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    Use the version from here…p__12497982#entry12497982
    LexManos is one of the developers of Minecraft Forge.

    Also you might want to update BuildCraft to 3.1.3. It fix a few bugs.

    updated to bc 3.1.3
    tried with the recommended and the latest version from that link
    getting this again with both versions

    I was using 1.3.1 updated to now getting this error on startup

    Happened after placing an small electric engine,needed to remove it with mc-edit to make the world again

    now that you got it multiplayer ,could you please port it to BC 3.0.x ?
    nearly every BC based mod is ported to BC 3.0.x (+ I really need the "is something in the pipe feature" for not wasting much EU)
    I know you said you won't do a 3.0.x version until it is out of alpha
    but the last time there was an alpha ,it stayed alpha a long time and shortly after that 3.0 alpha was released.

    if you put oil into a Petrochemical Generator you will get 50kEu
    if you put oil into a iron engine and power a Petrochemical Generator you will get 110kEu
    if you put lava into a iron engine you'll get 105kEu(but it will take much longer as if you put oil into the engine)

    If you power the Petrochemical Generator with engines it will wait for enough energy to generete 1500 Eu ,generate EU for 60 ticks and wait again.(testet using one iron engine)

    You should modify the BC power --> Eu transformation so that you get the same amount of Eu not depending on the way you generate it
    I think oil should only give 30k Eu or less

    Can you make It BC Alpha 3.0 compatible?
    I get this error if I try to use this addon with BC 3.0:

    Why can't I start client?

    Error: could not find or load main class Start

    Tried 3 times to install everything from the very beginning, but it doesn't work

    you need to copy the bin folder into the jar folder not only the minecraft.jar(took me 20 minutes to find out )

    to disenable smileys in a massage is not a solution if you want to post a crafting recipe you'll want to enable the smileys but there will be smileys everywere in the post where they shouldnt be

    1.This was said before the release of the first IC2 version because the fuel system was changed and all suggestions ,of course refered to the IC1 Fuel system
    2.The changes from IC to IC2 made Bio Fuel useless because the team forgot the massive 9k EU production costs of 1 Can