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    My friend, have you ever heard of the little something called a config file? If this machine were ever implemented, server hosts would more than likely be able to turn it off. Also, if you are trying to break someone out of a spawn jail.

    A. if the jail is in fact, in spawn, you cannot place any blocks so what is the point?

    B. If the jail isn't in spawn it would take roughly two days AT LEAST to break both pieces of bedrock (not to mention the EU it would take to do so). I think an admin would notice the attempted escape within that time.

    C. If this person was jailed using a command it probably means that the server has a jail plugin. Meaning the jail would most likely be unbreakable even if it was made out of dirt

    D. If the person who is in the spawn jail is a griefer, why is he in a spawn jail and not banned?

    Consider these things.

    removing Bedrock, which is not at 0 or max layer nor adjacent to the End-to-World-Portal-Block is maybe good for some buildingprojects, BUT on a server it is still a very bad Idea to break bedrock, which is for example used as Spawnjail (All the Griefers can get out of it, if they can find someone who releases them!!!).

    I'm not sure your getting the full idea... This item would be VERY endgame and would take a very long time to break a single piece of bedrock. I am saying this is for people who want to build on top of the nether.


    Okay, so with the 1.2 update for minecraft, world height was increased in all three dimensions (the overworld, the nether, and the end) This means that you can now build on the bedrock ceiling of the nether in creative mode. I think this is a great feature but I was rather annoyed that there would be no way to access this in survival, and thus my idea has sprung forth.

    I had the idea for a very endgame machine that could drill through a single piece of bedrock with the consumption of either TONS of eu, or at least 2 UU matter. This machine could also accept HV current directly. This machine could be crafted with an advanced machine block, three iridium plates, a mass fabricator, a miner, two mining lasers, and a reinforced glass. (I want this machine to be very endgame) This machine also would have to be placed directly against a piece of bedrock to destroy it and would take at least a full Minecraft day to do so.

    Give your thoughts and feedback!

    You make a fair point. If something like this was implemented it would have to work with all those problems you stated. (Possible a thing that makes it so weeds can grow on crops?)

    why not just add a magnetizer next to Iron Minecart Tracks to magnetize the tracks to accelerate the carts twice ass fast as the golden minecart tracks. you'd have to make then go pretty fast considering that Quantum Boots and Legs with Speed 2 potions can get you just about anywhere REALLY quick even over horribly un-even terrain. so we would need an incentive, that of which being, that they go even faster but cost a magnetizer every 30 or so blocks and drain, lets say, 10EU/t?

    But railcraft high speed rails do pretty much that except they don't cost the energy

    I just had another idea for a use for Iridium...

    Said machine could be used to speed up time (speeds up day/night cycle, machines, crop growth, .ect) This machine would consume a large amount of energy (maybe as much as a Mass Fabricator without scrap) and would be crafted with say three iridium plates, an advanced machine block, and maybe a clock?

    Just another idea,

    You know electric minecarts used to be in IC1 right? They were so glitchy they were taken out in like 2 versions. But if you want industrial transportation, use a teleporter. Otherwise, use carts. That's the tiers of transportation.

    No I didn't know that, also, this is an alternate to teleporters, the lower tiers of which can be crafted earlier on in the game. And about the glitchyness, IC and Forge have evolved substantially since that time, I think its possible.

    hey thats an idea!

    Very interesting!
    What if by default, it's in 'generator' mode, and moving players, mobs or possibly items flowing in water cause it to generate a little power, and when redstoned it changes to 'conveyor' mode, using a little EU to move whatever's on top of it in the direction it's facing?

    Wow, I'm on a roll here, two suggestions within an hour!

    OK, another idea from me, just thought it up.

    As we all know, Static boots were recently implemented into IC2. These boots, when equipped, will generate very small amounts of electricity when you run, this electricity will go into a Batpack or a Lappack if you have one equipped. So, I had the idea, what if this could be made into a form of generator?

    And so I came up with the idea for Treadmills.

    Treadmills could be blocks that generate a very small amount of EU when a player or a mob walks over it. If possible, treadmills could move in a certain direction (like a real one) if activated by redstone current. This means that if you run on the treadmill while its activated, you stay in place and generate a very small amount of EU. (I confess, I do want a pig-powered factory setup :P)

    OK, that's all from me.

    Please reply with your thoughts and suggestions!
    theGeneralRowboat :)

    Unless I'm very much mistaken, as far as I'm aware electric minecarts are planned for some time in the future.

    Your second idea is something I keep thinking about myself, simply because I'm trying to stick to a self-imposed "nothing free" rule. I'm avoiding minecarts altogether right now (even though i have Railcraft installed doing nothing), because until I get around to setting up a detectorcable system to power the relevant tracks, powering them costs nothing.

    Well, if they are planned, great! :D Also, my second idea is something that evolved into my first idea, I kind of thought it pointless because of vanilla powered rails. Even if supplying EU to the track made the cart faster, why not use high speed rails? You get similar results and no EU loss.

    Ok, I just had a little fun idea about something that could be implemented into IC2,

    We all, one time or another, have made something with minecart rails. I remember back before powered rails, I would use furnace carts to propel my minecarts. Now that powered rails have generally rendered furnace carts completely useless, I had the idea for some form of upgrade to furnace carts (or something very similar to them).

    Electical-Powered Minecarts.

    What if you could craft a cart that would move forward if powered by electricity? The cart would be made by combining either a batbox, MFE, or MFSU with a minecart and something else (yes I have seen the energy carts in railcraft, we don't want conflicting recipes) These minecarts would have an inventory and could store power. A person could drain batteries/energy crystals/laptron crystals into the cart, or charge up the cart in some way, and then hit a button to activate it. The cart would then move forward, powered by IC2 electricity. The higher tier of cart, the more energy the cart could store and the faster it would go.

    I also thought about this in a different way in which, instead of the minecart being powered, the rails would be powered (kind of like iron fences and a magnatizer) the minecart would then be propelled forward on the rails. The machine that powered the rails would also have three tiers (low voltage, medium voltage, and high voltage). The higher the tier of the machine, the faster the cart would go. I don't think this idea of the tracks being powered is a very good one because if your gonna do that, why not just use powered rails? And if you want your cart to go faster because of the rails, why not use railcraft's high speed rails that don't cost the electricity?

    Just another idea from me :), hope you enjoy and give feedback,


    oh, if it is that hard to code the you're right, its not worth it! sorry! xS its just an idea

    IC2 is a very big mod that adds a lot of content to minecraft, it is quite intimidating at first. Yes, there are guides to IC2 on the wiki but what if there was an in-game IC2 guide that you could craft? The guide could possible have an IC2 getting started turtorial, a basic explination of electricity and how to use it, and a recipe list. This in-game guide might be crafted with a book with a ring of cobblestone or rubber wood around it. I say cobblestone/rubberwood and not somethign more industrial like wires or circuts because this is ment to be a starting guide for player who are new to IC2.

    Just another idea

    Heres another idea!

    A craftable block that, when struck by lightning, generates a little bit of energy. Also, if these blocks are stacked they would have a higher chance of getting struck by lightning! This block could be expensive (two gold blocks + advanced machine block + other?) . Just some more food for thought! :D

    But we don't want to make these things too OP, I like what your saying about the repairable advanced tech. I just don't think there should be any naturally generated Mass Fabricators, no matter how small the chance

    Hm... Random structures on the surface (generally, I'd assume) with broken down machines and cables every once in awhile.

    Though, I'd suggest these structures could hold upgraded versions of the Compactor/Macerator/Extractor, but requires a lot of material to fix them. Think lost, upgraded technology. (Though, I don't think Al would go for that. If anything, they should be broken and require some fixing, whatever they might be.)

    Possibly tiers of buildings. From the basic generator ran buildings to the mass fabricator buildings.(or, what's left after they blew one up...)