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    I like this idea! I only play on servers where people don't break things or steal things, and it seems that if you allow people to break things there's basically nothing you can do to protect anything (even obsidian doesn't really help very much), but I still like thinking about ways to protect areas in the hypothetical "stealing OK, breaking illegal" universe. This led me to make a combination lock for my vanilla-server base's front door, which I leave open most of the time because it's irritating otherwise, but I like the item-key idea as well. Some simple redstone circuits could make it exponentially more difficult to attack by requiring a sequence of items to be deposited instead of just one.

    You need a chest or personal safe directly adjacent to the trade-o-mat. You put what you're selling in the locked "offer" control box of the trade-o-mat, and then you put more of the same in the chest. These must be exactly the same, such as with respect to stack size; if you want to sell one cobblestone, for example, you must put one cobblestone in the control field in the trade-o-mat and then one cobblestone in each slot of the adjacent chest; it won't work if you put one cobblestone in the trade-o-mat and then stacks of 64 in the chest. Then you put the price in the "want" control box of the trade-o-mat, and when someone wants to buy, they have to put exactly the same thing in the input box of the trade-o-mat; again, stack size matters, so if you put, say, 8 dirt in the control box, the buyer can't come along and put 16 in the trade-o-mat, they have to put exactly 8. Finally, when I tried trade-o-mats, you needed at least one cell in the adjacent chest or safe to be empty or else it wouldn't work; the trade-o-mat seems to inject the buyer's money into the chest before removing the sold item, so if the chest is full that fails.

    When using an RE-Battery in the field to recharge an item (in my case a diamond drill), grabbing the battery and holding right button causes the energy level displayed for the battery to go down, but does not cause the energy level displayed for the drill to change. Subsequently, using the drill once will cause its energy level to be updated; also, trying to move the drill between inventory slots makes it disappear, though it's still present and can be dropped and reacquired to update the energy indicator. To be clear, this is a display issue only.