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    Using a geo-gen next to macerator with a bat-box directly behind the gen. At first the bat box fills and works as expected but over time the geo-gen will stop feeding EU to it. knock it off and re-attach and it fills up again. No block loaders were being used at the time.

    Although its true that now you need to choose between forge or modloadermp, apparently you are the only one who sees that as a bad thing.
    Forge will now include his own modloadermp, what does this really means?

    What it means is you have to choose. Intent isn't relevant. You say you like facts, try sticking to them if you are going to behave badly..

    It's great that Lex saw a problem and fixed it. I have no issue with that and it will probably be great for the server side users .
    I have issue with mods dictating choice. It's also great that Lex is more of a man the FC and doesn't have a hissy fit, all the same he is doing exactly what FC did. Making the mod he devs on intentionally incompatible.

    It's an extremely bad precedent for a mod that is there to support compatibility and from what I am reading it wasn't necessary to make it incompatible.

    And waste of space? What? Do you live in the 80-90's where the best Hard drive in existence had 5mb Max? Forge+Modloader+Modloadermp for 1.2.3 weights less than a frigging MB (612Kb if you want to get technical). That there is a lot of shit you will barely use? True, its also true for most IDE's and a assorted lot of programs. You don't modify the whole of minecraft so by your logic anything that you don't use or modify its a waste of space huh? You use what you need to use and ignore the rest, I bet alblaka or anyone of the IC2 dev team don't use the entirety of forge for IC2, just what they need from it, nothing more nothing less.

    Once again you are better off sticking to facts and not opinion. The fact is that every extra line of code is a potential memory leak or a potential critical issue. Even in the age of plenty of ram and disk clean code is always better than bloat. Simple is always better. Apparently you have never had an issue with MC leaking memory or corrupting saves. The rest of us mortals have.

    And i choose to be a dick because its what comes natural to me, i choose to remain a dick because i fucking check my facts before running my mouth so i don't look like an idiot instead of a dick.

    In my experience people who "choose to be a dick" do so because it's easy. As far as checking facts you may want to go read up on the definition of fact. You seem to messing it up a bit.

    Someone need to take out the condescending stick out of their asshole and educate itself before making stupid comments.

    Incorrect. Now you choose forge or modloaderMP. You tell me how that = compatible. Example: Wireless Redstone. Hope you were not using that on a server because it depends on modloaderMP.

    It's also somewhat comical that same people who get all over Flowerchild for his move away from forge line up in droves to support Forge when it does the exact same thing. .

    Not all mods need a full blown API. It's a waste of space but now if they want to run with forge mods on a server they HAVE to run forge.

    Just because you choose to be a dick doesn't mean you have a clue.

    Once upon a time Forge was there to make mods compatible and play well together.

    Those days are gone now. Bring on the days of make a decision to use a mod based solely on a developers decision to join the borg or not.

    This is not a good thing. put in a wrapper. Choice = good. Demands of do it our way or else = bad for everyone involved.

    You all keep talking about Bukkit... The Bukkit team is no longer Bukkit, they are Mojang employees and their work will be based on that, not on the fact that they have developed Bukkit.
    What we get is not a Bukkit forced upon us all, it is a completely new minecraft server with official mod support and official server administration tools. Made by people who have experience primarily with server administration but also a bit of mod API. They keep telling people that they are building it all from scratch now, but somehow no one hears that.
    As of what I read from Dinnerbone posted in the Reddit minecraft section and in Bukkit forums they are very willing to listen to any feedback given from the Minecraft Forge team and any other team developing minecraft mods, they even appreciate any ideas they can get, so they can make the most robust and powerful API possible.
    If we are lucky when this is done we will no longer need either MCForge or Bukkit because the vanilla minecraft client and server has an API that makes it all possible. That way we will probably see mods ready for new minecraft updates in a few days or even without any modification.
    If we are not so lucky, then MCForge will continue as always, porting their software to the new minecraft_server.jar and we will all continue as we go now

    Not sure where you are getting the "they are writing it from scratch" thing from but that is not what jeb said. He has said that the minecraft server is going to be the bukkit server because they already have it.

    Quote "The plan right now is to catch the minecraft server up to the bukkit server."…1-3-discuss-bukkit-hires/

    Yeah, I agree with this. Bukkit was a layer of protection on top of the regular Minecraft sever jar, but now that the two levels are being combined into one, it ought to be easier to maintain a server.

    An API is not about protecting your server. It is about providing a means for people to write things that can do things that can protect your server. In fact an API isn't supposed to be about a server at all.

    That is what is concerning to me. Minecraft as a server application is crap. An API isn't going to fix that. But that seems to be what people think is going to happen and from what is on the mojang site they seem to think they are going to fix server and port it into the client but an API won't fix the issues that people complain about. It is just a tool that people can use to fix them.

    The vision that was presented at Minecon was a screen in game that you could select addons and they would install and just work. Bukit has the infrastructure to make that happen but note is has nothing to to with stopping griefing.

    APIs also can as limiting as they are enabling. I don't think things like the functionality block loaders need are going to be allowed in an API as it overrides core functionality that Mojang specifically put in.

    I am very much on the fence if this is going to be a good thing or not.

    my two cents for whats it's worth.

    Upgrades should be permanent. You should not be able to move them around like you can now.
    There should be tiers that require associated energy upgrades. I.E 8 or more overclockers require you to be @ 512 EU. say 4-8 runs on 128 and more than 8 extreme voltage perhaps.

    Basically you should have to think about what you are doing a little more. Now it's just hey make some upgrades and move them around as needed. Oh and it all runs on copper...

    Bein a kid or under-age isn't an issue.
    I've seen "kids" who are fine people, the only issue being there squeaky voice, not any sort of immature behavior.

    However, behaving like a moron is kinda an issue, regardless of age, though ADMITTEDLY, younger person tend to hit this issue more often ^^'

    After going to the convention I can say from a first hand perspective that there are few (very few) brilliant 12 year olds there doing some really cool stuff and a whole bunch of kids that just need to grow up. Keep in mind MC is a kids game with grown up concepts that only show up if you look for them. A lot of the moron behavior are just kids that don't know better.

    I try to remember they are true newbies not the old tards I am used to in most forums, even if there are similarities sometimes.