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    Downloaded the version in the OP and installed them according to the instructions. I'm using only IC2 (and pre-req's) and this addon. Installed the client versions (both, independently and together) and whenever I try to login to the server, I get disco'd with the error saying I'm missing addon version 1.8_01. Is there something I'm missing?

    Downloaded the mod for both server and client. Added server files to server.jar, and tried both tossing the zip in the mods folder and contents into minecraft.jar. Both ways, on login, it disconnects me and says "you are missing the following mods: mod_IC2_MoreTreeTaps 1.8_01" I downloaded the file in the OP link, which was 1.0 is your link not up to date, or did I click something wrong?

    Fixed your time frame to fit reality.

    I agree with the fact that having infinite diamonds is OP. I would love to be able to mass produce glass fiber cables all day, but then there's no challenge in getting an efficient base running with little/no energy loss. As far as balancing this mod, I do think that if he took the charcoal aspect out and made the macerator grind logs into pulp (1:1), combine 9 to make a pulp chunk, then either add in lava for heat then toss in the compressor, or make a specialty machine requiring HV energy, a separate heat source (integrated induction furnace or slot for a lava cell?) and about half an hour real time to make 1 piece of coal. That would still allow the creation of coal, but the initial capital would be very high. The machine would have to be able to withstand many tons of pressure, so it would require advanced building materials. Possibly make the recipe a secret matter recipe?

    Summary: I do like the idea of being able to manufacture coal, but do want it to be out of reach of the sane populace.

    Better search function. Currently search scans the entire forum. I'd like to have a section specific search. That way if I find a bug and want to report it, I can open up the bugs section and search for the keywords relating to my bug. If it's there, I make sure the details are covered. If I can't find it, I make a new post.

    And yes, I know there's an advanced search feature, but it has "Forums" and "Private Message". Not specific enough.

    Re-skinned pressure plates that only react to explosive force. Will immediately encase a 3x3x3 area in shock absorbent foam. My own use for these would be to have one in front of every machine that a creeper could get near. I'm tired of having to rebuild my stuff when ever someone on my server leaves my door open. Ban list is getting full... -.- Would also be nice to carry in your person for those times you just can't escape in time. Throw it down and pray. Of course, it wouldn't absorb ALL the impact, and a nuke going off would just blow through it, but TNT and creepers wouldn't be near the menaces.

    Construction Foam
    Stone (or iron/tin) Pressure Plate
    Electronic Circuit

    I saw the confirmed post about the sounds being too loud, but I had an idea for expanding that. Add a option in the config to control the volume level. Allow values between 0 (mute) and 100 (current levels).

    This should probably be a bug report, but it's relevant to this suggestion. Even with the sound turned off on my client, any machines placed since I turned it off still make sounds. Sometimes I watch a movie while macerating stacks of ore, and the sound will sometimes just come on in the middle of the movie. I've gotten to the point I'll turn MC sound off in the windows sound mixer.