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    i love this idea why not add the crafting recipe like this

    . .
    . . = 2 reusable fuel cans
    . . .

    .=tin ingot heres how to fill /
    / ; /=compressed plantclump or compressed hyd coalclumps= fuel for coal or biofuel if using plant material

    the uu mater and reactor chamber areas of the wiki are blank are they supposed to be blank or no one know about em

    why not add things like global warming and water pollution i know global warming is a hoax but it would be a good thing to implement with realistic mode because it would desipline people from just freely burning thing to think a bit more

    These are my ideas updated oil,natrual gas. Oil and natral gas are two items occuring togheter in massive deposits and can be used in a varitie of thing i thing oil resevoirs should have natral gas and oil. Oil should be put in a refinerie to get 1 of each of these, pesticide used to kill pests that ill write about in this article ,fertilizer which turns dirt not exposed to water to the type of farmland exposed to water ,and wet farmland in to super farmland which takes half a day for crops to grow in,fuel oil used in furnaces and generators, gasoline will be used for cars, disel for trucks and speedy boats ,and kerosene for aeroplanes ,asphalt for roads and ,naphta for plastic which makes whole varities of items from plastic,natral gas should be a fuel for furnaces and generators both of these should make hydrogen to use in a fusion generator ,pests include snails ,pigs cows, spiders ,ticks ,worms ,and bugs. in order to get oil out youll need wells ,pipes ,storage tanks

    we should add eletric rail and torches to the game we should add a small energy generator and the same versoin larger and produces more energy add bauxite to alminium and steel by mixing coal or charcoal and iron or iron ingot in it in the top two top things at the botom power it use these to make electric track and torches and the alminium electric train planes and cars alminium foil like tin cans and boats and cars with steel aloys made in another furnace called the alloyer which melts and mixes two metal using electricity bauxite ore is the raw material for allminium pure

    why not add kerosene for plane disel for trucks and gasoline for cars and use oil by refining it you should get all these blocks oil refineries should also be big