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    I had tried GT5u with TFC a while ago and had no issues with ores and ingots. If I get time after work I'll look back through my old videos and see what I can find. My issue with doing it was crop sticks not working on TFC farmland and at the time there was no nether to spawn GT ores in so I was using custom ore gen to spawn small GT ores. Then I had a bad chunk error that ended the series and haven't gotten time to get back to it since the changes to TFC.

    greg broke it again :thumbup:

    I agree with the poison and wither effects, it definitely should protect from them, hell even like harming potions shouldn't get through. I have also always disagreed with using a rubber suit to stop fire damage, it sjould melt too you and kill you quicker, not pospone or in this case stop it all together. Heat damage, to a point, but not straight fire and lava.