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    Hey guys,

    just to let anyone who still follows this necrotic thread know that we've begun work on a self sustaining fusion powered cruiser using the FTB beta ultimate pack v0.3 for minecraft 1.5.2.

    Once finished and once the block IDs are finalised for this pack (which may eventually go into mincraft 1.6, who knows), I'll dump pics fo' clicks and a buildcraft template as well as a worldedit schematic.

    Also Russdee muttered somthing about sorting out the schematics for all the old ships...


    Hey guys,

    just letting you know we're not dead! Summer proved to be quite traumatic (lost job, nearly lost house, got another job...breathed huge sigh of relief). Currently awaiting updates on the bigs mods whilst getting inspiration (and a lot of fun frustration) from playing FTL.

    Update 5th Jan 2013:

    Happy new year everyone.

    Following the release of the ftb modpacks, the team and I have been messing around with the DW20 pack in particular. Everyone and their grandmother have been making 6-degree of freedom flying quarries using RP2, plus this thread has lost its stickied status *sob*, both of which has kinda rendered continuation of this project a little obselete.

    Regardless, we continue to play minecraft on our small private server as well as a couple of the free public ones and will continue to design buildings and ships for aesthetics and functionality. If we produce anything I feel worthy of sharing with the community at large, I will add to the OP of this thread.

    Thank you once again for all the views and downloads - and a huge thank you to Alblaka and the team for creating THE best of the big mods out there (even if my heart is being stolen by Thermal Expansion a little...)

    See you in the mines!


    Well, the summer's here at last which means more time for general spanner bashing!

    Been playing a lot of FTB COOP with Shnoo and Russdee of late, so apologies for lack of updates and new ship designs.

    Contemplating building some designs using RP2 frames, but I'm not really sure what the community might like - time to watch/play some more sci-fi for ideas.

    Toying with some of the new RP2 features, might build something fun with fluids into a colony module and see where that leads =]

    Yeah, sorry about the door issue - Red Power doesn't cope too well under rotations using MCEdit and a couple of engineering fubars occured =]

    As I said at the time though, some of the ships are essentially fixer uppers, think of it as a free roleplay mechanic.

    Glad to hear that people are still downloading the ship parts and enjoying them. I've been tinkering around with frames for the most part and have borrowed an excellent 6-directional engine design which is incredibly compact that I found on youtube. This has allowed the initial design stage of some small-scale mining ships.

    Buildcraft 3.x appears to be able to handle frames constructions (although there is still the issue with which direction the builder is placed when it comes to red power microblocks like panels, covers and wiring) so should be able to upload some bits n bobs for Minecraft v1.25 that's a bit more functional soon.

    Also need to check which IC2 stuff can be carted about on frames - I've heard about the stuttering powergrid issue already...

    Anyways, back to building!

    No promises on additional adjoining corridor sections straight away, Alblaka's "Flying Mining Ship" competition thread has taken a lot of my interest... as has thaumcraft... and terrafirmacraft... and the feed the beast map ...and work is demanding it's wedge of my precious time too (the bastards).

    I'm slowly getting the hang of the new RP2 release and it's implications (mind = blown).

    Will likely get some kind of ridiculous new colony ship behemoth juggernaught underway in the near future.

    3 things to check:

    1. Are you using the last version of MCEdit (the one that supports ANVIL world format)
    2. Do you have RP2 installed
    3. Have you checked your block IDs against the ones posted in the OP

    That should fix most issues, but be aware that the older ships are causing issues since MC v1.23+

    It's difficult keeping up with all the patches as changes to important bloc IDs breaks our ships =[
    Be prepared to have to do a little editing and re-schematic making in order to get it working as you want.

    So, assuming Alblaka's latest blog comment isn't some kind of inception style joke within a joke for April Fool's Day, I guess the secret project leaves our Colony Ships in either an awesome pioneering position or at the very least a collection of interesting static objects for space dimension maps...

    PS - please welcome the SS Boxer to the fleet. The boxer heavy lifter has been added to and


    - Made entirely from vanilla and IC2 blocks only
    - Both blueprint and schematic will behave properly if rotated

    The Boxer is essentially an empty hull at this point, it's down to you guys to add the after market wiring and functionality. She's not as pretty as some of our previous work, but hey she's still got it where it counts! Next project likely to be that oil tanker I mentioned a while back...


    I'm getting the same thing on the original save file now.
    Think it's because those missing chunks had items contained in chests that MC didn't like, so it's regenerated the chunk.

    My best advice at this stage would be to download the schematic files and place them one at a time into a flat creative map for repairs if you're desperate to use them.

    I'll get round to repairing them with time and upload a repaired shipyard.

    EDIT: K after some testing, this is the current situation:

    MC eats ships it doesn't like. =]

    The schematics will load "correctly" ONCE into world - the trick at that point is to make repairs in one hit and hope that MC likes what you've done.

    If you didn't remove/repair the offending item/block, it will eat the chunk on world save and appear funky on reload.

    Will have to work on one ship at a time I guess T_T

    The good part is that the individual ship modules seem to pass the chunk test ok - with the exception of modules containing more complex machinery or ore processing.

    The farm ship is a bit of a mystery to me though, there's not much on the thing.

    I'd start by deleting the personal safes, reckon that's a big part of it.

    Likely a block ID problem - have a look at the config files on the first page.

    The team will be adding new ships and bits for anvil worlds soon, in the meantime you may have to do some hack jobs in MCEdit or similar to get them to work properly.

    The biggest issue really is the bespoke ships like the industrial ship and farm ship because of the wiring. You might find however that the prototype versions inside has a schematic that might work better.

    I'll see if I can get a new version of the shipyard map working tonight - watch this space!


    EDIT: Have uploaded a quick n dirty ANVIL formatted shipyard map to OP.
    Some of the older ships cause a fair bit of lag when you get near them, think it's sound bug from IC2 doing it.
    The ships that have been ported in from MC v1.81 have dodgy block ID issues and will need some love before they can be blueprinted for BC 3.x fans. Feel free to get your spanners out and start fixing stuff!

    Not sure builder could cope with an underwater build - it wouldn't be able to remove the water fast enough - no harm in trying though.

    You might have to build a glass ceiling over the template marker while it builds, then remove it to let the water back.

    If you want a good underwater base though, install redpower 2 and use MCEdit to copy in one of the colony dome schematics - they make great underwater bases =]

    You might need to make a slightly extended airlock though to stop water washing offthe door buttons.

    Blueprinting the older ships might prove to be an issue.

    They were created in the pre-anvil world format using the last stable version of MCEdit. Just had a go at blueprinting the industrial ship only to realise that I'd have to repair all the block ID conflicts first which occured during the last minecraft update T_T

    For now, consider the contents of to be legacy schematics which need a little TLC before they can be templated.

    ...always an excuse to build another beast of a hauler from scratch I suppose...maybe an oil tanker..?

    Roll on easter break!