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    what version of ic2 are you using? if your not using 628 use that it works for me (when i have this mod and 80 other mods installed)
    edit: if that doesnt work delete config for advanced solar panels and try again

    greg sorry to ruin your day but i did get a crash with 1.7.10 version
    edit: dont know how to do pastebin, but its small so here it is

    lolz it does smiley faces XD (probably should have done insert code)

    Throwing out a random idea you should add a flatscreen tv that only turns on if powered by energy, (it doesnt matter which type)
    Good idea?
    edit there should a a stand too that is optional to add in the recipe so recipe for tv then recipe for stand then recipe for tv with stand, maybe there should be pixels and plastic added so that you can craft using pixels and plastic, and maybe some wire too. gosh my idea is long. XD

    I got plenty of other things to do. It's just that I don't like doing repetitive things. :\ Which they are.

    However, I need a new name for that mod. I made myself look like a fool on twitter talking to Q.

    dude we are almost exactly alike i really cant do repetitive things i just hate it and it soon gets boring, i like new things, thats why the only time ive defeated the ender dragon was on my server with my friends and ive had this game for a year and a half, i believe most of its from ADD

    Quoted from "Chocohead"

    Your stone brick item doesn't have a texture
    I know , but I am not able to do it (textures are never made by me ). So, if you can do it, I will be really happy .

    Quoted from "mementh"

    can i suggest dates or something to show which is newer on the first page? ... i know i have to stop and look and see version #'s to tell the diffrence
    I don't understand you ...

    he meant for the title of the addon at the top put the newest version # so people know what it is right away instead of scrolling down, he just worded it wrongly