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    That mission is to get a part of the anti-zerg artifact which is sealed inside a temple.

    Anyway, that would be even cooler, as people can use stuff designed to mine as weapons, like the laser itself.
    Imagine several people controlling mining bores firing at someone's base. It would be cool if it were able to mine through hard blocks, requiring time.

    I don't want to use it as weapon, but it'll be better if you'll be able to direct your laser into this big nasty looking iron ore chunk which is out of the range of the static laser ( Ore in the wall of the tunel that this laser mined out. )

    Ye, that's nice idea, and i have some additional idea for it too.

    There should be Beam Directing Device (BDD) You link it to the machine (Right click it) And you can manually direct the laser (Laser will be directed at point on which player is looking). This will be usefull if you want to mine diagonal, mining will look better, otherwise you'll have Horizontal and vertical "Tunnels"

    I have an idea which born when i were playing in thaumcraft 3.

    I allways were mining with excavation wand, it was very easy to use, and mine, also visual effects were nice. So there it goes:

    -Weapon model can be 3d ( Aka portalgun, and mining device from powered suits )
    -It will constantly drain energy from your Lappack ( Or other energy storage device. ) to sustain a laser.
    -Can be upgraded with tractor beam to scoop your mined ore.
    -Visual effects similar to thaumcraft 3 Excavation rod ( Laser can be red/green/blue/purple. Eve online lasers had influence on it too. )
    -HLMD will have slots for upgrades, red/green/blue/purple laser lens, which will add more, and more power, also will extend the range of laser, energy usage too.
    -Flesh cutting device, which will allow you to kill mobs with it. ( More meat will drop if you kill animals with it 8) )
    -Overcharge device, will allow to set width of the laser to mine 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 but will GREATLY incrase energy consumption, 2/3/4x more energy used than if you were mining each block manually.
    -Water vaporizer upgrade, will allow to "mine" water, it will fill your cells with water. ( Could be usefull if you found an oil deposit from buildcraft :D )

    I don't want to download whole mod like thaumcraft 3, just to enjoy one item. IC2 is far more interesting. I think that this item can be included into vanilla IC2, or someone can use my idea to make an addon to it.

    This can be made as an module to Powered armors mod.

    Thanks for reading, and let people know about this idea


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    On this movie you can see the effect. Two rotating lasers which cut into the asteroid, or smash it into small rocks which is then sucked into the device. It will be constant beam as you can see on the movie, without short "cooldown" breaks.

    Yes, i am a mining fan, since i have all mining ships in Eve online. I like to mine, but in eve it's booring as hell. I think that this addition will be great for community, it will add a bit effects, and utilities, which other people will enjoy. Actually i enjoy mining with thaumcraft 3 Excavation rod, but it's non modular, and i need to download whole mod just for this one item. So i wrote all this idea, for someone capable of making it a reality, i really want it to be in IC2 itself.

    I get this error. I changed the block ID but I don't know what's happening. I put the .class files into my .jar through mcpatcher.

    Hehe old energy coupler :D Wait for update!
    Buildcraft energy -> ic energy = 18 combustion engines - 512 eu/t output =win.

    Alblaka is right. Growing coal sucks, players will just create farm trees, change them into charcoal, and later use it as fuel. The point is to balance coal using, at start i used it to generate power, now i macerate it and make solar panels from it, now i get around 62E/T from just solar panels, so my machinery don't need fuel ( but if i turn on my óber diamond drill 9x9 area miner x3 energy depletes quickly, and i need to turn my reactor on. )

    I noticed bug, sometimes this "engine" got lag, and stops sending power trough pipes, you need to break, and replace wooden pipe closest to it.
    Anyways, it works GREAT. If You can, may you make able sending power to wooden pipes to extract items from them? It will be cool if you do. If wooden pipe can extract something from "something" it will request energy from engine. @Up try to break wooden pipe and place it again, if it don't work, try to check if you have electric current on cable, maybe it decayed over distance. If this don't help... What is wrong? You doesn't have these blocks in your game, or blocks won't work?

    This will be just better, you don't need to play with cables. Mfs need to be connected to 2 mfs in 2 ways, A mfs transmit energy to B mfs, and B mfs transmit energy to A mfs, loop, and you get 6mil storage, by using battery parts you just place them on the ground, an you are ready to go. You can shape your batteries etc. By using output blocks you can make more outputs than only 2, top and bottom, that means you don't need 2 mfs to make max shield.
    So there will be less (useless) energy calculations on "battery centers".

    Ye, they replace stock water, but if you have finite water mod? Thats why i written my idea about this.

    For force fields, i have finite liquid installed, this look great while you look at your underbase shield covered with water. Shield domes, save some time to pump out water, and build glass dome or something, while energy is used, you can get into base. Point of that? You don't need to go over water for air.

    Edit, freq trans, could be used to link displays with any cable, devices ( generators storage ) that show ammount of coal, uranium etc. left in it, or current going trough cable, and energy stored in batteries.

    What about input, output blocks?