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    Torch powers objects which can receive power, repeater powers object anyway, and all adjacent objects which can receive power around repeater powered object will receive power.
    Tho, used in all my designs. Since this is only way to turn off my reactors.

    Here it is! The hybrid of BuildCraft and RedPower is here. This is a major redesign of my previous reactor. It is practically same efficiency, but due too bug in BC the effect of withdrawing buckets aren't as good as in previous reactor(A partial redesign fix applied to reactor, but it isn't perfect)

    New version uses less bucket fillers!
    Now it even less expensive!

    Mods in use:

    BuildCraft 2.2.5
    RedPower 2 Pre-Release 3b All modules
    Additional Pipes Rev 27

    As previous design it is extremely efficient and don't need cool down time.
    But it is also way cheaper to make (which gives a huge advantage).

    How does it work!?

    It consist of simple refilling system with timing and slight delay system to take out filled buckets.
    The design are relatively simple and effective.

    Feel free to recreate, just give me a credit of original design.

    Advantages over previous design:
    Cheaper to make.
    Takes less space.
    Need less refilling stations.

    Disadvantages over previous design:
    Needs extra mods.
    Sometimes dupes buckets. (For me this is disadvantage)


    Schematics file will be supplied soon.

    I would like to discuss this reactor here. I really like improvements with using RP2, but it also needs a RP2 which is opposite to improvements in some way.

    Some notes:

    Reactor smaller in all dimensions to previous model.

    Sometimes buckets getting duped, it can be annoying, since it look like they poped out and system lost some of them.

    This reactor uses less buckets.

    I will add control room later.

    Schematics installation instructions


    I am happy to discuss this reactor.

    Have a question? Don't be shy to ask.

    Reactor had some minor improvements in the system, so i can say it version up.
    And it now have a way to put buckets in and out of the system. So you can stop reactor set-up entirely.
    Also, schematics comes very soon, i was just fixing few issues, which may came up.

    In another news i found a very annoying BC bug, where sometimes pumps stack up it's effects and sometimes doesn't which can lead to explosion, since not all of empty buckets are extracted.
    There are way to live with it, but it can get rather complex.

    Rather single use casuc reactor, ones ice is runned out it explodes.
    Again, if reactor would manufacture ice, it would take most of it output of energy, so it is not automated reactor, it is semi automatic reactor where user need to constantly put ice in.

    Not a nuke, reactor working fine, with no problems. I was measuring temperature with a thermometer, and it was in stable region, with spikes for very short period. The way bucket supplied makes that ones thye out, new ones instantly inside.
    Tho it is called overcharged for a reason, when it runs at max possible capacity, it is dangerous, but by removing a single uranium cell(and providing additional cooling slot) reactor becomes much safer, and drops down to 795 Eu/t output. (Which is still alot).
    I using advanced wooden pipes they may work differently from just wooden pipes.
    Tho i working on the way to improve the bucket output, by replacing one of engines with steam one, and then powering it with array of redstone ones, the question is how big array should be.
    Current testings shows that it need a pretty big one. Also i tested a theoretical EU output of all redstone engines arrays for bucket filling, and it was around 30 Eu/t, which is tiny bit from all that giant construction around.

    Tho in ovecharged mode it lasted for 1/3 of the cycle of the uranium cells, and then started to overheat for no apparent reason. In stable conditions it finishes cycle.

    Thx guys for replays.
    So the reactor testing prooved few things i was afraid off, if bucket supply arent constant, they can miss a time frame to cool down reactor, however they can make up for it prety fast, but if few time frames got missed, reactor blows. Solution, add buckets to system.

    I also may make a hybrid reactor with redpower 2 and BuildCraft as a proff of concept. (It should be way smaller, no need for powering towers)

    Also, engines look lke they working in in synch, they don't, which provides a sligtly faster refill, with 4 available slots i getting 5 a sec(insertion, cooling and extration nearly in same tick)

    Very intresting device you got there, but it doesn't need IC part at all, replace geothermals with a single water wheal or wind mill. BTWmod doesnt have concept of power ammount, so you just gonna waste your energy. Lift are good, tho not perfect.

    Lot's of experiments and i managed that, 6 redstone engines taking it out at same time. Each does pulse every second, so it does up to 6 bucket extraction at same time. I will give a close up screenshot of this.

    Note: More engines are impossible to place without starting to loose buckets. Or decreasing efficiency.


    On a picture you can see only 1 side, other side same set up.

    Funny fact my first 3rd version of reactor exploded, and i wasn't able to recover it, so i had to remake it on exactly same place.
    I noted for my self this thing from that: Always check your EU/t level, and be sure you not gonna wire up more then 512 on single line to mass fabricator. And certain things can explode in chain reaction.
    Only the redstone engines left floating. :D