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    How about something even simpler: a Tesla coil that attacks anything that's not a player? I want to sprinkle them all over the inside of my base on a non-PVP server to get rid of those damned endermen that teleport in to escape the rain.

    I haven't had trouble with that, but have had a problem where I ran insulated copper cable less than 15 metres from a generator to some recyclers and they refused to accept any energy at all (the generator stayed charged and refused to emit any energy). Sometimes destroying a cable and replacing it would make that recycler, or maybe a couple nearby, accept some energy for a while, but never reliably and never all of them. Randomly adding a batbox to the system for no good reason fixed it.

    I have not tested this in single player. In multiplayer, it is sometimes very hard to turn off the nano saber: one must sometimes right-click more than a dozen times before it turns off. Turning the saber on is not problematic, only turning it off. I am running Forge 1.2.3, IC2 1.43, BC2 2.2.10, and RP2PR4b, but have seen this problem before in prior versions of all of the above.

    I have to say I'm not really a fan of the secret recipes. For UUM, for example, I know how I would discover the recipes if I wanted to do so legitimately: make 9 UUM and then sit around for an hour or three placing all 511 possible layouts into a crafting grid. To me, that doesn't feel like "discovering a mysterious and hidden world", it just feels like a lot of pointless boredom, sore fingers, and wear-and-tear on a mouse button. So instead I decompiled the classes and read the recipes out, recording them in a web page (the address of which I will not share here). I could also have used a recipe book mod, but it would have been just as much cheating and I'd have to find and install a suitable one.

    To me, the fun is learning about what all the tools do and thinking of interesting ways to use them to build neat stuff, not blindly dumping things in crafting tables hoping something will fall out.

    This looks an awful lot like a corrupted IndustrialCraft JAR. Try downloading it again. For reference, my industrialcraft-2-client_1.42.jar file has MD5 1e9011dcabb5dd45968ec589eb2addf3, if you think you might be having persistent issues with downloads. Mine works fine.

    If you've checked the source code then ignore me, but your claim that it's a RedPower recipe seems odd if it outputs glass fibre cable, which is entirely an IndustrialCraft item. Having not examined the situation in detail, it seems much more likely that IndustrialCraft provides the recipe using the ore dictionary such that, should silver ore exist, glass fibre cable can be made from it.

    In any case this appears to be documented in neither the RedPower unofficial recipe list nor the IndustrialCraft wiki. I've added it to the ICW.

    Pretty sure you've got some serious scaling issues here. According to ICW, each pulse a uranium cell produces up to 10 heat (depending on surroundings) and 200 EU, not 10.

    No need for insane diamond pipe! Use RP tubes as mentioned above or, if you prefer to stick with BC pipes, use iron pipes instead. Bring a pipe from each generator, and run a bus along the middle. Each time a generator-pipe intersects the bus-pipe, use an iron pipe in the intersection to force items to go the right direction.

    I'll probably disable bucket/ice cooling entirely and replace it with a proper addition-block of some sort. Eventually something you can use instead of a chamber, not providing coloumns, but large amounts of cooling.

    NOOOO please don't do this (unless the special chamber will need external materials). I'm slowly building a CASUC myself, not because I actually need the massive amount of power it can output, but because I just don't feel like a few cubic metres of metal blocks with signs painted on them and a wire coming out looks like a genuine industrial nuclear reactor. Real nuclear power plants consist of massive reactor cores with a whole building full of pipes and pumps and other strange and mysterious hardware around the cores, and I want an excuse for my IC reactor to look the same way. If CASUCs are overpowered then nerf ice and water buckets (as you already did in the latter case a bit), but please don't make them impossible or completely useless!

    I've seen this too (haven't tried 1.337 yet) in multiplayer. Also if you leave off the covering block and just hit it with a flint and steel, instead of having the flickering "lit TNT" block, it just vanishes and then blows up a few seconds later (same with a nuke armed from redstone).

    Your calculations are correct, if you are always rounding numbers shown in F3 view towards negative infinity. Notice that if you're standing in the middle of a block, you're at foo.5, not foo.0. The integers in the coordinate system don't represent blocks, they represent gridlines between blocks.

    If you speak of the locations of blocks, then chunks are 0.5…15.5, 16.5…31.5, and so on in the positive direction and -0.5…-15.5, -16.5…-31.5, and so on in the negative direction. If you round those negative numbers towards negative infinity, you get -1…-16, -17…-32, and so on. If you round them towards zero, you get "-0"…-15, -16…-31, and so on.

    If you speak of gridlines instead, you could say that 0…16 is one chunk, 16…32 is another, and so on, and 0…-16 and -16…-32 are two more chunks.

    All depends on perspective, but I think your understanding is right.

    Sure, I can accept that a machine that breaks a block should require power. I just don't think it's sensible to make it require the appropriate amount of power to balance the tradeoff in this situation, which would be a very large amount of power, because then it would be prohibitively expensive for other applications where you're not getting matter for free.

    The problem with this suggestion is that the block breaker isn't the thing that's "generating matter". It's only moving it around. The thing that's actually doing the generating of matter is the water and lava; the idea that you can get cobblestone for free is a stock Minecraft issue (genuinely free and renewable, since you can mine it with a stone pick). So while it makes sense that it should cost energy to make matter, applying that argument to the block breaker may or may not make much sense. For example, my nether-sited obsidian generator uses it to break the obsidian after pumping up lava. Should I pay energy to break the obsidian even though I'm not creating matter out of nothing? I'm making matter out of lava which I've already paid to pump up from the lake into buckets and which is finite. I'm not saying I shouldn't pay energy for this, I'm saying think it over because the problem isn't as clear-cut as "block breaker creates matter, block breaker should use energy".

    Alternatively one could make cobblestone not work in the recycler, but that would no doubt piss off a lot of people.