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    Still able to use crafting table to make Mixed Metal ingots even though requiring rolling machine is true in the config with 2.61b.

    Also, still able to craft steel blocks in crafting table with either GT or RC steel, and only GT steel is able to be compressed into blocks.

    B:MMIngotOnlyRollingMachine=true and still can use crafting table in 2.60d for the mixed metal.

    Additionally, I'm able to compress gregtech steel into blocks, but not RC steel, but can craft blocks of steel in the crafting table with either type. per my config settings, this shouldn't be allowed.

    with pre-releases devs shouldn't have to update their mods. I mean its a pre-release there will likely be many of them. I think sengir ranted about this somewhere on the bc forums.

    Some mods rarely fully release, especially BC, last full release was ~half a year a go, lots and lots of changes since then, some mods do update to betas / pre. This is especially a pain when either the base mod, or the addon that uses base mod has an api, api version mismatch issues ensue. Sometimes these addons utilize multiple apis, compounding problems even further. So should addons to addons update to the latest dev builds of all their dependencies daily? Certainly not, however, should every addon that utilizes the BC api be stuck on 1.2.5 still? I think not.

    I have 1 BIG problem,glass fiber should only transport 512 eu/t but there is no problem connection a lot of HV solar panel to just 1 cable an charge a MFSU in a blink... where the 512 max eu/t gone?

    (using version )

    They transport at most 512eu/t in a single packet, 10 HV arrays will send 10 512eu/t packets, not 1 5120eu/t packet. This is why the fiber is not overloaded.

    So been testing it and everything seems to work. Love the adjustable
    electric engine, that thing is awesome! Though I'm not sure why I'd ever
    need as many as MJs as that thing can pump out! Lol

    Anyways, love the addon, one of my new favorites. :P

    I concur with the above, I think this addon is the best BC<->IC2 addon yet. I do wish someone would do up better textures for the pneumatic generators however, still 16x just better. :)

    Try this…changer-v031-open-source/

    Use it to change the bad block to a dirt block or something.

    Yeah don't put in the jar. Use the mods folder. With a recent bukkit modloadermp, you control mod ordering by naming of the jar/zip files. Then these problems don't happen.

    Yeah, I've tried that too, with a few of the bukkit ports, I always end up with a similar error.

    Thinking I may have some META-INF Problems? Not really sure what to do with the META-INF in the bukkit ports, the install thread over at mcportcentral used ic2 as an example and said to throw them into the jar, has worked for them all except a few of cpw's ports ;(

    If I need to redo my bukkit jar properly I will, It's got quite a few mods in it. I'm just not sure what properly is.

    EDIT: Using MANIFEST.MF from modloadermp seems to let everything work as expected. (mods in the mods folder)

    Attached error Bukkit #1597. Put mod contents into jar.

    I've asked ishid if he could add this a while back and he said he would see about getting it into the next version, but he seems busy, and I thought I'd post the idea here to see what others thought.

    There was an open source mod for 1.8.1 Indicator Chest that I really liked. I'd like to see this functionality added to Iron Chests! No harm in those that don't wish to use the feature, but certainly great for those of us that would like to.

    Hey, what should the ice and build craft textures folder be named in the sphax folder? They're not loading for me :(

    I'm not sure what "ice" is, but for buildcraft, if you are using Zeldo's Additional Pipes, his spirtesheet overrides the default buildcraft one. I've created a new one with the additional pipes textured but I'm not sure how or if I'm allowed to release it, since it has CadenDonut's textures on it as well.