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    I don't know of any lower tech that would require a lower splitter cable.

    I will conceded that point. In fact I would be perfectly happy with nothing changing at all except the name, but it requiring fiber cables too would be good, fixes balance.

    However I could see Extreme Voltage projects using them. So maybe the best solution would be rename Splitter Cable to Relay and make it use Fiber instead of 3xIns HV cable and then add a 2nd item with the current recipe that acts like 3xIns HV wire for EV projects and call it a Contactor (Which ironically was my original idea (except I did not know about fiber) that I based my original idea on. Everything old is new again.

    I just had a 2nd idea. I was thinking about BC's new AND and OR gates, and this would require a lot more code so I do not think (or expect) this would be implemented, make both the Detector cable and the Contractor items you put on existing cables instead of being cables themselves. Instead of having to make a different switch cable for each type tier of power you could make a single type and it would be applied on top of a existing cables, similar to how BC3's new AND and OR gates work.

    However I doubt this is doable without a major rewrite of how cables work/render so I stick with my first suggestion as my main goal of how I think switch cables should be changed, I just wanted to put this out there too as food for thought and maybe something to put on the list for IC3

    However, the EU lost should be increased.

    I would disagree, I say keep it the same but make it require fiber cable to craft instead, as it matches fiber cable's properties perfectly. The main agrument for this is people may have built setups that require it to be .025 EU/b with 512EU so changing it could break their builds. I say just make the current version require fiber cable and then add versions for the rest of the cables (Or at least Copper, Gold and HV, Tin I could take or leave, but if you are making 4 out of the 5 types of cables, might as well be consistent.)

    It should not take too much code to add the other types, if IC2 was open source I would do it myself, (if you want to PM me java for the current switch cable I would be willing to re-write it, I just don't have the time to commit to try out to be a full time developer so I never thew my hat in when Al was asking for people when IC2 started)

    How I would do it is just to make sub items based off of the base swich cable that exists now and have it just change the texture to match the type of cable (Which would be the same texture just A different color dot to represent the cable type like current cables do) and change the

    If you don't want to implement the new cables, please at least change the name from splitter cable to Contactor (or Relay if you are afraid too many people will not know what a Contactor is).

    Ah, I do not really use fiber cable, so I did not know it had 512 capacity but with .025 loss. Even then, this is still a balance issue, it is like getting 1 fiber cable for very low cost (2 3xIns HV is worth a LOT less than 1/4 diamond IMHO, but maybe I am wrong).

    I good solution could be make a 4th tier cable called "High Efficiency Contractor" (HFC) that used fiber cable for it's source and it would have the exact same properties as the current switch cable. You could convert all current switch cables to HFCs and not break anyone's current setup.

    EDIT: While we are at it, make a "High Efficiency Relay" (HER) that has the same properties as tin so now we will have a complete 1:1 mapping from cables to "Switches"

    The splitter cable has a real world equivalent, a Relay for low current situations and a Contactor for high current situations. Due to everyone mistaking that a Splitter Cable is for splitting power to two lines, change it to the term used in the real world for the exact same devices.

    Also I feel as of right now it is unbalanced, it gives you EU Loss the same as tin but carries the power of HV cable.

    I recommend the following:

    Modify the recipe slightly so now instead of HV cables it use coper, gold, or HV cables for tier 1, 2, and 3 power, using the same electrical properties as the source cable. You can give then the names:

    Copper Cables - Relay
    Gold Cables - Contactor
    HV Cables - HV Contactor? (I can't think of a good name)

    I can not get the achievements for building the chainsaw and the drill. Here is a video of me quickly running though the entire chain to try and get the achievement.

    The error log shows nothing

    On a related note it looks like it will let me get "Energy Transmitter" before I get "Storage Upgrade"

    Attached is a copy of the world I made the video with.

    I understand it will buffer untill it has enough power to send a full packet, I mentioned that in my previous post saying it will take 15 ticks per MV pulse and 75 ticks per HV pulse.

    however I AM GETTING NO PULSES AT ALL. I know there are much more effecent setups, and I will likely make a more efecent set up when I figure out what I am doing wrong, but I at least need it to work before I can begin to start thinking about efficiency.

    I think the Windmill's info box about it's power production is out of date


    Output 0-4 EU/t (varying)
    Storage -

    However lower on the page it says


    - If a wind mill produces more than 5 EU/t, it has a chance of breaking. If a wind mill's effective height is no more than 80, it cannot break.

    If the output is only 0-4 how can it ever break?

    Why are you using uninsulated HV wire? You're losing more power than is being transmitted, ...

    I am just running a test setup for now that is why I am running HV wire for now, but I should still be generating power:

    • The Generator generates 10 EU/t (I am using a Generator, not a Wind Mill for this test setup)
    • I loose 1 EU out of the generated 10 from the uninsulated wire
    • The LV to MV transformer should be receiving 9 EU/t and should be sending a pulse every 15 ticks (128 / 9 = 14.2)
    • I loose 1 EU out of the generated 128 from the uninsulated wire
    • The MV to HV transformer should be receiving 127 EU every pulse from the LV trans and should be sending a pulse every 75 ticks (512 / 127 = 4.03, 5 * 15 = 75)
    • I loose 53 out of the 512 from the uninsulated wire.
    • The HV to MV transformer should be receiving 459 EU
    • I loose 1 EU out of the generated 128 from the uninsulated wire
    • The MV to LV transformer should be receiving 127 EU
    • I do not loose any power from the single Insulated copper wire.
    • The bat box should be reviving power.

    Using an EC-Meter it shows 0's for everything, including the output of the generator.

    Actually there is a simple principe:

    Wind-Gen -> First Storage = Tin-Cable (could be used for up to 9 blocks)

    First Storage should be an MFE in case of wind...

    I will be using MFE's and tin cable when I actually make the wind farm, but for now for testing I am not.

    also doesn't a red stone signal stop power transmission? looks like he has a red stone torch on each device...

    No that applies to Bat boxes. You MUST apply redstone to make a step up transformer. From the transformer Wiki page:


    Converting to MV:

    In order to convert from LV to MV, point the cable carrying LV from a BatBox or a Generator to one of the one-dotted sides and then link a cable that can carry MV to the 3-dotted side. Do not forget to apply Redstone to the LV Transformer.

    I am setting up my very first Wind farm in IC2, however first I wanted to test sending power down the the wire to the base of my tower. I hooked a regular generator to the top and no power is being transmitted. I Used a EU meter and everything is coming up 0's. The system (for debugging right now, I will remove the single segment wires when I figure out my problem) is

    :Generator: -> :Cable: -> :LV-Transformer: (redstone applied) -> :Cable: -> :HV-Transformer: (MV, redstone applied) -> 53x :Cable: -> :HV-Transformer: (MV) -> :Cable: -> :LV-Transformer: -> :Cable: (insulated copper) -> :Batbox:
    All wires uninsulated HV unless noted. The HV's in the diagram are MV, the forum does not have a icon for a MV transformer.

    The two transformers on the top have redstone torches attached, and power is coming in on the 1 dot side and coming out the 3 dot side.

    The tow transformers on the bottom have no redstone and power is coming in on the 3 dot side and going out the 1 dot side.

    The bat box has power coming in the no dot side and nothing attached to the output and is empty.

    I get no power transferred to my batbox at the base of the tower. If I attach a bat box to the top before the first transformer it will start to fill fine.

    What mistake am I making on my wiring setup?

    EDIT: Changed title from MV to HV as the main link is a HV connection

    Put my vote down for just move to 1.0. If there is "not that big of diffrence" between 1.8 and 1.0 then why not update. I could understand the position if a lot of features where removed, but if your reason for not updating is "they did not add enough new stuff" it seems odd to me.

    Also not updating to 1.0 will alienate people who are joining minecraft now and are just starting to get in to mods, I would even go to say that 75% of people who use mods don't know about things like MCNolstalga, don't even begin about people who are new to modding.

    I could not find a good form topic to ask this question and this seemed to be the closest fit I could find. I am writing a BC IC2 crossover mod to have BC engines that run on IC2 power. I will need to make a GUI for my engines and I would like to know what is the stance on using existing art assets in addon mods. Specifically in my case may I copy the power lightning bolt from a existing GUI element in my GUI so it will match the IC2 art style. (I also am making the engine that refined iron blue, but I didn't think I needed to ask about using a color)

    Could we get a official stance on using art assets from the mod in building addons for this mod?