand, sandstone, clay, clay ores on top of UBC's resources) (rare sifts would include mixed minerals, mixed nuggets, they will be far rarer here and more varied considering vanilla stone can theoretically represent any type of stone)

    Stage 2 Rock types sift into Their respective UBC crushed stones, common igneous byproducts such as nuggets will featured as rare chances when sifting igneous into things like basalt or granite crushed stone as will all other things have typical byproducts

    Stage 3 Crushed stone ; this is where things like UBC stone, as well as obsidian will start, at a level where respective rocks can be isolated by the minerals they contain, certain stones like limestone or marble have impurites in small amounts and will contain less random resources than something like basalt which can have valuable metals and compounds inside, resources will be isolated into respective types; for example Basalt will give far more olivine than something like granite. While materials will have specific groups associated with them they also can give a mixed crushed ore/ mixed nugget item that needs to be further isolated into it's respective chemical groups

    Stage 4; Mixed Ore and Nuggets are sifted into their respective types, depending on the type of resource involved (formation, since certain minerals are more prevalent with certain parent stones in the real world)

    Stage 5; Final Isolation Redstone is a arctype of ore which considers various but, similar materials; Redstone, cinnabar, ruby, Chromite, Uvarovite, jasper, Chalcopyrite, sulfur, pyrite, magnetite, vandium magnetite and Finally Gold) while copper and iron groups might also have pyrite and chalcopyrite as associated with them as well. Ores may have multiple associations as there are many ores of iron, Limonite an ore of iron would therefore be considered in both Iron and Clay ore associations

    I will upload a fix of my current chemical sheet that reflects this either today or tomorrow

    This is great news, now i don't have to choose between byproducts and stuff so yey!
    Also noted that the items listed on the search isn't every item, i'm not sure if there's tools for the things outside of the creative tabs or of Nei but, regardless i'm generating Rhodium and the alike. But, 12 sifting slots, that opens a lot of byproduct possibilities like tiny green sapphire dusts in sapphire dusts or vice versa, regardless it would be great for the idea that i suggested, with the stone byproducts and all, it would definitely add far more variety to what one can get out of the item. I've been trying to figure out how these byproducts and things would work but, now i have more room to work. And 12 slots well, it adds far more variety to resources but, i feel it needs to be made use of considering that all these recipes got like 6 slots used max except for maybe 1 or two exceptions, maybe filling the other 6 slots in something like sapphire for example with things like tiny aluminum dust, or Almandine/pyrope/green sapphire.

    Note the file at the end occured before Greg announced 12 slots i have to make a new version!

    RE: RE: dimensions

    Well isn't biome based better. Isn't it better for ores to be determined based on biomes. Here's the idea, an over world list for what biomes use the over world gen. The nether and fire based use the nether and gen nether rack in the stone. The end and ominous woods will use the end. I think this is best it would make everything far less complicated. :D

    Forget dimension based oregen here's my take
    Forest/plains/overworld/ice are overworld
    Volcano/Fire swamp/ nether/ deadlands
    End/ omnious/dark twilight
    Sick of volcanoes and others not feeling like the nether.
    RE: RE: dimensions

    Well isn't biome based better. Isn't it better for ores to be determined based on biomes. Here's the idea, an over world list for what biomes use the over world gen. The nether and fire based use the nether and gen nether rack in the stone. The end and ominous woods will use the end. I think this is best it would make everything far less complicated. :D


    From the humble arquebus to the death raray I feel we could revolutionize Mc warfare
    you know i'm on my way when the entire landscape is quarried out of existence, it shall strike fear of your petty existence!
    faster machines and highee tiers

    Compact as well as speed are my two main concerns. I need a base in a chunk for lag reasons since I keep my base online always. Only for ore proccesino sugh as macerators and washers I don't wanna drive you crazy with new creato on ideas.
    (looking back on this one perhaps super-efficient multi blocks would be an idea, since well the less recipes running at once the less lag i have at once)

    So i must have deleted the message that involved the granite but, i swear it was my suggestion

    Namely the sifter, Crusher, Lathe, Shredder, and Oven. Although it seems the shredder, and Sifter are the things i'm interested in. The worldgen is far improved in GT6 with new materials, placeholders for things without uses, sand ores, Ores for underground biomes, and compatibility with that mod, there aren't many machines but, the ones that exist now seem to of great necessity for your addon

    Since it will be Alpha the only ones i care about for now are the Sifters, considering that everything else i'm looking for is already in and i plan on having the unused metaitem dusts in GT give ore rather than the straight dust, considering potential byproducts

    however i use GT6 and well because of underground biomes support i kinda want to be able to put cobblestone into a sifter, so i can get either igneous, metamorpic, sedimentary, Gem, Mineral, Nugget or sand. and those i want to be able to sift into the various resoucres that Gregtech adds, point being i feel there's a need; maybe i'm being selfish since i have half a billion cobblestone and no use for it (ex nihlio didn't work i tried it, and it dosen't have options for gregtech or underground biomes), anyways maybe you could do an addon I mean all i need support for is Sifter (since i'm not adding any ores) but, rather byproducts via sifting

    Also the sifter now has 9 slots

    Reactor I Basic Naquadah Reactor
    Reactor 2; Naquadah Reactor
    Reactor 3; Naquadorium
    Reactor 4; Oblivion Generator
    Reactor 5; Emperor Hadrius' suggestion #732

    Mac1; Prototype Macerator (less byproducts)
    Mac2; Macerator
    Mac3; The smashing Thingy
    Mac4; Maceratron 874
    Mac5; Grinder of Dimensions

    Electrolizer Prototype
    Dat Shocker
    Zap Box
    Blitz Machine

    Basic Centrifuge
    Neodrinian Centrifuge
    The Tech box 3000
    Seperatron moch 45000

    Large Generators coal/charcoal (consumes far more but, far higher output)
    C Machine
    Ze Power Plant
    Black Block Burner
    Big Boss Burner
    Almost a fusion Reactor

    Chemical Elements

    (also Fluorite it's a compound but, it's missing)
    I've notiched that the
    Lan­thanides as a whole are missing as are Hafnium, Rhenium, Thallium, Tellurium, scandium, Germanium thru Bromine, and lastly zirconium thru Rhodium (i know technetium isn't found in nature) anyways since GT is all Science based it seems that there's a gap here and stuffs so that's essentially it.

    Essentially these and others would be byproducts of ores that currently exist for the most part.
    you know i'm on my way when the entire landscape is quarried out of existence, it shall strike fear of your petty existence!


    Here's a list of materials that should be able to be macerated

    Limestone; calcite (literally is the same thing) small amounts of lapis or straight calcium as byproduct

    Rhyolite; around 70% sio2 (quartz, or usual stone) with smaller amounts of biotite as byproduct

    Andesite; andesine (Ca, Na)(Al, Si)4O8, where Ca/(Ca + Na) (% Anorthite) is between 30%-50%,
    byproducts being olivine and biotite

    Gabbro; 1/2 plagioclase half pyroxene with olivine

    Komatite; sio2 4/5, and Kio2 and mgo is 20%

    Dacite; si02 60% plagioclase with amphibole (hornblende), biotite, pyroxene (augite), quartz, and glass; phenocrysts
    Soapstone, quartzite, chalk,
    Gneiss;granite or diorite

    eclogite;basalt or gabbro;with almandine-pyrope, Sapphire and corundum (ruby, sapphire)

    schist; muscovite,chlorite, talc, sericite, biotite, and graphite; feldspar and quartz (maybe theres a difference in composition due to color)

    migmatite; granite and gneiss

    shale;quartz and calcite. with clay (major)

    Siltstone; clay

    Greywacke is a type of sandstone

    chert; fine grained

    I'm getting errors with the 4space mod, namely the sapphire and rubies from the mod are neither register nor do they become gt ones, other issues include problems with the materials in that mod, i've also noticed you worked out worldgen in atum, could you do a similar thing with the aether mod, it would be better with gt ores

    Well apparently I'm not getting any problems with the more planets add-on hence I'm using that instead now