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    That's a bit of a lost cause, there's no clean way to insert the explosion code. You can probably monitor the IEnergySink tile entities from the world's ticking TE list and check if they gained more energy than expected during a tick while not having a battery being discharged.

    Ok, we could make some kind of add on to do that, sadly no one of us has coding knoledge, we are administrators. Could u help us or do u know someone that could? The server load is getting dangerously high.

    We are now attempting to decompile 302 - 303 and apply the differences to the v389 (the version that we are currently using) we'll try to see if this Glue&Stick fix will work.
    Got stuck with some problem.

    If we provide the changes of the codes to the specific files, can someone help us decompile modify and compile? We are sadly huge Noobs in java.

    Hi all.

    as i asked here would be possible to get a Hotfix or addon for v397 (1.6) to re-eneable the machine explosion like version 302, before the changes of 303?

    Sadly people don't even know that energy changed or abuse the fact that wires and machine don't explode at the point that generate server lag.

    Tanks to all

    Indeed GT is, but I recommend to install it when your server updates to 1.7.

    Last i checked (2 weeks ago) we missed those mods for 1.7

    We can live without few of those but it's kinda hard for the server balance to miss few of those... if we install GT will be a gamechanger and we surely need to reconsider using some of those.
    At somepoint we'll cave in to a situation like 1.4 to 1.5 in whom we were stuck waiting for RedPower and decide to dich that.

    The request would be on the "addon discussion" section, if you really intend to make one.

    About performance, i doubt it changes anything enabling or not the explosions.
    If you really want some explosions, you can try GregTech, its machines explodes if you surpass the maximum EU/t, thus the need of a proper wiring.

    sadly we can't make GregTech on the server, i do see GT as a gamechanger, i do think it's not fair to add that mod at midlife of the server and next server reset is at least 3/4 month away since a lot of mod are not yet updated for 1.7

    I'll open a post and i hope for the best. Thanks

    So should i post a request in "add-on" request? tnks for the answer.

    i have to report that after almost a year of experimental only a handful of our userbase know about the changes, they all think it's like the old IC2 system and we lose some TPS over this problem.

    Hi, i'm ad admin on a IC2 server, lately we founded that since version 303 (with the disabling of the machine explosions) users are prone to ignore (for ignorance or just don't care) the max EU/t and make systems that should cause a huge BOOM if the explosion ban wasn't in place.

    This cause an awful amount of lag and the staff can't be the EU police of the server. I was guessing if it is technically possible to just revert the changes made from 302 to 303 and implement them in 397 (last 1.6 update).

    p. s. i hope i'm in the right category in the forum, otherwise i'm sorry and if u can say where i should post i'll cancel this and move the 3d