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    Regarding boilers, this seems to have the latest Railcraft boiler math per version 8.3.2 : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.…lcraft/boiler_changes.txt

    The changelog for 9.0.0 doesn't mention boilers, so I'd suspect this is the most recent.

    There are two relevant equations for finding the steam per fuel output for a fully heated boiler:

    fuel_per_cycle_per_tank = FUEL_PER_BOILER_CYCLE + FUEL_HEAT_INEFFICIENCY * (temp / maxTemp) + FUEL_PRESSURE_INEFFICIENCY * (maxTemp / 1000)


    steam_per_cycle_per_tank = STEAM_PER_UNIT_WATER * (temp / maxTemp)





    We can calculate the baseline fuel used per cycle per tank for a fully heated (500 degrees) LP boiler as:

    fuel_per_cycle_per_tank = (8 + 0.8 * (500.0/500.0) + 4 * (500.0/1000.0)) = 10.8

    However, there is also an efficiency bonus per tank given as:

    fuel_per_cycle_per_tank = fuel_per_cycle_per_tank - numTanks * FUEL_PER_BOILER_CYCLE * 0.0125 * RailcraftConfig.fuelPerSteamMultiplier()

    RailcraftConfig.fuelPerSteamMultiplier() = 1 unless changed in the configs.

    Adding this in, we get:

    fuel_per_cycle_per_tank = 7.2

    Dividing steam per cycle per tank by fuel per cycle per tank cancels out the denominators and leaves us with steam per unit fuel:

    steam_per_unit_fuel = 160.0 * (500.0 / 500.0) / 7.2 = 22.22

    For a single piece of charcoal with a fuel value of 1600, this gives us 35555 steam, or 22222 EU at a 100% conversion ratio of 200 EU per 320 steam in a RC steam turbine.

    There is some confusion about the current value of creosote oil. It seems that the current value is 4800 per the change in version, though the wiki still has the old value of 3200. At 4800 fuel units, a bucked of creosote will produce 106666 steam, or 66666 EU at 100% conversion efficiency.

    Hey Pwnie2012,

    Extracells seems to have an issue with fluid exporters in the current version. If you try and right-click on them to configure, the game crashed with the following error.

    Its rather annoying because I have a ton of fluid in my AE system with no way to get it out.

    [Edit] Looks like its been fixed in more recent versions. We should update from 2.0.5 to 2.0.14.

    Still having some issues connecting; all my mod files should be correct per the initial post, but I get an error "Connection Lost: A Fatal Error has occured, this connection is terminated" after seeing the server for one tick or so (dunno if I'm registering as coming online or not to folks who are on).

    I'm also running Minecraft on OSX, but that shouldn't make a big difference.

    When I try to create a single player world, I get the following crash referencing NEI:

    Can't seem to get the game to launch with Hardcore Ender Expansion installed; not sure what I'm doing wrong, as its release 1.6 for Minecraft 1.7.2.

    Here is the error:

    I know we don't want too many more mods, but Extra Cells might be worth considering. Its a fairly lightweight addition to Applied Energistics that adds fluid import/export/storage options and has a 1.7 version already released. Would help avoiding the need for too many fluid transport pipes in addition to power and AE cables cluttering up things.

    [edit] nevermind, its already in the list!

    I've been looking for a hardmode Gregtech server that isn't full of mods that allow circumvention of the challenging parts, and this seems to fit the bill perfectly!

    One question: will the world gen include any sort of oil/fuel? I rather like the GT distillation tower, and fuel in RC boilers gives a nice way to power large steam turbines without having to drain the nether.

    I've discovered that in SSP breeders instantly convert depleted cells into re-enriched ones. In SMP 1.5, however, they seem to be working as intended, though Thorium-based breeders pulse on and off oddly in FTB 0.6 SSP and SMP and do not breed efficiently vis-a-vis uranium breeders.

    Anyone have a good suggestion for a relatively cheap thorium-based breeder (to start off my nuclear production) that works with Gregtech's new thorium behavior? I'm on a world where the old 8x depleted isotopes per uranium is still enabled to help keep nuclear viable vs MFR tree farms and spammed boilers.

    Anyone managed to get a CRCS reactor set up with AE fuzzy buses? Testing in the FTB 1.5.2 beta, it seems to not be able to differentiate between damaged and non-damaged 360k coolant cells, and certainly doesn't let you set a damage range to use. Precision import buses suffer from the opposite problem of being too picky about exact damage values, meaning that chances are your coolant cells will not be extracted before they melt down.

    Disadvantage: Still needs a thorium sink somewhere to balance it out. Also, each 3-chamber system needs an advanced regulator of its own if full automation is intended, which can get expensive very quickly. The alternative is of course to use pure plutonium, partnered with reflectors instead of thorium cells. Which also gets expensive very quickly :p

    If the reactors are placed adjacent to eachother, you should only need 4 routers to manage the refueling of as many as you want. You can also connect non-adjacent reactors with neutral blocks like furnaces to extend the reach of routers.

    I have a setup on 1.4.7 with 8 routers fully automating two perfect hybreeders and 8 4-chamber thorium-neutral reactors (along with AE import busses to grab depleted and re-enriched uranium cells). With AE feeding the routers, you can craft components on-demand.

    A small suggestion:

    It would be useful to have a player detector block that uses a relatively small amount of energy, but emits a redstone signal when a player (or NPC - configurable) enters within an (upgradable) radius. That way you could rig your forcefield to only turn on if an intruder comes close, reducing the need to keep it running 24/7 for protection.

    I figured out a reasonably cheap way to turn the EU detector pulse into a steady signal using the RP2 Counter coupled with a Timer. Essentially, if current is running through the EU detector, it will tick faster than the Timer pushing the Counter to one side. If current is not running through the EU detector, the Timer will push the Counter to the other side.

    I'm running into an issue where the power flow from a MFSU to another causes the EU detector to "pulse" with each tick, whereas I need a constant on (power is flowing from one to the other) or off (power is not flowing) signal. I suppose I could add a HV -> MV -> LV -> detector -> luminator circuit on every MSFU to get a more steady flow, but that seems rather silly. Similarly, I could try and do something complicated with latches and timers RP2 to turn a pulsing signal into a steady one, but there really has to be a simpler solution here...