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    Here's a relatively cheap hybrid thorium plutonium 4 chamber 220EU/t Eff 4 Mark I reactor (3 double thorium cells and 4 plutonium cells twice). I wanted to reduce the non-renewable copper while getting more EU/t. Checked with GregTech computer cube to be stable.


    Here's a quick change to SSD's really cheap breeder to double output and make it be automatic (via BC/RP) (per cycle).


    And finally a simple way to make your reactor/breeder automatic* (for 1 cycle). The manager to the left has nothing set and the chest it controls has only enough materials (plutonium cells or depleted isotope cell) to complete one cycle. The emerald pipe to the right extracts (can be re-enriched cells or near-depleted ones) with an autoarchic gate set to "items in inventory = pulser".

    I'm on a server that'll soon be moving from 1.3.2 to 1.4.2. Is there something that I could do to not lose all those ores/dusts/etc (stacks of silver, over a stack of rubies, etc.)? Possibly convert them to something?

    Eh, Okay will see how it goes. I will warn my users of possible removal for 1.4. I also want to stated I'm not a fan of Redpower and the lack of communication. The best this for this community is for RP2 to die so newer mods will spring up overtime and replace some of it hopefully. I don't like someone who is very unstable. Some of the stuff you suggested changing in her mod has had her on IRC flipping out threatening to sue, stop running Rp2 and etc. This is why she does not go on IRC with her old nick nor she even talks to her players because she has trouble keeping her mouth shut when she can't own and control everything the way she wants.

    Just saying I like some of the stuff off her mod but I don't really don't care that much I do it for my players and RP2 has actually been on of the biggest weaknesses on my past servers with bugs, dupe bugs that have yet been fixed, and of course how bad logic was running on server performance the last update mainly causing some massive packet crap that was causing some really fracked up shuddering in SMP.

    This is my personal opinion though and you will find a lot of my Players also agree after seeing the light ;)

    I will also second the client stutter that too many RP2 sub-blocks or lights can cause. It's quite annoying to stall quite a lot while entering chunks (where the lights/sub-blocks are).

    I do like RP2's logic, timer and machines.

    A radar would be quite cool. As a secondary feature it could (with the proper upgrade) show major explosions (TNT, nuclear, etc) and possibly even show the location of high tier tech (fusion reactor, rocket platform, etc.

    I second this. I play on a large IC server as well and some of the bugs that don't have a public fix for months are quite annoying especially ones as major as jetpack fall damage/death, a nano saber being able to vaporize nano armour in one hit, IC crops not being able to be crouch-walked on (we can't harvest major cross-breeds without removing the outside plants anymore).

    I do hope that you'll consider providing patches sooner and allow for more testing before release.

    Thanks for making this great mod.

    1. no
    2. newsound folder doesn't exist and it seems that Minecraft won't redownload/recreate a blank one (using a modded jar which possibly loads nuclearControl before the vanilla resources folder download
    3. n/a
    4. If the "newsound" folder is re-created under the resources folder (so nuclearControl can place it's folder into it), then the client doesn't crash

    I've tried it on both my MacBook (HD 3000 graphics) and MacMini (GeForce 9400 graphics) and had the same issue due to Mac's default of overwriting folder contents when you copy the folder with the same name (all of the users in Kane's post including myself were using the same private modpack).

    It seems that the bug reports (java.lang.NullPointerException) from Kane's post and, mine and another user on our forums (with an ATI X1600 dedicated video card) are all being caused when the newsounds folder is missing from the resources folder when nuclearControl tries to place it's folder into it. :)

    Will consider adding the mass fabricator scrap option. I already added an option for preventing it from burning in a generator, causing extreme server lag due to cobblegen pipelines.

    Thanks for thinking about it. The more fine tuning we can do on servers, the more stable they could potentially become especially when some players choose to transport massive amounts of items or have dozens of machines/factories running at once.

    So my suggestion btw would make a wonderful plugin even if anyone is up to it till such a thing does ever get decided and added would be the following:
    Miner MKII is pretty much just like the MK1 but accepts Lapertron Crystal.
    PS: If your willing make a mod/plugin out of this please don't forget smp <3

    I second this idea. It's quite annoying having to take my mobile power setup, lay the cable, charge it just to run a few miners and then spend time packing it back up.