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    Edit: Hmm, seems limestone is said to be the best but everyone uses dolomite for steel and most others. Maybe because it's more common or less useful for other things than flux? Iunno.

    It could possibly be that because Dolomite has lots of Magnesium in it it would increase the strength of the steel.

    Why not have to refine coal into coke to balance it more and be realistic. Of course along with axlegear's idea which I agree with. Although magnetite has more iron in it than Hematite as it has more iron rich minerals, but is more difficult to refine and requires many steps. The reason hematite is more feasible is that it is much more abundant and concentrated and is easier to refine.
    Also Anthracite is very rare and is found rather deep.

    That I didn't know. I ended up school at 12 (the one at midday) so I went to the documentation room or whatever the most accurate translation is. And a magazine named "Science et vie" (science and life) was speaking about this mineral. But it didn't say it was located in peridotite nor this rock could become basalt or andesite thanks to many factors. But at least it said there was an ocean at this level, but I'm again not able to tell what the heck is the divergent tectonic effect.
    I've also learned that nightmares are actually good for most of the people, it's bad when people overreact to them during their sleep like if they start moving like a worm or such, but it is good since it's a way to beat your fears. So If you ever have a nightmare with GREGTECH you should consider yourself being able to play with it ;p

    If I remember correctly Peridot is crystals of the mineral Olivine which is very common in the mantle of the Earth. On the techtonics you are right in that Olivine is exposed by a plate going under another which typically occurs in oceans due to their vastness and location of such plate actions. Becuase of the oceans however the Olivine which is very reactive to water turns to Serpentine that doesn't form peridots. Andesite and Gabbro are rocks rich in Olivine, and Basalt is also rich is Olivine but is more so a silicate rich igneous extrusive. Due to the reactivity of Olivine to water Peridots would often be recovered from volcanoes that had a source of magma rich in Iron Magnesium Silicate to not form Serpentine.

    Black Bronze requires an IBF to smelt, which is.. well, wrong. Black Bronze, AKA Corinthian Bronze, AKA Hepatizon, AKA Shakudo, is definitely a pre-roman-times smeltable material. It was valuable and sought-after and described as having a dark purple patina similar to the color of liver. Which sounds totally digusting. But yeah, it's ancient.

    Most of the tfc alloys are blast furnace recipies regardless of whether they are in tfc or IRL.

    If that song were translated properly then it looks as though it would sound like something I might enjoy.

    Is it intended that Uranium fuel rods cannot be made in a GT solid canning machine? It does not work if attempted, NEI says that it can only be made in the IC2 canning machine and it can be created in a IC2 canning machine. I was wondering whether this was something that Greg had forgotten to add, cannot add, or is a feature. Thanks in advance.