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    i was looking at the springs for tin snips and sulfuric acid production tonight in my last video till the ore issue is fixed. I found a few bugs with NEI for wires, not sure you can fix it, but it shows all the wires rather than just the one needed when looking at recipes. also saltpeter for sulfuric acid? shouldnt it be sulfur? saltpeter is KNO3.

    ummm ultimet doesnt have iron in it so no that doesnt work, that is for stainless steel. as netmc said humanalien helped me figure out, and we showed in a video that you need to get the crucible about 400K above the combining temp so it is at or above the combining temp when you trow in the chrome.

    I like the way they look, I just wish I could find them. when I go mining I tunnel around 11 since IC2 spawns all ores at that level and you can also find diamonds, lapis, and redstone there. but I always search tunnels I find as well. maybe I need to setup a miner/quarry to find them better. I have found atleast 15 diffrent lava rivers/lakes below 16 and still havent seen any oil.

    suggestion, a way to upgrade the evaporator to the electric version.

    edit:is there a level or biome requirement for your ores? I have never played without GT before so I didnt need them till now, I have done a lot of mining and only found limstone once, no oil or other ores.

    dude seriously I have blue vitrol running constantly through a steam to MV electrolyzer, it never has an issue, watch one of my streams if for some damn reason you dont believe me, 2 boilers(bronze strong), 1 steel turbine, 1 MV dynamo, 1 MV electrolyzer and 2 steel normal sized pipes.

    for manganese if you cant find a tantalum vein, wash other ores and use a magnetic separator on sluice sand, you will have plenty. chromium you have uvarovite and ruby gems that give it when processed to dusts, and worste case washing ores and centrifuging sluice juice will give chromium but I stick with the magnetic separator myself four sluice sand after drying it.

    Edit: and yes you can in fact get 96EU/t out of a MV turbine from a steel turbine, I have that exact set up for blue vitrol that runs all the time.

    I've just updated to the latest Bear's Den pack which has GT 6.04.13. I found the gravel and mortar (hand) to flint recipes are still missing.. Does this only with the mortar (block) now? Also, I found that placing a stick in any square in the bottom 2 rows of the crafting grid will now produce a single torch. Placing them in the top row of the crafting grid does nothing.. It seems an odd crafting recipe..

    this is a script error on our part, the IHL book was removed and I didnt notice. will be a fixed version out today removing that script.

    ok I used the detonation sprayer tonight for needle files and and it did all 64 for one diamond dust, witch I dont see an issue with, but it didnt use up the gunpowder.also is there a way to use ore dic axes so thermal foundation bronze axes will work, if installed they take over the IC2 bronze axe.
    also the axes have the same damage issue as with the foge hammer in the last post, it only works with fresh axes but only does 1 damage to it.

    what vitrol are you trying to do? clay i believe is the only one that would need so much power, I have a steel dynamo hooked straight to a MV electrolyzer to process blue vitrol. you are talking about advanced processing and Tier 2-3 power so how is oil processing out of the question for you? get used to making stainless steel, you will need tons! we are only a bit farther than you are and have a distillation tower and 10 stainless tanks. you can create stainless in an alloy smelter(smelter/mixer) if you dont want to cook it all in a crucible.

    small graphite ores are not that rare unless you are against strip mining, I can typically find one, enuff for 25 steel, in 10 mins with flint or stone picks. and yes centrifuge is a great way to do it when you get to that point, but if you want to make grindstone and sifting table early then you may need the graphite before you make a centrifuge. 25 steel form on dust is enuff to make a drain, grindstone, and sifting table IIRC. maybe even a coke oven to make the charcoal in.