[Suggestion] Craftable IC2 Guide

  • IC2 is a very big mod that adds a lot of content to minecraft, it is quite intimidating at first. Yes, there are guides to IC2 on the wiki but what if there was an in-game IC2 guide that you could craft? The guide could possible have an IC2 getting started turtorial, a basic explination of electricity and how to use it, and a recipe list. This in-game guide might be crafted with a book with a ring of cobblestone or rubber wood around it. I say cobblestone/rubberwood and not somethign more industrial like wires or circuts because this is ment to be a starting guide for player who are new to IC2.

    Just another idea

  • That would take days to programm that and weeks to fill the book with informations :(
    And why do you need this informations ingame ? :huh:
    Simply read the tutorials/guides here in the forum and THEN play ic²

    Install CraftGuide and Crafting Table 2

    CraftGuide >> Crafting Recipes for all Mods
    Crafting Table 2 >> Better Crafting Table + descriptions about items and blocks (will support IC² Items/Blocks soon)

    Industrialcraft² :3² :D

  • oh, if it is that hard to code the you're right, its not worth it! sorry! xS its just an idea

  • I have three monitors. One with the tutorial / information on it, another with Minecraft on it and the third i use for other stuff (especially when i am programming and working with videos etc)

    Nearly everyone who has owned a PC in the past 5-7 years have a spare CRT lying around that you can grab. They will probably be happy to be rid of it too!
    All modern graphics cards (Since the past 10 years or so) have dual outputs to allow more than one monitor to be used.

    The idea of an in game guide isn't a bad one. But implementing it is impractical to say the least.

  • Step 0: Survive
    Make a house/treehouse of somekind as your base. You will want a food supply, a wood supply, and a place to grow rubber-trees (harvest only the leaves and tree-tap). This is a normal minecraft thing.

    Step 1: RTFM. Go to the wiki, read the starting page, read the forum on how to build a world.

    Step 2: Here's what wasn't in the manual. Basic machines accept 1 redstone dust in exchange for one basic operation.
    Given that and a moderate to plentiful supply of rubber (which you should have before making your mining trip to the center of the earth /anyway/)...

    Macerate 1 coal
    Combine 1 coal with 1 water bucket = empty bucket + hydrated coal
    (I cooked my copper ore raw at this point since I was afraid of being starved of maceration ops; you could macerate 4 iron and then 2 copper though; depends if you're doing a windgen or normal-gen)
    Make an 8-pack of single use batteries out of the hydrated coal, 1 single insulated copper wire and 1 redstone
    Use the batteries /wisely/ (stingy application) to macerate enough iron to build your first generator. (If it's a wind gen you can use tin cable initially)
    Build and hook up your generator.

    Now you're using fuel and/or renewables of other kinds (charcoal only, save your coal) to run stuff.
    (possibly) electric furnace
    (possibly) mining equipment (drill, od scanner, pump, cells, mining pipe)

    If you figure out the total for this list then you know what to go mining for on your trip to the center of the earth and how much it will cost to build (remember after the macerator your ores are worth double).

    As for /remembering/ the recipes....



    “Risu’s Recipe Book is broken.”
    Yes, yes it is. There are better recipe listing mods out there. This is not my bug, don’t ask me to change RedPower to make up for it. Or try Uristqwerty’s CraftGuide ( http://www.minecraftforum.net/…1133-181-craftguide-v121/ ).